The heart of a Virgo man

  • @gloomy-crab
    Thank u seeety. I’m in depressions right now. He played with my feelings with my soul with my love. I just got to know from my best buddy that he called her and told that he doesn’t want me he is going to marry his EX !!!! I’m destroyed and couldn’t believe what I hv heard as she recorded his voice on call!!!! I beat myself today and pulled my hair. I was about to fly to him soon and now this surprise ????? 4 days ago he didn’t knew this ????? I can’t believe. He told in voice that he left his ex cs of meeee????? And now he gets her back ???? Will dear Lord forgive him ever what he did with me ????!!!! I can’t believe I am not able to think my world broken down over my head right now!!! He played very well with me !!!!! I am cursing him ... may he never gets happy in his entire life !!!! May he never stays happy with her !!!!! I’m not that kind now I become evil !!!! I hate himmmmmm I hate what he did to me 😢 he destroyed everything in me. He fooled me in saying till January u have time to come here for marriage !!!!!! May Lord give him his punishment oh yes this I’m wishing himmmmm !!! I’m hating myself to hv loved him madly 😢 what I did ???? Why meeeeeee whyyyyy

  • @gloomy-crab hang in there💙💙💙💙💙 Thank you for your kind words. Found a dress yesterday. Seems like I have a bride gene after all😂 I chose hair and makeup and I'm done😂😂 I think I'll take running shoes just in case.

  • @virgoshock Excuse me for asking, but what nationality is your Virgo?
    I'm sorry you are heartbroken. I'm sorry for what I'm going to day now and I don't wan to hurt you, but you weren't honest with him as well. So, you can't really expect him to be honest with you.
    I know it's hard. But, it's better to know now than to marry and live through a disaster. Also, it's much better even for you to heal than to get involved with another man.
    Invest your energy in yourself. Not him. You aren't obliged to wish him well, but you will not benefit for wishing him bad either.
    Cry and get it all out.everything is going to be just fine. You have your daughter and all your life in front of you. If a man doesn't have the strength to directly tell you he doesn't want you, let him go with his ex. You don't want a man lacking testicular fortitude.

  • @totitoti
    It’s Indian. No u didn’t hurt me sweetheart. I wasn’t honest cs I had fear at the begin that he will leave me. Okay I accept he wasn’t honest to me too but why did he given me after he gotta knew all the truth still hope? What he wanted to achieve ? To hurt me ? To destroy me? He managed well! Till 4 days before all was fine... and he choose his ex which is a young girl... I still can’t believe what he did to me. He called me 3 days ago in the night and talked nothing but stayed with me on call! Why he did this all? Where is his guts to tell me no I don’t want u ? I’m with my ex !!! U can’t imagine which fire is in me now. It’s hurting me till to my bones. My soul is crying. Why he proposed me still for marriage ?!!! And now when all is set and I was ready to back off ?! Gloomy is right, he is immature and his moms kid !!! With the age of 30 he can’t take his own decisions ?! Gloomy said if he really loved me he would have accepted me with my faults and all as I did to him. I too was knowing that he were still in touch with his ex. I was even silent and told nothing. I’m trying to not to think about it it’s not happening. I hv so many open questions left. With no answers. He has given me false hopes at least I didn’t left him nor I left him for someone else. I fought for him for us. Till the end I texted him where this sudden change comes from! Why didn’t he blocked me? Whyyy for what ? For to surprise me later on in sending his and his ex pic together ???? Yes I expect this from him. If he really loved me how he has shown me , he would not made me to hung like this !!!! I’m speechless , empty , all our dreams after marriage the plans together is vanished now. He said in his talk “yeah I still love her but it’s not possible now” why ?! Cs im sure he was driving on two cars! I’m sure next to me he was in touch with his teenager girl !!! Sad ... sad that I loved him madly to plan to leave my life in Germany and to go to India !!! His look his handsome face blew me away... for what ?! I got fooled not he !!! At least I had the will power to do all for him. And he ? As @gloomy Said IMMATURE HE IS !!!

  • @totitoti Aahaa that's lovely dear. Hope every thing goes well smoothly. ❤
    It's already winter and I am enjoying it. Have started nesting, the mommy instincts have already kicked in. Moving around like a ticking time bomb.😂.Lets hope for the best. 😒

  • @virgoshock Aww sweety that's awful.
    I am very sorry to hear about what has happened. It's totally normal to feel angry right now. But Just think about it this way, all that happens happens for good. You're saved from a man who is confused and not matured enough to take decisions.
    It sounds like he was never into you and used you as a bait to get back to his ex. Infact he was never over his ex.

