The heart of a Virgo man

  • @Momycrab
    Sorry to hear you are unwell.
    Some free vitamin D. Sit in direct sunshine with short or not sleeve top/dress and shorts for 1/2 minimum for pale skin each day. For Mediterranean colouring about 1 to 1 1/2 hour each day. Anyone darker minimum 2 hours everyday in direct sunshine,
    This will Improves your sleep. Your body creates a hormone called melatonin that is critical to helping you sleep. ...Reduces stress. ...Maintains strong bones. ...Helps keep the weight off. ...Strengthens your immune system. ...Fights off depression. ...Can give you a longer life for Ricky.
    How about a SPA day, Did the Doctor tell you that you are having long covid symptoms.
    @Momycrab make a bucket list of things you want to do this summer, with or without Ricky, Then plan. Make sure you are doing the things you want and need to do as priority not what you think other people will talk behind your back about.
    Take care and stay safe

  • @Totitoti
    I hope you are doing ok.
    I did think abut the play on the word two. two in age and two as twins. Having said that some ate 60 Plus and still are behaving like the terrible twos.
    Have a good weekend with the family.

  • @Jayann I am very very sad these days. The world news is making me anxious and stressed out. My depression is back after the news of war. I am only thinking about the little innocent children. I am not happy ,I can feel the pain of others who are suffering. War is never the solution. Depression gives me suicidal thoughts. May be death brings peace forever. Human life is garbage.Humans are evil.

  • @Totitoti

    Guess who's back. πŸ™„ and still trying to keep me in some weird limbo. I have no idea wtf this is atm. He's trying, I guess. 🀷 He stopped with the one word replies and makes sure to reply more now + the morning/night texts are coming in again. Mixed signals still strong though. Situation unchanged.

    I hope your Virgo and you are fine. Great that he still communicates well with you and is still attentive. Aww, he told you that you belong to him. Super sweet !!! Probably just stressed out at work or something. Don't fret too much about it. 😊

    Uhm, i dont speak much to the other Virgos now cause I'm too busy at work and more focused on spiritual work and healing. Virgos just require too much of my brain cells and I honestly can't even handle 1. 😁

    Edit : he bought me practical gifts and passed them to me today cus i was lamenting someone stole something from me and i was having allergies at work. How unexpected, but situation still unchanged.

  • @Jayann I agree,maturity is never a matter of age.We're fine, entire world is in mess and I'm grateful for peace,love and occasional madness of my family members and my own.I hope you are well.Sending ❀️❀️.

  • @Momycrab I'm so triggered by this situation and I hope it will be resolved soon.No one needs war after what we've been through with pandemic. I'm so sad and do angry.Sending ❀️❀️to you and your family.

  • @Axesfemme Just keep your cool and don't fall for his charm easily. Smile less. That always works with them. Don't ask why. But, I see it's working with my children too. If I smile and tell them something, they will not even hear me. If I tell them something without smiling, their focus is unbelievable. And they are toddlers mind you.So, yes I know what life with Virgos is πŸ˜‚
    As I said, he's getting closer to you , but let him close and then pull away. Don't be rude, don't say anything. Just disappear from his radar.I detest games, but with Virgos, this is war strategy. Let us know what's happening to keep us away from politics on TV. Sending ❀️❀️

  • @Totitoti

    I smiled and told him I appreciated it. He sent me selfies at work as well 😣 and gave me a hug earlier before leaving.

    How do I suddenly pull away? I didn't text him today after returning home cause the conver ended with an 'ok' and he's silent as well (not even a goodnight text). 🀷 So much for everything eh?

    Lack of sleep today so my vibes are all over the place.

  • @Axesfemme dont start any conversation. Silence is pulling away. Let him miss you. Perhaps he's confused, hence his silence. You were always available in the past so now he's intrigued. Have fun with it.

  • @Totitoti

    He was asleep. 😧 Anyway, still moving on with my life. I doubt he wants anything else with me apart from my attention and concern since he can't get it at home.

