Homes bai gua layout...please help

  • Hi there All,

    The front door of my home is in the far left corner, so the whole left side of the Bai gua is missing from the layout. Marriage, children, helpful people. My home is a cottage that was converted from a garage. You would never know it. Its beautifully redone and it has a loft bedroom upstairs. Not sure how that figures into the Bai Gua either. Any suggestions about how to enhance the left side when there is no left side? As well as how the upstairs figures in?

  • Its really amazing to me that of all the people in this forum, not one person has offered me help or even suggestions......

  • Hi,

    I did see your post (saved it) yet I don't have knowlegde regarding Bai Gua. In the past we had a more diverse members and a few knew about what you are asking. Even the ones into Feng Shui isn't around as much anymore.

    I know in Feng Shui that having moving water (little fountain of some sort) does enhance wealth and moves around the energy in that particular place.

    I don't master the full art/knowledge of Feng Shui yet I do look into it for the line of work I do. I use a book called The Complete Illustrated Guide to Feng Shui.

    Bai Gua is referred in this book as Pa-Kua.

    I will try this weekend (I am very swamped) to have a read and see what can be done.


  • Oh that book is by Lillian Too.

  • Sorry, I have not been on much lately or I would have answered you earlier.

    The bagua picture I am showing below notes the different areas of the home in a square. The front door is to be aligned with ONE of the squares along the bottom. (self, career or helpful people) As you stated…your front door in the far left, would be in the self square. You do not center this bagua on the door but work with it based on where it falls which is the “self” square. Therefore the next area of your home to the right would be the career and the fr right would be the helpful people.

    The loft bedroom would fall in the same areas that it covers on the first floor as part of the home. You can also use this bagua for each individual room as well in the same way. The entry to the room will fall into one of the 3 areas along the bottom of the bagua and all areas in the room would then be treated based on that layout. (So if the entry to the loft is in the back of the house, the loft would basically be a reverse of the first floor. You would be treating it as a separate house in this since.)

    Either way works based on how you view your home. If you used the loft for sleeping only then I would use the areas, as in the first case described, as part of the entire house and therefore the area falls based on the front door of the home. If though, you use the loft as a living area with a bedroom portion and a sitting area etc. then I would apply the bagua to this area as a separate entity and align the bagua to the area based on the entry to the loft.

    Hope this helped.


  • Hi flwildflower,

    I hope that Ibelieve has answered your questions. I want to add when you are busy with a floorplan of your house and/or room you have to visualize from outside in. Don't stand in a room and do so. Best way to do this is to draw up a sketch with the measurements and go from there.

    I think that's why you said you didn't have a left side.


  • THANK YOU, Flowsco and Ibelieve! I have books and remedies and subcriptions and had no idea how to use them with the hexagon baigua. With this new layout I can start implementing them immediately.


  • You're very welcome and good luck.


  • you r not seeing the bau gau correctly. No matter the size of a space you still look at it in the same manner. If it is 1 room then place the bau gua to lay over the one room and view the areas in that way. If you live in a one room condo you still have a family space, money area, and so on. to figure north, south east and west, locate the direction you would go into town or a particular building u r used to being in and which side of the building u entered on from the street. then picture that building in the spot of your living space and how it would sit and u entering that door. I live in arizona and I kno illinois/chicago is east of me. so I can always tell where east is. also the bus that runs on the main road a block away runs north south. so I kno where North and south is in my apartment. Get it?

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