The heart of a Virgo man

  • @Momycrab

    I don't mind at all. I'm 32, he's 43. 😊

    Just glad I have someone to talk to whenever this a*shole resurfaces. So emotionally and mentally wounded. Like what's even the point of this nonsense. And yep, he has his woman at home. Whether he's actually hooking up others, I have no idea.

    My friend told me ytd that she came across the gift he bought for me few weeks back, and it was from a dollar store AND still heavily discounted. So like a couple of cents. Wtf! Cheap.

  • @Axesfemme Gurl you just run! Easier said than done. But trust me you're not going anywhere with this middle aged man baby.He is just playing you.His actions screams "WEIRDO".Find some one around your age. This man has his own hidden agenda.I'll suggest you to find a fire sign or air sign man. Take your time don't rush. My dad was a Sagittarius and I know them deeply. Well ,astrological signs apart you need to find a stable man .There was a thread online on virgo men run behind sagittarius women and point by point it was all true. The article is down now as all the butt hurt virgo men couldn't take it and reported it to the site owner LOL. I will be here for you. Take it all out.❤
    Oh BTW I love dollar store fake nails🤣

  • @Axesfemme , he's old enough to cut the crap and react. You made up your mind on the Taurus. If you're 100% sure you want to build your future with the Taurus, Virgo has to go. Don't entertain him with giving him attention and go forward your goal.
    If you're not certain about the Taurus and you wish to make something happen with the virgo, then you must have a conversation with him.
    I hear a lot of women saying virgos are cheap. Mine is the opposite. Whenever I want to buy something on sale he says - don't save money on yourself and buy whatever you want. He hates buying gifts though, he is always afraid he'll buy something stupid. He goes through hell and back when it's his mom's birthday, he never knows what to get her. So, that's my job now😊. Stay strong, no matter what. If you decided on the Taurus, don't turn back. Don't answer his calls and emails. If possible, change your number and move on. You have the power to change everything.

  • @Momycrab

    I don't plan on playing his games anymore. The more I play the more clarity I get that he doesn't love me. I've already shut that door, so I doubt he'll be back. Feeling quite depressed today. Seems like everything is my fault and I just blame myself over and over for this whole situation. Why do I even feel this way?

    My mind is spinning and chaotic right now. I miss the feeling of peace. Used to be Ms. Sunshine, can't find her anymore. Taurus says he'll accompany me to therapy appointments if I need it. 😖

    Thank you for being here. ❤️ Sorry for being burdensome.

  • @Totitoti

    I'm sure about Taurus. No one treats me better than him. Time, money, affection, consistency, upholding his promises to me. Gotta break this bond with Virgo.

    I believe Virgos only spend on people they care about. He spent alot on his woman years ago. Bragged about it to me before. He's just trying to see how low he can get with me, and I ain't for it. What he offers me is waaaay less than what anyone else has ever offered. Other times it's talk only. Yet he acts as if he's the best thing that happened to me since sliced bread. It's offensive in a way.

    Your Virgo is a total sweetheart. He really loves you, great example of an evolved Virgo.

    I can't avoid all his work emails, so it's kinda a problem. Worst case scenario, I'll just quit and look for a job. Mind's foggy at the moment.

  • @Axesfemme It's completely normal to feel the way you are feeling now. Your mental health have been affected due to this roller coaster ride you've been through. Glad you have identified this bizarre pattern of this man otherwise for few women it takes years to even find out what is really wrong. Your ex virgo ain't normal and is yet not ready to start a life with you. I bet he is still stuck with his previous woman mentally. Taurus seems genuine. Go with your gut feeling because we women are champs with our 6th sense.
    Stop blaming yourself as it wasn't your fault. Things happen,this is part of life. Not every path will be smooth. Give yourself a break.Spend some time in therapy(it really helps).You need to heal first . Taurus will help you I believe. He cares for you.
    You'll be Ms.sunshine again in no time ❤

  • @Axesfemme , you don't need to quit your job. It's hard time everywhere and having a good job is a luxury many don't have. Does your Taurus know about Virgo? Does virgo know about Taurus? If he starts fooling around again, just tell him you're with someone right now, with someone you love and you don't have time for childish games. Be direct. Don't feel bad for telling him anything. If he indeed is a jerk, he won't care anyway. If you hurt him, even better. He hurt you too.
    Since you are sure about Taurus, you have your answer. Focus on him and your relationship and don't let attachment to virgo ruin it for you. Believe me, I know the curse of thinking about "what ifs".
    I know it's hard, but you'll make it. Since you have no desire to be with him, it will be much easier for you. Therapy is a good option. But, also sport is too. Any activity will move your mind to something productive.
    If he's consciously trying to hurt you by buying you cheap crap, be without mercy. I thought he was just being insecure and confused, but there seems to be many underlying issues here. And he isn't going to change unless he wants to.
    We're here for you at any time, but power is with you. You are the one to break it or make it. Burn him with your fire. I hate when they think they can play with us. Here, my Virgo is saying your virgo wants reaction from you, hence the provocation with the gift and all. I said why would he do that. He says- because if she reacts that means she cares and he'd behave accordingly. If she upset him, he'll be bad to her and if she responded, he'll be nice. My question - don't you think that's childish, remained unanswered. Who brought up these men??