    If he doesn't text me, I don't bother texting him either cause it just shows disinterest on the guy's part. Then he reappears thinking that nothing happened, like wtf. What even is with the gestures, asking for hugs and saying he gets unhappy when he thinks I'm sleeping with someone else or out drinking with others? Like do Virgos usually act like this in 'friendships'?

    I'm still salty I lost out to an old woman (grinds my gears all the time) πŸ™„ but then again, don't want my man to being doing such bullshit behind my back so nothing to be envious about.

    And yes, I'll pull away. This shizz aint good for my mental health at all.

  • @Axesfemme Virgos (myself included probably because of my virgo placements) don't take time seriously. Few days ago I reconnected with an old friend. I didn't see her for over 20 years and we talked as if I saw her yesterday. My virgo completely understood. My mother (Capricorn) couldn't relate.
    No, you're not his friend. Virgos behave like that with people they love and deeply care for. You haven't lost him. In fact you have him, but he's not physically with you (My Virgo's text after he was thinking of divorcing his first wife).
    Virgos are weird. Virgos feel deeply. But to verbalise their feelings is often impossible. Just take it easy and go with the flow, without expectations. Take care of yourself and don't try to understand him. I've just now talked to my virgo about you. I quote - Poor guy needs something to help him decide. Let her get pregnant and he'll be thrilled. I told him that's what happened with your first wife, why you didn't stay with her. Answer- I didn't love her...
    Live your life and if your heart is ready to move on, move on. Virgo will be in your life till the end of time. That you can count on.

  • @Totitoti

    Lol ! I wish it was that easy to get him to decide. He does not want kids nor get married again, which is sorta cool with me (my sag sun probably). It's nice having you and your Virgo to help decipher this cause I'm seriously clueless. Appreciate it alot.

    He told me he still loves her just not as deep as before so idk. Maybe I've become more of a 'family' member or his 'daughter' and I'm reading the signs all wrong from him.

    He sent me a selfie this morning to cheer me up cause I couldn't get out of bed due to exhaustion.

    I'm still due to get married to my sweet af Taurus soon, so I have no choice but to move on.

  • @Axesfemme , congratulations on moving on and getting married to a Taurus. My ex was a Taurus. Virgo is so much less complicated than he was. So many years of hell and I thought he was love of my life.Now when I remember him I feel as if some other person was married to him and not me. He was so nice and loving in courtship phase, after we married door of hell opened.I still don't know how I could manage to stay with him for so long.
    @Momycrab has a great Taurus as well and I hope yours will be equally great. My ex couldn't stand me being strong and tried to make me feel bad about myself every chance he got. And Virgo supports the silliest decisions I make. A month ago I said I wanted to go back to training because covid is over and he made membership for me in a spa/gym centre.Virgos truly care about people they love, that's so obvious.But, also they have hard time explaining themselves to others.I understand their twisted mind because mine is equally twisted.
    I don't think he loves her in romantic way.Probably he feels obligation and responsibility to her.
    Sending selfies is reserved only for special people in their lives.My virgo is so hard on sending photos to anyone, so whoever gets a photo from him has a special place in his heart
    Yesterday evening he requested to put his head on my lap and he slept that way.They are truly big babies and all they need is tenderness.Whats the moon sign of your Taurus? Mine had Aquarius moon and cancer mars.Detached and emotionally unavailable. Very unstable and agressive.

  • @Momycrab and @Totitoti
    I have been depressed for sometime and struggling to get closure fro te issue which started it all. Unfortunately I keep running into a brick wall.
    With reference to the Ukraine, I feel that I am being attacked, that my values are under attack, that my tomorrows are vanishing.
    If I feel like this how must the people of the Ukraine feel to see everything they have worked for over the past 30years going up in smoke,
    I see Putin like Hitler is threatening Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. It seems like Putin wants to put Europe back to the middle ages. Independent countries must not have put their countries best interest first in case the offend Putin. So these countries must not join the European Union or EEA or NATO. Putin did the same to Georgia, and Chechen destroying the country so he could control the people etc.
    It does not matter how far away you are from Ukraine because I have your children to protect.
    I am even more depressed and anxious because of everything. So I wish Putin good karma as to wish anything else would be bad for me.
    I personally think he is gone mad, had a brain tumor etc.
    Girls take care of yourself and children. Only spend one hour listening to updated on Ukraine, Start distraction activities,
    Take care stay safe miss you πŸ’ž πŸ’ž πŸ’ž