    Your virgo sounds exactly like my ex. He played me for 5 years then got married to a new gurl. What a scum.

    Anyways you need to calm down and take time to heal. Leave this assh0le for good. Focus on your life and your child. There are pleanty of fish in water. And remember that karma is a Bitchhh.
    Take care. ❤

  • @gloomy-crab
    Hey sweetheart I hope u doing good and baby is well too. Hmmm but the thing is, he never have spoken about marriage before to his ex. And he left her after he gotta know me. His mom even told me that they never thought even for a marriage with her. Anyways. I’m still not getting him his mind why he back off. Maybe too many responsibilities cs of my daughter and here we are at this point of being MATURE !! Yes he isn’t. It hurts me cs all his promises was fake. I hv spoken with all of our mutual friends and these are gents. No one could accept his behavior. They all said to me to fuck him off. That he doesn’t deserve such a woman like me. But it’s so difficult for me as I still love him to block him and go away. I know I hv to do it. He told to my besty “ok I’ll marry also and then I’ll also pretend to be not happy in my marriage life then I’ll ask her to stay and be in touch with me would she like to do it?” I mean common what’s this? He talks like I left him or cheated on him. I’m speechless. How comes he has so much all of a sudden from no where hatred?! I mean he didn’t given me even a chance to go there and talk to his family. And expected from me but here to give up all and when I did he stops me to come ?!!!
    The only reason is my daughter I know it. But he has to either accept or not. I can’t leave my daughter for no man !!!!

  • @virgoshock I don't think he is immature. He is just hurt. He wanted to forgive you for not telling him that you still are living with your daughter's father. Maybe he is asking himself if you were hiding that crucial piece of information, what else are you hiding?
    Key sentence - “ok I’ll marry also and then I’ll also pretend to be not happy in my marriage life then I’ll ask her to stay and be in touch with me would she like to do it?” He obviously is in pain because of what I have said. Sometimes our words are spoken to convince ourselves and others into things we don't really agree with. I don't think he is going to marry. I think he is just hurt. Actions speak louder than words. I'm sorry that has happened, but it is better to know now than later.
    Also, your mutual "friends" aren't friends to you or him. Friends show understanding and point to mistakes of both sides and help us improve ourselves. Real friends don't judge harshly and tell us to f*** their friend off.
    Calm down and own your mistakes. What is done cannot be undone. Do not blame him for having a (late ) reaction to what he found out about you. Own your mistakes. Also, I don't think he has given up on you because of your daughter. He has given up on you for hiding your situation. Own your mistakes and apologise for them. Excuses like - I didn't want to tell him because I didn't want to lose him are infantile. Would you have told him if the two of you married that at the time you were talking you were living with your ex? Probably not. Why? Because you wanted only to get married to him. Only that counts, right?
    Of all human traits, I appreciate honesty the most. No matter how difficult the truth, it MUST be said.
    I'm very direct and I hope my words don't cut deep. I'm telling you the same thing I'd tell to my sister or any other woman.
    Let this be a lesson for the future. If I were you, I'd send him a text with these words - I know I made a mistake by not being honest with you. As much as I regret it now, at that time my fear of losing you was stronger than my reason. My intention was never to hurt you or to be deceptive towards you. I wish you all the best. That's all. No love words, no nothing. Just logic. If he replies, don't reply back. Go complete no contact. Don't plead, don't beg, don't say you are disappointed, don't say you are depressed. You don't need his pity or sympathy. Hope it helps.

  • @gloomy-crab In a few days you are going to be a mom💙💙💙💙💙💙💙incredible. I can imagine the mommy mode. How is the baby now? Is he positioned the right way? I think you will have an easy delivery and I think taurus will need help of a doctor more than you😉

  • @gloomy-crab I disagree.

