Getting his barriers to come down? (Cancer man)

  • We were engaged, its a long distance relationship and I was supposed to be moving and marrying him later this year.

    He said his heart had been open like never before and he did everything he could to prove himself to me. But I kept pushing him away. He broke up with me over it and came back, now we are trying to take things slow and are in a relationship trying to build back up to the engagement. He said his barriers have gone so far up he doesn't know how to bring them down.

    I have been taking it slow with him for almost a month and trying to prove myself, but then he will say something about how he thinks he is just being selfish and should let me go, even though he doesnt want to, I get upset and we fall apart again.

    What can I do to help this Cancer man open his heart to me again? I have no intention of ever hurting him. I had an issue with my adrenal glands producing far too much adrenaline and was in constant "fight or flight" mode, I'm not taking beta blockers and am recovering, but the damage with him is done. I love him so much and I just want to get back to where we were.

    Please help

  • What are your birthdates?

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