The heart of a Virgo man

  • @anon-undertaker-0 💜💜💜💜💜Amazing news!!!

  • Now... Virgo says he is divorced but all his social media profile photos are with his wife on them. What's that?
    Anyway, I have a confession to make. I met an old friend who is a taurus. We had a dinner twice in a week. We always had a good chemistry and I really can see there are much better men out there than a virgo. I'm blown away by his gestures but they don't make my heart warm. They make me cold... I don't know why. He did so many beautiful things in our vacation, but I don't know... I didn't feel the thrill in my heart

  • @totitoti I feel something fishy in here. Your virgo is hiding something. May be he is seperated and still in the process of divorce or may be not. Investigate more. Use your scorpion detective senses. I have seen my ex virgo lying straight to my face and gaslighting. I still believed him because I was blinded by his charm and pleasing nature. I have never met a man in my life who can talk so smoothly and can talk about anything under the sun for hours. It's what they are blessed with, king of communication, mercury is their ruling planet. That's why they are blessed with that charm and can conquer people with their speech and voice. But in reality they can be smooth liars.
    You are in the position of your life where you'll never tolerate bullshit anymore. We are all grown up and there is no time for head games anymore. I really want you to settle down with a genuine man.No matter how he looks or speaks. The thing that matters the most is honesty,loyalty, respect and overall that can't live without each other "LOVE".
    When I met my taurus I was still reluctant to open my heart to him becoz he was completely an opposite character than my virgo ex. I was very much used to my virgo ex's smooth talking, gestures and way of expressing things which were very much appealing to me. My Taurus is completely opposite he is all about actions and honest talks.
    Infact when I met my taurus I really disliked him for his over practical and brutally honest nature. But later I understood that this man never fake promises or keeps me hanging in the back burner. He is genuine. He never writes poem to me but he is a kind of man who will do anything for me if necessary as I know I am his priority.But my virgo ex was all about empty convos,deceit and lie.

    I know your ex was a Taurus and you are still unsure about Taurus men. Not your fault but I will say this taurus of yours sounds good. Give him a chance. Try to know him more. I am sure dating another man beside virgo will not harm anyone unless you are committed? whatever you do do it with caution. Good luck.
    Just remember next year I want a baby totitoti. 😄❤

  • @anon-undertaker-0 Yup you'll have a boy and I'll have a girl and we shall have a mutual wedding in 25 years😊
    I want a man who can give me stability and be present. I have everything else. Who is going to be responsible and committed and who will not give me false promises as my ex Taurus did. Virgo too.
    I'm in period of my life when I don't want just romance, but something concrete. A masculine man. I write poetry so I don't need him to write it.
    High school type of love doesn't impress me anymore. I truly believe that marriages that happen out of practicality or utility can't last nor be fulfilling. Love is the secret ingredient of life. Especially married life.
    As virgo is concerned, he wants fun and thrill. Gets bored easily. I'm now seeing him clearly. I genuinely hope he wants to change, but it's hard for a 40+ year old to change. I don't want to lose my peace over a man ever again. Last time I did scorpio investigation I ended up divorcing😂 so don't make me do it. I might cut some balls this time around.

  • @totitoti You are Spot On on this one.
    I 've got everything in my Taurus and that is the man I can completely loooooose myself to. I have never ever imagined that I will find a rock solid man like him. He loves cuddling😂 LOL. He is stable,loyal,responsible and a true romantic at heart. He is the first one who will stay up all night if I am sick.
    He is completely my opposite as I am very very emotional and impatient but he is practical and patient and can tolerate my whims and tantrums. Comparing my ex virgo to my Taurus now I see the difference what a man he is and what a man he was. Not to mention Virgo was completely spineless and was all about talks who pleases people with smooth talk and what people want to hear.

    I remember clearly once my ex virgo told me that he wants a woman who can protect him LOL.😂I guess he has got his BUTCH woman in his present wife now.
    Now coming to my Son's wedding😂 oh yes your daughter will be his ideal wife and not to mention she will get a crazy mother in law like me. 😂😜

  • @anon-undertaker-0 Virgo proposed yesterday. I'm in shock.

  • @totitoti OMG!!! What will you do now?
    I think I am definitely getting a virg+scorp baby next year. 😁💕

  • @anon-undertaker-0 I said no.

  • @totitoti What was his reaction? 😮

  • @anon-undertaker-0 He said that he understands and he says he knows I can't trust him easily.
    He said he is going to be patient and wait as he doesn't accept no for an answer. Contradiction in itself. I'm confident about my response. I still don't trust him and when I say yes to someone I don't want to have any doubts about it. My heart will never again lose its peace for a man. I went through he'll in my first marriage and a couple of sweet virgo's words will not make me forget how he ditched me and married someone else without a word.

  • @totitoti You did the right thing. I hope soon you'll meet the man of your dreams who will be the man as you want in a life partner. No games. No lying.
    You are wiser and stronger than ever. Love ya.💕

  • @anon-undertaker-0 We'll see what happens. I'm surprised by myself and my reaction. However Im happy and I know what I want in my life. That's all there is.

  • @totitoti I have developed anger issues. I dunno if its common in pregnancy. I am lashing out on people for no reason.I am angry all the time especially on my taurus. yesterday I slept all day.Still feeling sleepy. 😞

  • @anon-undertaker-0 Sleep and rest as much as you can. I'm sorry you are going through challenging times, but I guess it's only hormones going wild. Hang in there and I hope you feel better soon💜

  • @totitoti How are you doing gurl? Is everything ok?

  • @anon-undertaker-0 All great. I was just thinking about you. Hope all is well at your end❤

  • @totitoti I haven't got my blood tests result yet. Waiting for the results and the nxt tests for nxt month.

  • @anon-undertaker-0 Oh I cannot wait that baby boy to join the world❤

  • @totitoti 😂😂😂 Gurl!!

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