  • @totitoti
    Thanks for the rest my sweetheart hope u doing good. Toti dear u can’t even imagine since he gotta know the truth before 2 months back , how often I have had apologized to him! If I had the possibility I would had shown u. Same sentences same style each and every day I wrote. I hv send him video records in talking to him with my apology. He again returned back and told me he has forgiving me. Of course I would had told him before I flight to him. But after he gotta know he only given me the time limit till January?! To clear all and fly to him. Day and night I since then apology him. How badly that it gutted him and he should be really sure that I’m double hurt then him in this case cs I hide this matter , that I hurt him that hurt me the most and like this many more msgs. I fell sick and got brake down went to hospital he knows all and he saw by his own where I was. Still 3 days ago when all was okay how comes all of a sudden he run away from me ? 😢😢😢😢 I know this has hurt him but can’t he still think about what all I told him and why can’t he see that I really mean all what I hv shown him! Is this really I Crime what I did to hide from him in having fear to loose him?! I did mistake I hv told him maaaannny time trust me sweety 😢😢😢. Why can’t he forgive me just and give me a chance ?! I’m not saying he should trust me now and immediately, but at least he can give himself a bit try to accept my mistake. Since two days there is no touch no contact and I’m just thinking and thinking that he should give me at least the chance to cure this all. He gotta know 2 months ago still it continued I know maybe the shock effect came now into his mind but is loving someone and having fear to loose him to hide it a crime ?! Or is it such a big thing that he can’t jump over his ego and proud then his love ? Doesn’t he loves me ? I know he does but his anger is too much. I see this. I miss him so much and I wished I could had turned the time back to do all as he wished to. I too told this to him. 😢😢😢😔😔😔

  • @totitoti
    I don’t know he will marry or not but he is very stubborn head. To hurt me back and to make me pay for my secret he may do it who knows. But as I written above, didn’t he ever loved me to carry this mistake of mine so far that he is leaving me now ?! I didn’t left him nor I ditch him. Everything is infront of his eyes, why can’t he see my all efforts ? Who is perfect sweetheart ? Everybody can do mistakes, I didn’t slept with any one nor I ditch him or said him bye after he gotta know that I am married and this case is going on. I don’t know what’s wrong what’s right. I just pray he one day should understand the situation from my view too 😔😔😔😔

  • @virgoshock how old is your virgo? No contact is your only way out. Also, don't talk about him to people who know him. Bad or good.
    Take this time to improve quality of your life and yourself. If he loves you or not shouldn't be important now. What you feel for yourself matters.
    It is important what you have done. It's not a crime but it is a betrayal of trust. Also, if he has given you promises without intention to fulfill them, that comes into same category
    If you apologized,no need to do it now. Block him everywhere so you don't check his social media all the time. You can't afford mental or emotional instability right now. Spend your time with your daughter. Can there be anything as beautiful as Germany in time for holidays? Move yourself from his life and stay silent. No need for you to talk to his family, mutual friends, etc.

  • @totitoti
    He is 30. Yeah I got ur point. It’s very hard to do as to say but I hv no other option left as to let him go. The pain in me I think I don’t need to describe as each of u knows here well how it feels... I’m just like walking death with no happiness left in me. I didn’t even went out since so many days nor I’m willing to meet anyone. I know I’ll over come from this trauma too it will take me time. I stopped everything. I hv put him into ignoring list and I already deactivated my account in social media that time itself it’s been now 2 months ! Yes it’s the same what I did maybe to him we both are in the same boat . Still I was believing in “real love” like a lil girl that my king would forgive to my mistake. Maybe it wasn’t strong enough from his side as I kept writing him a book of my apology... which he read no reaction but after few days he was there back again. As I told now since two days complete silent is there. I would like to thank u and crab to been here for me. Helped me to accept it now. U have waited 2 years and he came back to u toti... mine won’t come back... this story will be closed for forever. But one thing is sure toti... there will be not a second woman like me who will love him that much.. my soul is crying... I became a slave of his love... but now I lost !!! I wish u the most beautiful life with ur Virgo... at the end u got him even if it was worth to wait for him maybe... I believed into miracles always but now I don’t!!!! It’s just a luck which I don’t have... and he said to my Beaty that the problem lays also in his family as his mother won’t accept me with my daughter. He said and also the rest of all in my family will ask me wether am I mad to choose a woman which got divorced. That’s his mentality he says but of course not all are same. There I am totally helpless that was the only reason why I wanted to talk to his mom to convince her. He told when she says yes I’m okay with all. But now he back off !!!!

