The heart of a Virgo man

  • @Jayann ❤❤❤❤ Take care dear.

  • @Mommy-Crab Baby rick is standing! Congratulations little one! that's a great achievement. I'm happy you are feeling better now. I'm not thinking about covid anymore. I'm so over it. Delivery is near. I gained 9,5 kg in this pregnancy so far. Dr says that's good because it will make delivery easier. I'm really watching what I eat. All is ready for the babies to come, their room came out wonderfully and I'm proud to say Virgo did most of the work by himself because he didn't want to expose me to other people. I can't wait to see their little faces. My breasts areally unbelievably big. I look like Samantha Fox in her golden time. Virgo saw me running in garden and he was like - can you do it more often with these boobs? Men😂.

  • @lawdawg I have to agree with them. I've seen men do this way too often. I know your heart doesn't want to believe it but I think it would be best to look at this situation from a logical standpoint if you can. How long have you really known this man? Things may feel great with your relationship now, but will you still be able to trust him down the road? He's okay with lying to his wife and kids. Who's to say that, when you both have disagreements in the future and he's unhappy with you, he won't go looking elsewhere? I know these aren't fun possibilities to consider but I really think you should. Your friends sense the danger after all and they are going to be considering the situation with a clear head.

    My advice? Find a man (or woman) who isn't attached. This Virgo isn't the only fish in the sea. You never know; there could be someone out there that's even more perfect for you! ...And less likely to cheat on you too.


    Wishing you the best of luck.

  • @Totitoti Omg big boobs mommy😂. I know how men feel about big boobs. 😝. If my depression comes back again I promise I will divorce Tauru's's ass.(fuk virgo for giving me depression)
    We are going hot and heavy now though🤣

  • @Mommy-Crab you're just experiencing crisis. It will go away. I know sometimes things appear larger than life but they aren't. Just breathe and all will be well. Virgo says I'm a sextet machine and that he's afraid to tell me no. Poor guy. My hormones are wild. Hot and heavy hmm 😉😉I like that.

  • @Totitoti I think I am going to separate from Taurus. It's not working out anymore.

  • @Totitoti How are you???

  • @Mommy-Crab Are you 100% sure about that? Please try to relax and think it through. What's happening? I'm OK thank you for asking but I'm now worried about you. I hope you two will settle things down. If I can do anything to help I'm here.

  • @Totitoti @Mommy-Crab
    Step back and visualize your most positive dream.
    Take care and stay safe both of you 🤗

  • @Totitoti I am frustrated with everything and everyone. So restless inside.There is no peace.
    Taurus is not willing to separate. He is stuck on my arse 24/7. I am planning to run away alone somewhere.

  • @Jayann I dunno I am arguing and fighting with all living things. I need to sleep and never wake up. Depression is over the roof. Life is thorny.

  • @Mommy-Crab He loves you and he is worried about you. Try to relax and calm. Warm baths, meditation, herbal teas. .. I know how overwhelming thoughts can be and how restlessness can be draining. But there are so many things to be happy and grateful for. Your baby is healthy and happy, your husband is trying his best to make you happy... Take some time for yourself and separate in a spare room if you are still in lock down. It will pass.lots of love your way.

  • @Jayann you too take care 💕

  • @Totitoti I really need a lonnnng break , I can't take it no more. 😑. Rick just recovered from fever. I thought it was covid but thank God it went away after 72 hours. Viral I guess. I am drained. Got in to a fight with a friend. What's going on with me suddenly. Got my period after 6 months of child birth. I need this 2020 to go away soon. 😑

  • @Mommy-Crab you need a big hug. You're tensed because of this situation with the virus as all of us are. But thank god baby rick is fine and well now. We fight and we make up. It's OK. Those who love you will not take it the hard way. It's OK to be afraid, angry, restless... We need to acknowledge and embrace our negative emotions. Running away from them never helps.. take a few hours for you and Taurus only. Talk, have fun, cook together. ..I'm sure that man loves you so much. And you love him. You're just tired. Covid ruined lives of all of us. But also it made us spend more time with each other which is wonderful. Congrats on your period! I miss that old lady 😊 Smile and all will be better. Love you💕

  • @Totitoti I am living separately . I want to focus on myself and only myself and Rick. I am taking time only for myself now. I think I need to open my chakras which is already fzxsd up.From now I will live for myself and Rick. I don't want anymore negativity in my life. F#$@ love.

  • @Mommy-Crab
    So sorry to hear that but time by yourself is a good thing.
    Have a look at this article it might help.
    Take care and stay safe both you and Rick also you @Totitoti

  • @Mommy-Crab I'm sorry to hear that, I really am. Hope nothing serious happened. Take all the time you think you need and I hope you find your peace and open your chakras. I believe letting go of anger and acceptance of oneself are crucial. I wish you and baby Rick to spend great time together.
    Virgo is going crazy of worry wondering why I'm not going crazy too. According to him his ex wife was a birthzilla. I thought I'd be one but so far I'm composed and calm. I think I'll snap in delivery and cut Virgo's penis off and make all the drama. I haven't shared these thoughts with Virgo yet.
    I hope you use this alone time truly getting yourself back. It's been intense. The pregnancy, delivery and covid. ..The strongest among us would lose it. I hope you and Taurus will be able to sort everything out. I'm way too emotional to think of something else than happy ending. Kiss baby Rick for me. Get yourself something to kick to release all supressed anger. It's a great feeling. I used to kick a punching bag imagining my ex's ass. IThe helped. Wishing you love and peace.

  • @Jayann interesting topic, I'll read it. Thank you! Hope you are fine 💕

  • @Totitoti I dunno but things have changed after childbirth. If it's stress or something else. His affection and love has changed , as per my gut feeling nothing is same any more. In fact I am not sure if he is having an affair outside. So for the sake of my mental health, wellbeing and heart I will have to cut everything out of my life. I am not ready to suffer one more time. I am not emotional anymore rather practical you can say. I will not let one more man f^ck my life ,instead I will f^ck his. I am not that emotional creature that I used to be 7-8 years ago. I have realized that their is neither a happily ever after or a Disney princess movie for me in the end. I was unlucky in love and still am. Life is not fair with everyone neither everyone gets true love, some get mothef^ckers in the name of love. I will not cry over a man anymore and I will keep my options open when it comes to man. Rick is with me and I will never let him down as a mother. You stay safe with the Angels. 💕

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