The heart of a Virgo man

  • @Axesfemme
    May I suggest that you list what you find so appealing in him. What you think he did for you.
    Now think about who else makes you feel so positive. Also if you never see this person again what was it about this person that you worked so hard to hold onto. Examples are that without doing anything he empowered you to go out into the world and do things; That he was a fabulous listener who made you laugh: You felt special etc,
    Now look for those traits in other people. Also remember that there are plenty of fish in the sea.

  • @Axesfemme If you have time please read this thread(whole).It will take some time. You'll find a pattern.
    Take care of yourself . ❤

  • @Momycrab
    nice to see you are visiting this site
    I hope you and Ricky are all good
    take care and stay safe

  • @Jayann I am doing just fine. Thank u for asking dear. I was very busy earlier as I was down with my health and obviously the winter makes me clumsy 😁 and the fall season makes me alive again LOL.Hope you are doing fine? Take care. ❤

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  • @Momycrab
    I am alive. I hit a brick wall mentally in September and still do not know what happened.
    Thanks for asking, Take care of yourself and Ricky.
    @Totitoti I am thinking of you too and your little ones.

  • @Jayann and @Momycrab

    Hihi ! I've read the entire forum a few times over the last 3 yrs. 😵 Haha!

    I'm done with him already. He texted me ytd regarding work (weird way to ask about work) after complete silence. Then texted again to say he realised I'm on leave and told me to enjoy my leave. I ignored him entirely which is not what I usually do. My colleague settled it for him. I don't feel bad about it or feel the urge to chase anymore cause I know I deserve better than this.

    My job hunt is looking up and I've been getting nonstop signs and cards signifying at change is on the way. I'll be out soon and leaving all this bullshit behind me.

    Thank you for everything !!! ❤❤❤

  • @Jayann ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • @Axesfemme Good Luck gurl. Take care and stay positive. ❤❤❤❤

  • @Momycrab , I'm so happy to see you in this mood ❤️. And I'm very happy things are steaming up with you and your Taurus!

  • @Jayann I'm glad you're around. I know this time has been difficult to many and I'm happy you are managing to keep swimming ❤️. Take care of yourself and stay well ❤️. Little ones aren't so little anymore and we're entering a war zone very soon, I feel. I'm surrounded with Virgos and I'm just starting to realize how all of them are actually the same 😂.

  • @Axesfemme , he's dying. Don't chase and stay positive. Concentrate on your work and your own wellbeing. Let him and his twisted mind catch up. Give him as little attention as possible. That'll make him come crawling to you though. Whatever you do, you're stuck with a virgo for life😂. Just accept it and enjoy your life. My virgo is entering some strange phase. I don't if it's some middle age crisis or the planets, but he's definitely different. Good thing is he's willing to say he isn't feeling himself. I'm trying to keep Scorpio sarcasm on hold, but if this lasts I don't know how long my patience will stretch. What life with a virgo taught me is - go with a flow and that's it. I can't complain really, he's a great and supportive man, but I wish he occasionally can get a new brain so he can rest and relax for a week. Virgos are so hard on themselves and I hope my children will not go through that as they're Virgos too.

  • @Totitoti

    Hihi ! Yeah, let him die. Idc anymore. He said he wanna be 'friends', so OK. This is what platonic friends are like in my book. Alot of unreplied texts. LOL!! I wouldn't even consider him under 'close friends' category to give him the same attention. At least my close friends were there for me when I needed them and they deserve my love when needed. 🙄

    What's up with your Virgo tho? Hope ya'll are ok. Might be planet related. Ever since the 2/2/2022 portal, things have been iffy. Hang in there, you're strong girl ! 😊

  • @Totitoti ❤❤❤❤

  • @Axesfemme
    good luck

  • @Totitoti
    nice hearing from you.
    terrible two's (age) have arrived,
    best of luck

  • @Jayann Oh, you are so right about the terrible two's. But I don't know if I'm referring to age😂😂😂.Oh well, we are two middle aged weirdos with two extra energetic toddlers.And we successfully passed 22.02.2022.Hope all is well with you.So happy to have you back❤️.

  • @Axesfemme Your Virgo is a bad copy of my virgo.His behaviour in the past was so weird I thought I was going crazy.If he goes back to such stage again, I'd divorce him in a day.Let's hope he's over that phase.I don't know what to tell you. He's just been acting weird in last two months.probably pressure.We travelled,came back,still fixing things around house, works very demanding and our children are little monsters.And he's really helping with them even he really works a lot.I've suggested him a guy getaway for Easter and hope he'll listen.I can do my work from home, but he's always in his office. I guess he needs to run in his cave and not see anyone at least for two weeks. He's still very attentive and gentle to me, but he always says he's fine when I see he's not. So, that behaviour makes me nervous and I bite my Scorpio tongue often.Kids ruin romance for sure, but we adore them.Thats what my sleep deprived brain thinks,so I might be deluded 😂 Maybe he's having an affair but I'm blind to see.I asked him if he has an office fling he said no and said he doesn't want anyone else but me. And repeated three times that he belongs to me.In that moment I asked him if he got a terminal diagnosis, he started to laugh and we ended our conversation there...
    Just be strong and don't take your virgo seriously.He's obviously confused and going through hard time. Let him burn.Whats with the other virgo you were talking to?Good luck with your job❤️!

  • @Totitoti Your virgo is probably in stress. Same thing happened with Taurus as he was in his own world phase for last few months. It's just a man thing . Covid has left a great impact on whoever got infected last year or so. Even I am having brain fog sometimes. My health is so unwell,pains ,aches ,numb hands,nerve related problems all over the body. Lost much weight. Lost appetite etc.
    I am a loner to be honest and I feel at peace if left alone from time to time. I can't blame only men LOL,I have been accused of being cold by Taurus.😂.

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