The heart of a Virgo man

  • @totitoti how r u doing?? I hope all good ... Well just to give u an update about my x virgo... All along he was already into a committed relationship with another girl before me and he was cheating on the both of us.... I confronted him in front of that girl , n he did exactly everything I read about what a narcissist would do when confronted about cheating...
    Deflection, projection, gas lighting, fake rage, and end of it all act like the victim....!! Of course he knew I got him figured all out coz I left him dumbfounded ...he tried to make me look like the crazy one, but I got him looking like one eventually by playing victim though with the truth about whatever he was doing .. he won that girl over with emotional abuse , lies and plus coz shz very dumb...

  • @vmaseyk hi! I'm doing great! What I lovely surprise! I left the thread and then @Anon-Undertaker-0 got pregnant so I couldn't leave😁 All is great and hope with you too. Hope your little princess is doing great as well. My virghoe did the same to his (now ex) wife and me. They obviously have some kind of a pattern going on or something. Or they are narcissists. But since I'm not a psychiatrist, I'll stay away from diagnosing anyone. Life is beautiful when all the trouble we once were in now belongs to someone else, isn't it? I'm so happy all of us moved on and aren't trapped in that virghoe claws.

  • @vmaseyk Oh my my look who is here.Thank you so much.I am soooooo happy to hear from you dear.Hope you and your family is doing well. Oh yes lol I am 2 months preggers now and Puking Tsunami😭😂. Feeling tight in my lower belly already. Smells are triggering a beast inside me leaving me feeling like killing everyone.😂. Getting shots aint pleasant at all. Just see how this virgo thread has become a maternity ward. I think I am getting either a Saggie or Cappie Baby. 😂. Sure I will ask you a lot of questions. For now some one is stretching my utreus😂. Ughhh help!!😂😂😄😄

  • @totitoti I love the word Virghoe. Oh they are Hoe for sure and thank God we all got rid of them. I feel bad for my ex virghoe's wify damn😂! They sure have a pattern and they all have it for sure.Mine was cheating on me aswell double timing with his present wife.It's how their assholeness works. Its a very very dark place to be. The women trapped with such men sure suffer emotionally, psychologically and physically.

  • @totitoti good to hear from u and yes Chantelle is doing great ... Shz begun going to school and her teacher is all praises about her being so well mannered and a very responsible child , she infact takes care of the other kids in her class!! She is her teachers pet (the kinds I hated in school) 😂😂😂 but well ...
    And oh my ur ' virghoe' cheated on his wife huh...nice to know she left him... I was constantly warning my x Virgos girlfriend that he would cheat on her again but this time he is going to be more careful and u know what she said to me?? She said, "thanks but I'll take with pride what's mine!" I felt like telling her that he isn't just URS coz m sure he already has a couple of side kicks already in case u leave him but dint... I just said , "cool I just hope the day u figure him out it isn't too late"
    And she said another thing that was so dumb ...when I told her that I had moved on to someone else coz I accepted the fact that he wouldn't change , she was like, "how cud he change when he never loved u" the irony here is , he disrespected the relationship with her by being disloyal to her too, he bullshitted her too Everytime he came to meet me, he spoke Ill behind her back just so I don't doubt him ... I mean what made her think he had changed for her either!! I felt like I was taking to some dumb jock who had no brains n then thought to myself well this is the exact kinda girl he with no brains!! 😂😂😂

