The heart of a Virgo man

  • @Mommy-Crab let him pay and beg for mercy girl😂âĪ

  • @Mommy-Crab I felt such a kick today and I though my delivery started. False alarm. Babies were obviously pulling each other's hair. I'm so hot I'd sleep in freezer and Virgo is in his snuggly huggly mode 😭😭😭and I'm craving fried chicken.

  • @Totitoti Omg lol, Rick used to kick and box alot , he was overactive , my Doctor was worried about his over activeness ðŸĪĢ. He is still a very active baby. Yesterday he pooped while diaper change all over bedsheet😂😂
    I had false alarms too,felt like I will just pee the baby out😆. Ohh gurl I can relate with the heat thingy, I was always sweating.😑
    I love the way your virgo treats you mamma you are a lucky gal.😘💕

  • @Mommy-Crab So true! I think about peeing the babies out too 😂😂 How are you and Taurus now? Are you still in bitchy punishing mode or you are a warm snuggler 😂? Poor these men beside us, I'm telling you. Virgo is really great so far and I hope he helps with the babies. If he doesn't I'll let them poop over his things. I'm starting to realise my kids are coming soon and I wish I just found out I was pregnant. I'm not mentaly ready for my birth. Virgo told me he would do it for me if it was possible and I don't know if I was moved or disgusted by his words. I should have let my sister deliver kids for me, she does it in seconds.
    I said to Virgo I'm too tight for this, they will cut me open and Virgo said- don't worry my love you'll open in a size of a melon. I'm never eating a melon again.

  • @Totitoti
    feet in basin of water
    wrists wrapped in tennis wrist things which has been in the freezer
    cold damp hand towel on back of neck
    baby talc on thighs
    glass of lemonade in hand with Virgo waiting for your next command.

  • @Totitoti Hahaha omg I just choked reading your msgðŸĪĢðŸĪĢ. I bet these men are not even assoles , assfarts to be precise😂😂. My Taurus almost died while I was birthing. He even told me that if he had boobs he would have fed Rick . Damn!! Once he told me when I was pregnant-"hey babe I can understand your pain". I said no mothercracker you'll never understand what I am going through. 😐. I am still BITCHY and I will teach Taurus a lesson.He thinks he is a Lion but in reality he is a bulldog.
    I really enjoyed my pregnancy but child birth was scary and painfull😑. I wish I stayed pregnant all the time except the heat thingy.
    @Totitoti never trust these men. They are inborn assoles😂ðŸĪĢ . I treat Taurus like a king but in reality I am the King of the house not him, but he has this illusion of imagining himself as a lion but I know well that he is mere a loyal bulldog. I am glad that he is neither spineless nor a coward, this is a very good quality in my Taurus. But well well I still keep my eyes and ears openðŸĪĢ
    Your time is close get yourself mentally prepared dear. The hardest part is after birth , taking care of babies, feeding them every 2hrs,and those sleepless nights, tired body, exhaustion, stress, body aches...I can go on.......😑


  • @Jayann 😂😂😂Thank you for this comment, it brought me immense joy. I don't want to be too demanding now so I can act like spoiled queen after giving birth😉😉Unless Virgo dies while I'm delivering, then I'm on my own. I'm having thoughts of me dying too and I don't know what's wrong with me this week... Hope all is great at your endâĪ

  • @Mommy-Crab Poor Taurus. Give him a short break, I think he's learned his lesson. My breaststroke are huge. I can't even compare them to anything. Virgo is in love with them and not me. I'll see what he'll say when they deflate later. He tells me he is going to keep me pregnant for the next ten years😒I was fine for the entire time but now I'm scared. When I deliver one baby I'll be exhausted. How I'll deliver the second one? Or should I just go for c section without even trying. My doctor says she suggests vaginal birth as recovery is faster. ..Why did I even get pregnant ðŸ˜ĒðŸ˜ĒðŸ˜ĒI think my hormones are wild. For the past four days I can't recognise myself, I'm crying on everything. My stupid Pisces moon. Borrow me that Aries moon of yours so I can kick as. If I was born just a day later, I'd have Aries moon too. But my mother couldn't hold it ðŸ˜Ī

  • @Totitoti Aww poor you I can understand the pisces moon thingy. My 2 aunts have pisces moon and ohh boi are they emotional ?? Plus your hormons are high. Yes you really need some Aries moon right now I agree. It gives me immense boldness😆. I went to the hospital walking before delivering rick and entering the vicinity I threw tantrums on nursesðŸĪĢ, a complete momzilla you can call me. I was not even scared before popping out Rick. But yeah my bold ass still needed Epidural so that birth could be easier . Don't be scared momma everything will be fine. I will say consult a very experienced doctor before you pop. Yes C-section is a long and painful process, you won't feel anything as they will cut the belly and take out the babies but after that you'll need atleast 1 year to fully recover from the pain. I know because I have seen my relatives went through this.Plus the breast feeding part is very painful with c-section. You just need to stay calm, only focus on the babies and take lots of rest. Eat cashew nut if you don't have allergy, it will make birth canal smooth. Only few more days to go, countdown has begun. You and virgo both need to stay calm . Taurus was very calm all the time but he lost it in the hospitalðŸĪĢ😆 , he thought I was dead when I passed out of exhaustion , it was scary at that time but now I look back and laugh at it😂. Yeah I had the same thoughts like you have now and cussed myself at getting pregnant. ðŸĪĢ. Its normal hun. Everything will be fine trust me. 💕

  • @Mommy-Crab Virgo is doing everything possible to cheer me up and I'm grateful for that. October is near and times go by faster each day. I have a great doctor but I'm all in my dark thoughts . I'm always like that until I face the situation. Then I turn into a tigress 😂 It could be worse - what if I had triplets... Virgo is pampering me and he is beside me all the time.

  • @Totitoti I am very happy for you dear. Stay blessed. I am sure if they were triplets you would have still popped them out with a smile on your face. Afterall you are a mom.😊. Being a mom changes everything. I am still in my Bitchy mode. Taurus woke up at 5.30 am and did all the dishes, and cooked.
    Rick has grown taller 😁.
    Time really flies💕ðŸĪ“

  • @Mommy-Crab you are loving your bitchy mode I can tell 😂. At 5:30?! Have some mercy woman😂😂😂.
    Let me just get over with it so I can laugh. Now that rick is a grown baby, time to have another one 😃.

  • @Totitoti
    keep that up and your will have triplets.🙄 😁 😀 😎 ðŸĪĢ
    no teasing @Mommy-Crab
    Has the doctors calculation for the twins taken into account the fact that twins tend to arrive early?
    stay safe and take care both of you @Totitoti and @Mommy-Crab

  • @Jayann twins usually come some time earlier.I'm a twin and I was born more than 2 months earlier. My kids don't want to move from me and maybe I'll be pregnant 11 months. I don't want to even joke with the triplets. My doctor expects them on October 2nd. Baby girl behaves better than baby boy. He is unpredictable and keeps moving all over the place. I'm having my appointment on Monday so we'll see what happens.

  • @Totitoti Nxt baby?? Oml ahem ahem!!! ðŸĪŠ

  • @Totitoti
    Good luck with the doc appointment
    I am glad the baby girl is good hopefully she will keep her brother in line. 😀
    A mini you,
    Interesting that you are a twin. do you have a sister or brother?

  • @Jayann I have a sister that I adore and she has triplets who are 8 years old. I'm a few minutes younger. I wish my girl has my sister's nature. I know my boy will be like a Virgo. I can sense that.

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