Will we ever move in together?

  • Will we ever move in together?

    March 8 1983

    August 17, 1973

  • Hello Carly83...I can't give you a reading, my native self just felt to say a few words to you though. I'm not sure if you've been together for a long time but all I know is sometimes because of the age gap some people feel that the younger one will one day chase something that they're not interested in and will get cold feet. Be calm and wait, put it out there and see what happens...but don't ever rush someone who is a little older then you, because you just might come off as, young and immature! not that you are because I don't know you, this is just a general thing though...

    Hoping this was helpful,


  • Thank you ScorpWolf, for your insight, very helpful!!!!!

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