  • @Totitoti

    I think my Taurus has an Aquarius moon as well. He has been consistent and sweet throughout. Maybe it's because of his age (younger than me and naive). Has a heart of gold as well and a sweetheart. He always says I'm his lucky star and works really hard to give me a good life. Currently he's fallen ill cause he overworked himself. 😞

    Virgo on the other hand is doing the same shit again. He texts me first, then starts giving one word replies, nonchalant behaviour. Makes me feel like I'm disturbing him or something. He just replied 1 emoji for his past 3 responses. His inability to be consistent is honestly annoying at this point. He just says sweet stuff whenever he is back and then don't act on anything after that. I still feel that dudes who are in love don't act like this. Sick of being breadcrumbed constantly. Energetic vampire. Probably just keeping me around in case he needs help at work.

  • @Jayann I am depressed since the war has started. Ohh can't even fathom what the little children are going through. Dictators are dangerous for the whole world. I am having anxiety attacks as at any moment WWIII may break out. Many innocent people have already died.😞

  • @Axesfemme I have a very loving,loyal,supportive,caring and thoughtful Taurus hubby LOL.He was my best friend and still is.
    His moon is also is aquarius,rising taurus ,that makes him a double taurus.Mars in aries,venus in aries. He is brutally honest(goes well with my aries moon)😁.Very straight forward .
    We are together for more than 5 yrs and we have a 2yr old son.
    As a matter of fact I am very attracted to Taurus and scorpio males.πŸ˜‰
    So I guess neither all Taurian men are psychos and nor all virgo men are a**holes.πŸ˜‚.
    Btw my son is a sagittarius .πŸ‘Ά

  • @Momycrab

    Oh wow, same here tbh. My taurus is also this way, minus brutally honest. We have never fought, and always give in to each other without complaints. Only downside is he's meek and I gotta protect him in case he gets bullied by others.

    Appreciate your insight on your Taurus man 😊 At least I kinda know what to expect if I eventually get married to Taurus. My friends are mostly married to Taurus men as well. Strange. Lol.

    Yay to sagittarius child ! Be prepared for a ton of randomness and fun. We're slightly crazy ... in a good way, I hope. πŸ˜†

  • @Axesfemme All the aries placements in my Taurus's chart makes him brutally honest I guess. LOL.Plus point is my Taurus is extremely patient unlike myselfπŸ˜†.After becoming a mother I have become much more crazier (due to hormons I guess)πŸ˜‚. His negative point is he is a lazy arse and won't move his ass until I shout at himπŸ˜†.
    I have many taurian friends who are till now happily married and know only one lying and cheating taurus who got divorced last year from his wife.
    Ughh I am already experiencing the Sagittarius craziness. My 2 yr old is already a very curious baby. I can feel the would be explorer inside him. He loves freedom.I know he will settle down in a foreign country someday.😁

  • @Momycrab

    Wow ! Ok I just checked mine. His chart consists of mainly Capricorn and Aries. 😳 This is hilarious cause the lazy arse portion is true (apart from work). But he does whatever I tell him to so am not complaining. 😬

    Hehe, enjoy the Sagittarius crazy, it probably never goes away. Doubt he has a cancer moon if he loves exploring etc. Read somewhere that those with cancer moon are more rooted to home and don't really travel as compared to other Sags. Resonates strongly with me ! 😁

    Side note : i actually typed a rant cause Virgo MIA-ed . He suddenly texted now. 😧 I'll take my time to reply and not try to engage anymore, cause I'm not a darn object to be played with and discarded as and when he pleases.

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