  • @anon-undertaker-0 oh my my!! Don't worry sweetie just another month before u find urself hogging all the leftovers quietly in the night like uve been kept starved for days!! I hope doctor has prescribed u some health drink if not protein-x is the best... And for the nausea and vomitting too I hope the doctor has prescribed u something for that and plus calcium is necessary for u n baby's growth... Drink gallons of water very important and light exercises so u have a normal delivery... Cisseran is just gonna give u a life time of back aches believe me!! Stay calm and stay happy .. m so excited for u ...!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • @anon-undertaker-0 oh yes they r hoes for addicted to women!! My x ... Gosh m so glad it's over... Once I got to know he was actually cheating on me that whole time that I was with him, I was furious so I decided to teach him a lesson.
    I got back with him for a month and then let his gf know... But well it dint go as planned coz hez a master at manipulating and that girl even after seeing all the proof still believed him... So shz just plain stupid!! But I know for sure that she would find it out someday n I hope it isn't late... She just pretends to be smart u know, by pretending to act like one of those silent observers, but God knows what her brains pick up coz her actions are like a complete idiot!!

  • @vmaseyk I am so glad that your lil gurl is doing great in school aww. She is a sweetheart. ❤
    Yes doctor have prescribed VitaminB6 for nausea follic acid, progesterone tablets etc. The nausea is going away lately after 2 months.
    It is strange believe it or not but 2 times I felt butterfly flutters in my lower belly and I have never felt such thing in my entire life. I am sure its not GAS😂..It felt like Vibration LOL.Its unexplainable.
    I am eating lots of fruits, cheese and ice cream though. I have fallen in love with sour things. Yeah I am trying to have normal delivery too.
    Thank you so much honey.Love ya!❤

  • @vmaseyk my virgo ex's present wife is also a dumb one. She has no personality to begin with and she shows her teeth all the time 😂. I mean she smiles without any reason. I am sure by now she is well aware of her husband's asshole character and is putting up with everything. Pretending infront of everyone that everything is fine but reality is different. They look so formal in pictures. A complete fake Robotic relationship. They have been married for over 5 years now and have no children. My virgo's mom is a a very conservative,old fashioned and religious women and I know she wants a grandchild so bad.
    Threre is definitely something wrong there. 🤔

  • @vmaseyk Wonderful news about your daughter! You must be a very proud mommy.
    Some women just don't have the dignity and all they want from life is to be married. I have impression my Virgos marriage was fake, they seemed so robotic on their wedding photos even. Couldn't talk about love there but something was off. I don't know if she is dumb. I don't like calling people dumb especially when I don't know them. I had impression she isn't an easy woman to be around. She is a glamazone type, loves the fashion and luxury. She's of that type. My ex virgo is very modest, never flaunts with brands and stuff he owns. He is very successful and lives a good life but he is so humble and down to earth. I don't know... Nobody knows what happens behind closed doors. Maybe they were and are in love but can't express it. Life is happening today. So what happened yesterday and what will happen tomorrow doesn't really exist...

  • @anon-undertaker-0 hahahhaha!! Shows her teeth all the time . Hahaha!! That's hilarious!! 😂😂😂
    Both are fake so I guess they r meant to be ... Birds of a feather f**k together u see ...!! 😂😂😂
    Things happen for the best ... U wouldn't have been able to be happy with ur virgo specially with all his lies and cheating so God gave u a better person and now see u have a lil one coming soon ... And this is gonna bring u though sleepless nights for years but a bundle of happiness for sure 💯
    Take ur meds , eat well and sleep as much as u can, from the time u become 6months , u will have sleepless nights up until the child is 2+yrs.... Oh m so waiting for that Lil bum to be born ...

  • @anon-undertaker-0 oh yes yes my daughter is like one of those goody good girls very well mannered... Don't know how she turned out to be my complete opposite... I used to be a bully in school 🙈🙈 I just hope she doesn't become prey to any bullies later on... anyway ..
    And yes u will have alot of gas and indigestion problems even later on in the pregnancy.... Talking about sour things I made my husband roam around in the market at 11 in the night for raw mango !! 🙈🙈 But we didn't get any... I had to adjust with tamarind!! 😹😹
    Remember to drink loads of water even if u aren't eating much ... Keeps the womb clean for the baby ... 🤗

  • @totitoti yes both are fake as I was telling @Anon-Undertaker-0 that's how they gelled with each other ur virgo and his partner ....
    Even my virgos present is alot into fashion though shz far off and I made fun of her lips, called it duck lips ... Coz it looks like that! 😂😂😂 I wonder how many days her lipsticks last coz shz got huge acres to fill!! 😂😂 God is gonna punish me for sure for making fun of someone like that!! 😂😂😂 Anyway but yeah ur virgos wife and my virgos chick deserve men like them .... They deserve to have this pathetic robotic life with them ... Just that ur virgos wife was smart enough to leave him ...
    Btw what happened after the last time he contacted u??