  • @virgoshock I haven't waited on my Virgo. I let him go completely. It did hurt, but I did what was the best for me. After a failed marriage to an abusive husband I promised myself never to put a man first again. He came back, but he came back divorced and with a child. His son will need his attention and love and I hope he is going to able to be a good father. If him and I have kids, I'd love that as well.
    I thought your Virgo was Indian or arab as I sensed a traditional man behind your talk and someone who isnt very experienced with women and someone anxious and in hurry to marry. If he is a man who would rather do what society/his family wants him to do and not follow his heart, then you are better off without him. You couldn't be happy in a world your daughter isn't accepted.
    My Virgo is more than a decade older than yours and very much doesn't care about anyone's opinion but his own. I talked to his ex wife yesterday and she didn't have anything bad to say about him. She is my age, so mature enough to realize that we can't revive what is dead or what doesn't exist. Their marriage was the same as my marriage to my ex, minus the abuse.
    Never wait for a man and never let your happiness depend on one. Block him this moment on all social media and believe me, in a couple of days, you will be at peace. Don't stalk and investigate. Don't ask questions. Act and live as if you have never met him. You attached yourself to an idea of this great man who would treat you as his queen. Believe me, that's not love you are searching for.

  • @totitoti
    “I thought your Virgo was Indian or arab as I sensed a traditional man behind your talk and someone who isnt very experienced with women and someone anxious and in hurry to marry. If he is a man who would rather do what society/his family wants him to do and not follow his heart, then you are better off without him.” RIGHT GUESS dear! Yes he isn’t experienced and has not his own individuality... that’s the point I made an idea of him... yes right there won’t be any happiness for me with no man without accepting my kid. She is too small and innocent. Sad, that he cared for others opinion then his own heart. If he had the courage to stand up and say “yeah what ever it will happen I’m there with u!” Unfortunately it’s not... yes dear I will. I hv given a lot of try. I made my self esteem down infront of him many times. I forgot even my self-respect and believe me if u see me u will also shake with ur head and say oh girl why would u give up all for him look at urself u would get maybe much more better ones then him. But for me was always my heart more important then a look !! I don’t know I fell for him deeply.. maybe all over the years which I missed the romance he has shown me from so far and the main important point was his attention towards me. Hmmm now all is spoken and done. That was my point which made me go crazy in thinking about his tradition. To be mom son is not bad but not when it goes about his own life, isn’t it?! He didn’t asked his mom before entering into my life wether he can love me or not, why now to think about this all ?! He has not his own meaning. I have had drawn a strong man in my mind when I gotta know him. I made myself to believe in that he won’t leave my side... I was wrong. And back to ur case, yeah u both are more experienced now then before and can hold each other’s hand tightly and never give up. Maybe mine will understand this as well ones he fails (which I really don’t wish him even if I’m angry ) in his relation. And I’m not sure he is really gonna to take his ex as a future wife or somebody else. Anyways... the movie is over and story got end. There will be no second part of my movie due to his TRADITIONAL life. I wish and will pray for myself to over come this nightmare which I’m going trough. We humans are habitual animals. I’ll get also used of it that he is no more around me. How he cut off I don’t know. He was crazy after my smile my eyes and my kind heart. I wished I had a button which I just need to touch to off everything. I know toti u guyz will now stay for forever happily. And I wish u this deep from my heart to be the most happy lady after suffered life. Pray for me as well dear. I hope I’ll write here soon again that I’m all okay now and got my smile back on my face. We will stay in touch for sure if u lady’s like it too. 🙂

  • @virgoshock Thank you for your kind words and I wish you the same. With or without virgo, My life is complete. If he'd leave me now, I know I'd be fine. Nothing is granted my dear. Maybe my marriage to him will be worse than my first one.
    You are stronger than you think you are. I know he will be back. But, once he's back, you will not want him. Mark my words. Life is too short and too valuable to waste it in just anyone.
    A friendly advice - stay away from the online world. . in your environment, men you can see and feel the true chemistry with. Never trust words but actions. I still believe he isn't immature, but he is a people pleaser. And no, you don't want overgrown male child who is mommy's boy. You need a true man. I wish you all the love in the world. One more thing, don't observe yourself as a victim. Don't let few months you sent just talking to someone affect your entire life.

