The heart of a Virgo man

  • Hi everyone,

    I think some of you should look for information about narcississts and empaths.

    I met "my" Virgo at 13. He was 15. We dated.
    I met him again I was 20. He tried to flirt.
    We reconnected recently, I am 38.

    I am an empath. He has strong narcississtic traits. I met, when I was younger, all kind of narcs. They are manipulators.

    To sum it up, I have never fallen for his game (flirtatious ways). I tried to forget my most recent ex while reconnecting with him the virguy. That is why I was quick to go no contact. I wish some would do some psychology research about men who have this type of personality., Nothing romantic or cute about it.

    I am not a huge fan of astrology or even believer (sag here) but a lot of virgo guys seem to develop the narc traits. I read tons of stories about them, most sound the same.

    At 13, I knew he had low self esteem, i knew he liked bragging and showing off and i knew he was a manipulator. I never liked how he would touch me when i was a teenager, he seemed off and very much all over me. I used to feel violated. It affected all my relationships and my views about dating and men.

    I learnt 2 things at 13: men would do and say anything to get into our panties and secondly destroying a narc's ego was the most satisfying thing ever. That is when I knew doing/being everything for a man was not me.

  • @Wolfverina yes agree - all moon in virgos are awfully narcissistic . Thanks for the post

  • @Mommy-Crab How are you baby Rick and hubby? I hope well.
    @Totitoti How are the twins, hubby and yourself keeping? I hope you all are well.
    I have not been on because I have been under the weather with the black dog and its buddies such as Mr MS,
    Take care and stay safe.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Jayann I lost my email and password again.
    Nothing is going good between me and Taurus. We are having compatibility issues.
    Baby Rick is fine. Thanks for asking.
    Hope you are doing well.
    @Totitoti How are you doing?

  • @Mommycrab @Jayann im fine now.entire March and april we dealt with covid. First my parents then Virgo and me. Babies are fine they weren't sick even they were positive so that was a relief. Momycrab I'm sorry to hear that about you and Taurus. Jay Ann I'm guessing you are enjoying away from Internet and that's great. Hope my message finds you both well.lots of love and kisses and extra kisses for baby rick.

  • @Mommycrab
    So Sorry to hear that you are having marital issues. I hope you find a positive solution.
    I am glad that Rick and you both are in good health.
    I understand about the password as if I loose my laptop I will be in trouble.
    Have had a tough few weeks so......
    Take care and stay safe.💕 💗 💕

  • @Totitoti
    TY for replying I am so sorry to hear that you got covid. and that you parents had it as well. You all now have to watch your health. Covid affects your internal organs. Please look out for long covid symptoms and for genetic inheritance disorders playing up, eg asthma as it can change the percentages of predisposes to an individual.
    I am so glad that the babies are thriving. That you both and your parents got over the infection I hope it was not too distressful and painful. Take care and stay safe all of you .
    💞 💞 💞

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  • @Totitoti @Mommycrab
    Hello girls
    I hope this message meets you in good health.
    I have noticed that like myself you both have not been on the website for a while,
    I hope all little ones (Rick and the twins) are in good health. @Mommycrab that you are not fighting the blackdog like I am.
    Take care and stay safe girls.

  • @Jayann Hello dear very glad to hear from you. I had a hella rollercoaster ride in these last 4 months. Beside having relationship problem with Taurus and other things Taurus had covid and he was about to die. We were in so much trouble along with financial one. Lost few people to covid in our neighbourhood. It was hell.
    Hope you are doing well.
    Thank God you are ok. I am very sad these days. 😞 . I will be back.

    Lots of Love❤❤❤❤

  • @Mommycrab & @Totitoti
    Hello girls
    I hope you both are alright, I have not been on as I am having problems from laptop to health.
    @Mommycrab I am so sorry to hear that your other half got Covid. I hope he is better and not have any of the long term effects. I hope you and Ricky are doing ok. I hope you money problems are better.
    As we come to the end of Summer I hope things are looking up
    @Totitoti I hope you hubby and the twins are ok. Like @Mommycrab you have not been on this site for a while (May) this is worrying.
    Take care and stay safe both of you.
    :Love to you both 💕 💕 💕

  • @Jayann Things are not going right with me. I am no longer interested in Taurus. I wish him well and want him to be around only as my child's father. If I get a chance I will find a new love interest and cheat on him. Taurus has bored me to death. No intimacy nothing for like more than 4 months. He has become self-centered to the core. We have lost the spark. I have started hating his a$$. I want physical connection and he is not going to give me that so I am going to find it some where else. I really don't care now. I am bored.
    Hope you are doing well. Stay safe. Covid is not over yet. Take care.❤

  • @Mommycrab
    It is so hard to hear how unhappy you are. It seems like you both want something different from the marriage. The appositive to love is indifference not hate. Covid has put more pressure on relationships as it has forced couples to spend more time with each other. So all those little things which annoy you are now major problems. I think you need to see a councilor so that you both are always the best parent for little Ricky. Ricky is the most important person in the relationship.
    As for me I do not have covid but health not too good so have not been on too often.
    Miss you and @Totitoti
    Take care and stay safe.

  • @Jayann I totally agree with you. Ricky is doing well. He has started talking LOL.
    Please take care of yourself. I miss our convos in here like the past. I hope we could catch up like old times again. Haven't heard from totitoti in a while hope she is doing well. Covid sucks. Wish this gets over soon.
    Sending love and hugs your way. ❤

    @Totitoti Where are you? How are you?

  • @Mommycrab
    ty for you kind words
    I hope @Totitoti is alright
    How cute that Ricky is talking. What is his favourate word and phrase?
    Take care and stay safe
    miss you all.

  • @Jayann and @Mommycrab my two wonderful ladies, I'm fine and well, thank you for your love and concern. I apologize for not visiting this site often, but this year has been a rather busy one. Babies are doing great, their birthday is around a corner so I'm busy planning a party. Virgo and I moved to another country because both of us had great job opportunities coming at the same time. We're looking forward to new adventures. I'm sorry @Mommycrab to hear that about Taurus and you. Perhaps it's just the stress taking over. It's been a stressful time indeed. @Jayann I hope this message finds you well. Once again I thank you both for your concern, I'm happy to have you in my online life. You have always been a great support and a shoulder to cry on. I hope other girls who popped into this conversation are doing great as well. Lots of love and I hope we'll talk soon ❤❤❤️.

  • @Jayann Rick loves saying E-I-E-I-O from old McDonalds had a farm , His fav word is dada lol.


  • @Totitoti Take care dear. Love to the angels. ❤

  • @Totitoti
    Thank you for replying.
    Please take care and wising you all the best in your new adventures, I am so glad that you all are alright. The way the world is now has everyone stressed so it is nice to hear that someone has positive things happening in their life.
    Please take care and stay safe 💕
    and you @Mommycrab 💟
    PS it was so nice of you to include all the other who join this thread. 😍
    You know where we are and I will try to visit every week.

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