  • @vmaseyk Oh yess! My virgo's wife is fake "Birds of same feather shits together" 😂😂😂.. They are perfect for each other. As I have mutual friends with them, they supply me with hot news all the time😜. One of them showed me their pictures on FB and boy they look so artificial no affection what so ever. And that woman is always showing her teeth.Damn! She gives me a strong "doormat vibe". But she is very fashionable and always have her make up and fake smile on.Thats creepy AF😂. She thought by marrying my ex she won a lottery and how fortunate she really is. In reality she married a successfull douchebag.
    Trust me my ex virgo is very very successfull,modest,humble,down to earth,handsome, a smooth talker, people pleaser, respectful,prince charming- all on surface but inside he is twofaced, liar,manipulator,gaslighter, rude,mean,Cold,robotic,selfish,self-centered, cheater and a porn addict. Only A person very close to him can see his true colors. On top of that he is infertile. Thats a huge deal breaker.

  • @vmaseyk I wish I have a daughter like you. Give lots of love from me to your lil sweetpea❤❤❤❤ and a tight huggy.❤❤❤❤.

    I am munching sour raw mangos all day along with pickles lol. Thank God my mom is here with me or else my hubby would have gone crazy by now😂😂. I am drinking loads of water and peeing like crazy😂😂. Binging on spoon full of mayonase😂 and peanuts.
    My nausea is in control now thank goodness.
    Have you felt any kind of vibration during your first timester? I felt it twice. A very weird feeling LOL.

  • @vmaseyk Last time he contacted me he wanted to invite me for a date. I never replied to that text but he is persistent.
    For some reason he is always in my head and I know that for some reason im always in his head. But that's all there is.
    It's so lovely to have a good behaved and we'll mannered child. Well done mommy!
    @Anon-Undertaker-0 I'm taking notes on raw mango😁 I should get married to a virgo get pregnant, be a horrible pregnant wife, deliver a baby and divorce him😁
    He is the best looking man I've ever seen in my life. Damn!

  • @anon-undertaker-0 she clearly married for money and he married her for maybe coz she is mentally a strong person and wouldn't care to interfere in his private life and would be okay with everything as long as her needs are fill filled, u know the materialistic types of women who have no options in life and just try to save the marriage due to society prestige and respect so they keep everything behind closed doors .. m sure he must be ill-treating her and giving her all that narcissistic bashing which she just doesn't show... Anyway it's clear that shz got no dignity and confidence in herself ...she tries to hide all of those insecurities behind those fashionable clothes and loaded makeup... Really wierd people in this world!!

  • @anon-undertaker-0 and omg!! Infertile .... That surely is a deal breaker!! Did u know that when u were dating him??

  • @anon-undertaker-0 awww.... Sure I'll give them to her ... And m sure u're baby would also grow up to just as beautiful and affectionate of a person as u are.. 🤗😘😋
    And about vibrations it's just gas... Yes I did get them ... Make sure to let them out ... 😂😂 Don't take any kinda stress ... Just stay happy!! 😋

  • @totitoti I would like to imagine you and your virgo getting married and live happily ever after. I somehow feel that you two have a great connection and if it really happens I am sure your virgo will not make you miserable like your ex Taurus. People do change. And your virgo really is obsessed over you. Cant wait to see you two have a baby together. 😘❤❤❤

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