The heart of a Virgo man

  • @anon-undertaker-0 I literally exploded of laughing when you wrote you're going to be a dad and your hubby a mom. I was tomboy is when I was younger, but as I'm aging I'm becoming a girly girl.
    Taurus women get fat as they age and Capricorn women are too cold. My Virgo rising keeps me grounded. Cancer Ian women are maternal and once you hold your baby you will become a mummy bear. Taurus won't be allowed to touch a baby😂 I wish to see my Virgo with his baby. I bet he will be a great dad. My taurus ex was a horrible and abusive father to his son.

  • @totitoti My Taurus will be a great MOM I am 100% sure. 😂. His cancer dad was a complete asshole with him when he was a child.
    I dunno whether I have those mushy maternal instincts or not Lets see but I was a great mom to my fur babies. I used to hate human babies😂. Damn I am so evil!
    My aries moon takes over my virgo rising and cancer sun. I have that fire in me that burns and burns. I'm just so unpredictable. Though my Taurus is boring sometimes but still he is Bipolar to the core that keeps me entertained. He is an assh0le and he knows it. I hate his lazy ass but guess what? I am lazier than his ass and he hates it as I beat him in being lazy and being a couch potato.😂😂

    I sometimes wish I was just as cold as a capricorn and materialistic greedy like a Taurus or a complete bipolar like a virgo.
    Thank God my baby will be a saggi. 🙏🏻

  • @anon-undertaker-0 You are probably moon dominant. I'm mercury dominant. I can't be lazy, I'm always on the move doing something. My ex Taurus could sleep 24/7.

  • @totitoti I dunno about that but my aries moon drives me insane. 😂
    And I am the one who could sleep 24/7, no idea how I do that. 🤣
    There must be something in my chart. 😵

  • @anon-undertaker-0 😂 My cousin came this morning to tell me she divorced her cancerian husband after 20 years. So sad news. She is a cancerian too and my heart hurts for her. He insisted upon divorce but didn't want to say why he wanted divorce. Men are trouble and not to be trusted...

  • @totitoti Oh my God! After 20 years? He is up to something behind her back for sure. Yes men are not to be trusted. Damn! It's so sad and pathetic. They never grow up.

  • @anon-undertaker-0 Yes 20 years down the drain. I feel so bad for her. It triggered my divorce wounds. Women always have to be prepared for the worst.
    How is baby doing? I can't wait for him to be born! It's strange how people connect and care even they never met in real life. I don't know why I feel your baby will be born sooner than expected. Cheering for a Scorpio I guess 😂

  • @totitoti I loved the way we have connected on this forum. 2 complete strangers but still know alot about each other. It's just amazing!! ❤

    Going through a divorce or break up triggers the same feeling as losing someone to death. It's horrible.

    The baby is doing well, kick boxing, kicking and making me pee😂.
    Nxt USG is around middle of this month. I guess that will be the last USG.Then the Doc will give the accurate date of delivery. I hope everything goes well without any complications. I am actually scared🤣. Birthing is a scary thing TBH. My God.
    If by any chance the baby pops out early then it will surely be a Stinger. Ohh my fav sign LOL.🦂

  • @anon-undertaker-0 💜My sister is the only woman I know who wasn't scared of giving birth. All her deliveries didn't last longer than 20 minutes. She never took any epidural. If it were me, I'd scream as much as I can. Your body is getting ready by itself. The most important thing is to be open enough down there. My sister was 7cm 45 minutes after the first contraction. She described contraction as a need to go to bathroom. She is crazy. I'm sure everything will go smoothly with you too. I'm cheering for a little stinger so he can be a lover boy who knows what he's doing 😂

  • @totitoti I am going to take epidural no matter what. My vayjay is already hurting. That lil monster is going crazy inside. My stomach hurts, my liver hurts, my spine hurts...ughhhhhh!!! Yeah if he/she will be a scorpio then definitely a lover boy or a lover gurl. 😂. Passionate indeed.Not to mention he/ she will have great bonding with me. 😂.

    I am scared like shiiit is real and I have to pop a human Damn Damn!! Help me Jezzzus. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    I am getting contractions too. Really feels like going to poop and pee at the same time.
    Your sister is really very strong. Hats off to her.❤
    The last USG showed he/she was sucking thumb. LOL.It was hilarious.

  • @anon-undertaker-0 Awwww sucking thumb 💜💜💜

  • @totitoti Yes Yes I was so amazed to see the thumb sucking. LOL. I was thinking who the hell taught that lil one to do so. 😂. Human instincts are incredible.🤣

  • @anon-undertaker-0 oh well then... it's a girl 😂

  • @totitoti Lmao I dunno. 😂😝😜😛

  • @totitoti Today I am so grumpy and sad. Depressed. I feel like dying. Some women in our nearby district killed a pregnant dog and her puppies by setting them on fire. All the puppies died on spot and the mom died at pet vet care. I am so sad. I just want to die. I want to leave this cruel world. Humans are evil evil evil. Why ain't mother nature taking any revenge by wiping out humans. Aliens will never visit us because they know we are evil.

  • I am so shocked with how similar these posts are to my relationship with my virgo ex!

  • @anon-undertaker-0 That's horrible. I don't know why anyone would hurt innocent animals. Imagine what o would do to a human being if they could get away with it. In my country killing am animal is prosecuted as killing a person. They deserve the worst sentence. I can't understand such a twisted mind. I can imagine how you feel. It's a horrible world, but we can make our personal worlds Oasis of peace. Poor little puppies and their mom... I hope they are happy and free somewhere where all the good souls are...

  • @totitoti All the local NGOS and Animal rights are trying their best to prosecute her. She is rich and uses money to get away with everything she does. She is a serial offender and did something like this before.Twisted and a Psychopath. I hope she suffers HELL on this Earth. I have no words,I am so sad. Poor babies.

  • @archersag Welcome! Oh, we know. It feels like we all dated the same guy. Willing to share your story?

  • @anon-undertaker-0 I hate when someone gets above the law and gets away with a crime. I hope they will get to her and that she is going to be prosecuted for what she's done.
    My bday is tomorrow. Virgo sent RSVP to an invitation a couple of days ago, so I'm expecting him at a party tomorrow. Now I regret inviting him. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is killing me. I sent him because my ladies outnumbered the guys I invited. I'm sure he isn't going to leave the party alone. Or maybe he comes with his (ex) wifey as his +1. I'm 38. Can't believe it.

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