  • @Momycrab

    Yes, I think I've gotten more clarity that Taurus genuinely cares for me. 😇 He's on the extreme end of Virgo. He offers waaaaaaay more than what anyone else has offered me prior. When I pushed him away (cause we are both not street smart and I was afraid we'd drag each other down), he stuck around and improved himself so much in his career and lifestyle to show that he can provide for me in future. I think I am blessed to have him. 😂

    I'm gonna stay away from Virgo men from now on. My Virgo colleague has been gifting me bouquet of flowers every year for my birthday, but is so cheap with his wife. Really strange people.

  • @Totitoti

    Taurus doesn't know about Virgo. Virgo knows about Taurus. Doesn't care or doesn't show he gives a crap about this. I don't even wanna talk to Virgo at the moment. He will probably just shift all the blame to me and make me the 'bad person'. Too many chances given.

    I think it's still considered thoughtful stuff cause it's basic daily objects I mentioned so he randomly bought those as "gifts". But thinking back, I feel he also made excuses recently about not asking me out. Saying he only knew where the "cheap" (an understatement - not even comparable to Mcdonalds) food places are, if I'm ok, he'd totally ask me out. When we were friends, he brought me to bars and cafes though, so I'm getting more insignificant in his eyes probably. Told me so much fancy shit at the beginning but just seems cheap af now.

    Honestly, I believe my reaction affects Virgo's reaction as well. Your Virgo's guess ain't wrong here. So much for unconditional love right? Super childish game playing, but calls ME immature. Wonderful.

  • @Axesfemme You just need to focus only on yourself . Things will fall into places. We women are very strong and no one have the power to bring us down until we let them .Men like this rarely change. Stop feeding his ego. God knows how many women he has on his hook that he is treating like shit. Just stay away from him and refrain from any kind of communication. Take care.❤

  • @Momycrab @Totitoti

    So.... Virgo man reappeared. Emailed me asking if he could collect a work doc from me and to let him know when he could do so with smiley emoji. Surprisingly, I'm so unfazed by it now. I replied with no emotions tying to my response. I still don't feel anything now. It's just weird cause the day before, I deleted every photo and message that he ever sent me after a long time of postponing it.

    I did meet someone new accidentally, but this time the person has a Virgo Moon. >.< I might cut him off. I'm scared now whenever I see or hear the word Virgo, tied to a man.

  • @Axesfemme Surprisingly I know few virgo moon people and they are awesome. Two people with same zodiac sign are not same. Keep an open mind. Stay strong❤

  • @Momycrab and @Totitoti
    Happy Easter, I hope you all are in good health. Have a wonderful Easter.

  • @Jayann , thank you my dear ❤️Happy Easter to you, too! Hope everything is great at your end...

  • Darling ladies, I hope you are great, wishing you happy upcoming holidays and all the best to you and your loved ones. No matter who appears and disappears, just remember never to lose yourself for anyone.All you need to live your amazing lives is you. If a quality man comes along - great. If he doesn't - great too, there are so many other things on the menu 😊. Sending love ❤❤

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  • Hello everyone. I stumbled upon this thread after trying to figure out why my Virgo man is so heartless and an expert in ghosting me. This is the third time he’s cut me out of his life in the last 2 years but this time I’m pregnant with a boy. I’m a cancer, hence why I can’t let go. I love him deeply. Long story short, he was my ex husbands best friend and we shared a lot of good times together and I started to fall in love with him while still married. These feelings grew stronger over 3 years and when I found out my ex hubby was talking to other women behind my back (including the Virgos ex and mother of his only child) I tried to make the marriage work, but one day while alone with Virgo, we talked, nothing out of the norm, but then came a hug. And I held on and didn’t let go. He held me too and asked me if I was ok and I said yes, but I just miss you so much (hadn’t hung out with him in months). Next day we text, i confess my feelings, he says he feels something too… one thing leads to another, we start an affair. Two weeks later I ask husband for divorce … then I find out I’m pregnant. But this was 2 years ago, so the baby ended up being my ex husbands. Virgo ghosts me twice, over a years time of being together on and off. Then this last time, things were going good. I have the “talk” with him about wanting a relationship. He said he wasn’t ready. So I went a few weeks sad and trying to accept this. When I finally did, i tell him I just want to stay friends and biz partners. No more intimacy. He agrees. But when we see each other again he tells me he does love me and doesn’t want to lose me. So I’m shocked and happy. We make up. I find out I’m pregnant by him. I try seeing him for a week straight to tell him the news. He avoids me. Finally I show up to his house to tell him. He says he’s happy but shocked. He thought he was infertile this whole time as his daughter is now 10. During me telling him the news, I ask why he is like that with me? Tells me one thing but acts another way. He says he doesn’t want to act any other way with me because “we’re not a couple”. He repeated that twice. My heart breaks but I didn’t say nothing. He says he has to go bc he’s going to the club with his sister. Spiteful me and broken hearted, i call up an ex and we go to the same club, after all he just told me twice we “weren’t a couple.” Well I made it clear we weren’t. He stops talking to me for a week or so, we finally see each other and become intimate. I apologize for what happened. Still no communication on his end about what we “are doing” I see him a few more times then he just ghosts me knowing that I’m pregnant with his son..::::

  • @Gab899 Your case seems complicated. First of all having an affair being still married is not a good idea. I am sorry to say but this man clearly has least interest in you, he either has hidden agenda or has other women in his life.Seems that you're not his first priority. A man no matter of which ever sign if is interested in you will make efforts but this guy is clearly only having good time with you that's it. He is not serious. You need to forget about everything for now and only focus on yourself and your unborn child.
    Take care.

  • @Totitoti My mother is turning into a horrible b*tch day by day. I have really started hating her ass.

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