May I have a love reading please Captain or Shuabby...Pretty Please :-)

  • Hello,

    First, thanks so much for looking into this for me. It is soooo apprecitated. My date of birth is (2/9/84- Leah is my name)

    I have recently met someone about a week ago that I'm not too sure about. He is super sweet. He has already sent me roses to my job and he seems to take note of the simplest things about me like my favorite color, things I like....and for some reason my heart wants to resist him. I think its because I dont want to get hurt, I dont think he's really reason for something serious like he thinks he is, and plus my heart still misses a couple of my ex's. His date of birth is 3/17/ 87. Would I have a long term relationship with him?

    Or will I have the opportunity to reconnect with any of my ex's explained below?

    I have one that I've only seen a few times over the past couple years.He and I had the most history out of any man I have ever been with. We split because I felt like he didnt care about/ love himself but I always knew he loved me...just not sure to what extent. I think about him every now and then but not too deeply. His date of birth is 11/19/1975.

    Then I moved on and met this one (05/31/83) I loved him sooo much but he made me feel that he would live the life of an 18 year old for the next 10 years if he could. For Christmas 2010 he gave me a diamond ring. It is definitely an "egagement" ring. He never asked me to marry him. He became distant shortly there after and we eventually just split. I still wear his ring. I dont know what I should do with it. We were together for 2 years.

    And last is (2/6/82). We werent together long but I've had such a strong connection with him and would love to reconnect with him. He would talk about our future and tell me his feelings. I could never figure out if he ever really meant it and our split seems to have affected me the most. I hate the way things ended. There was no argument or long discussion. I simply told him to slow down some and he took it as me ending things completely and stopped talking to me. Everyday that goes by, I hope that I will get a random text or call even if he's just saying hello. If there is no reconnect possible in sight for he and I then I guess i need to accept it.

    Will I have the opportunity to reconnect with any of these past loves and if so when will they try to make a comeback (or if there is anything I can do to make it happen I'd love to know)? If not, when can I expect to meet the one that I just fall mutually head over heels for ? Or is this newest guy that guy?

    Thanks so much in advance for any insight that can be given.


  • Dear Leahmya,

    You have romantic wonderlust dear. After reading your connections with the above men and how your pattern is flowing, I would say you can count on none of the ex's reappearing for anything other than a Hi, How are you and moving on.

    Ask yourself a question and that being: Why do I not allow a man to really love me and stick around long enough to go through the bad along with the good? You jump ship at the first stumbleing block. Love is something that grows as you do, none of us usually remain the same, we grow better or sometimes for some whom are on the negative view of life worse.

    Was your mother and father happy in their marriage? Did you get a bad overall impression from your homelife growing up. If so than give yourself a chance as your life will not follow the same route unless you want it to.

    When will you meet the one you will fall head over heels with? The answer Iam getting for you is when you have lifted the veil from your eyes and see the world and men in a much diffrence light. You will marry and have children in time. I do not feel you will marry until you have reached the are of 30.


  • Thanks Shuabby,

    I actually was married to (11/19/75) and have two kids with him and I also have a son (that he asked me to have with him) with (5/31/83).

    Do you feel that (2/6/82) was being sincere about his feelings? If his feelings were sincere, how can he just decide never to speak to me again for simply asking that we slow down a bit. He's ignoring me as if I did something so bad like had an affair with his best friend.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Leahmya,

    I mention that you will not marry until you are 30. When you do remarry it will truely be your only marriage heart wise. The man that closed the emotional door on you is just not where you are at feeling wise, you want to be careful in making a deceison and you were. He was sincere and got his feelings a bit hurt. He may come around again in the next three weeks. I did feel children with you just that they seem to be in the background. hang in there Love will soon be knocking at your door.


  • Thanks so much Shuabby!

    My last questionm if you dont mind is....When/if (2/6/82) comes back around, will we try again at a relationship or will he just be simply saying a quick hello and nothing more? What will be his intentions for coming around again? I would hate to become attached again only for him to cut me off again. Thanks again.

  • Leahmya,

    I feel he shuts off whenever things don't go his way , his maturity level would be a concern for you because you have children to raise and need an emotionally stable man to help you with family life. You need to ask yourself the question: Do you really want him back and have to worry about expressing your true feelings to him again? His intentions would be to see if you have changed your mind and want a deep relationship with him or if he is more mature than I have picked up he would tell you that he is willing to wait and start again with you and see where it goes. You have free will choice , Iam only a guide to help you to know information to make informed deceisions for your life.


  • Thanks Shuabby,

    You have definitely given me something to think about. I really appreciate your help.

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