  • @totitoti
    “no, you don't want overgrown male child who is mommy's boy. You need a true man.” Trust me I’m crying right now. Again it’s a night and again I’m feeling left alone. And yes I agree with ur lines. 😢 unfortunately he is mommy’s boy. I realize this all now. Sweetheart don’t say this u will be hopefully very happy and yes u are now a very strong lady. We all are somewhere very strong but the winds which we got are from some of us a bit deeper and some of us got even stitched over there 😢 we r waiting to heal. I got today very aggressive I don’t like to talk to ppl nor receive anyone’s calls. I’m hating everything right now, and also me myself. I’ll cheer myself up but not today. I’m smoking non stop to make my pain a bit less. (After a brake over 10 years) he made me to start again cs of this all stress. I’ll take care of myself sure. I loved ur wishes and thanks a lot dear. This is now my second hurt. I’ll never ever allow anyone to hurt me that much again nor play with my soul with my feelings. Thanks for ur words it helped me a lot 👍🏼😘 I hope I won’t fall deep into sadness and try to come out of this shit feeling asa possible out!!!!

  • @virgoshock Grief is inevitable. But, we must take care of our health and well being. I learned a lot from my failed marriage. I learned to love myself the most. Virgo was a disappointment at first. Now he redeemed himself. I forgave him and opened a new chapter. We'll see what the future holds for us.
    Think of past only if it makes you feel good. Pain is something we need to go through, but don't hurt yourself additionally. Don't smoke a lot and try not to hate people. Eat healthy and keep healthy thoughts. Exercise. Pamper your body, mind and soul.
    This is a lesson. Not a curse. It is a blessing in disguise. What would you do in India in traditional household? After a while, enthusiasm goes away and "your true love" would become a man you detest. To the real man you can say everything and he will confront you, not escape. My virgo did the same but he realized what he's done. Don't ever let someone play with you and awaken your love without intention to love you back.
    My job saved me. It gave me the confidence and opportunities I could only dream of while I was in my first marriage.
    I was married to an abusive and traditional man. His relationship with his mother wasn't a healthy one. I don't know how I survived eight years with him. And I called him the love of my life 😂😂😂 he never loved me back. With Virgo, everything is different. Once you truly find the one you will feel it. Heart will not be pounding. You will feel at peace. You know, when we see a wild animal, our heart starts pounding. It's an alert to escape and survive. When we react like that to a man, we think it's love. It's not. It's a sign to run as fast as we can. True love is peaceful and relaxing.

  • @totitoti
    “To the real man you can say everything and he will confront you, not escape. My virgo did the same but he realized what he's done.” Exactly, at the begin I thought he is that what he has drawn me how a perfect man and lover can be. But asa he saw the difficulty he has chosen the way tum run away. This hurt me the most, cs I hv given him again and again the courage to stand up for us both! Yes, he maybe will realize this too one day, but then I don’t know where I will be or will I be like to forgive him ever again! But all I know is, his mentality won’t even let him come back to me. Yes this questions asked me everyone, like, imagine u will go there in giving up everything u hv here in Germany, ur life, and will face after few months later the regret and he will turn into a disaster! Well, to be honest, I even then couldn’t imagine that will ever happen to us, as I am a person who can adjust herself to all and in every situation. They are well being family, he has everything. He only told me that , I don’t need anything from Germany to bring with me along...just come here we have all what u need. They do travel a lot and He is a fashion designer. The only minus point is that he tells his mom everything. And reacts according to her wish. I’m sad to hear what u hv been gone trough all the 8 years 😞 thatswhy u maybe fell also for ur Virgo cs he has shown u the love which u hv missed in ur marriage life) I had not an abusive marriage but I missed all the romance the effection the attention which a man should give to his wife. And so my love for my husband gone away from me slowly. And I found in my Virgo in him the listener, the care taker. But yeah I was wrong. I’ll stop smoking soon. It’s just I’m totally empty in my mind and he left so many open questions behind. More over what kills me is, that he didn’t got the dum the guts to tell me by his own to not contact him. He read my text msgs that time and didn’t given any reaction. And told to my Besty that our relation is over !!!! This is not fair. He just left me all alone middle on the way and got lost. He then blackmailed to my besty that if I ever gonna to text him any single msg he will forward this to my still husband to make my divorce more difficult. We are not living now together with my husband but the procedure has started and he was agree with me to take direct divorce without waiting for the separate time of 1 year. If he does this my still husband won’t give me a divorce that easy. And then I ask myself why the he’ll he Is blackmaiLing me why !!! Where is his respect ?! After all I didn’t left him, not played with his feelings in saying him “yeah sorry I was just not serious bye !!!” Totally opposite I cared more for his feelings that I hurt him and was day night only saying sorry. and he knows how madly I’m in love with him. Right now I’m not working, my department got closed and I’m into a new search of another office. I think asa I’ll start working this will also be a change for me. I’m just left with so many questions.

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