The heart of a Virgo man

  • @totitoti this is not good. He wants you badly. A man who is desperate to get you by any means is a dangerous thing. He will disturb your life, your mind and your wellbeing. Take a firm step as this man is up to no good and overall he is married(God bless his wife). This man is actually stalking you. Just imagine if he lived in your continent what he would have done by now? The distance is a blessing. He thinks you as a target who is weak for him. Not good. Take some steps against his actions. If he asks you to meet alone please don't do it. Recently one of my friend got attacked by her ex psycho bf and I am shocked till now. He is certainly very much desperate. Virgo or not he is not good. Get rid of him ASAP. I am worried about you after hearing this. Keep me posted. Take care.

    The mom cat is safe now and the babies too. The new owners are cat lovers so I am releifed.

  • @anon-undertaker-0 I don't see him as dangerous. I just see him as desperate. I'm going to see him today with my brother. We'll talk and see what is going on here. Don't worry, I'm fine😊 I don't think he's a bad or psychotic guy. He is just behaving like immature, spoiled brat. I'll tell you what happens in a couple of hours. Wonderful news for the kitty family.

  • @totitoti ok but just for safety take some pepper spray and a knife with you😂 . Psychos look normal don't trust what you see. The world is weird. Taking your brother with you is a safe idea. Get rid of him once and for all. If he is that much desperate and is head over heels for you then he should have divorced his wife first. This one is a piece of work. Stay safe. Update soon. 😌

  • @anon-undertaker-0 He is a very confused man. He says he can't forget me. He says he misses our friendship. He apologized for hurting me. My brother talked to him more than I did. Actually my brother liked him a lot.
    He was very polite and nice. Very gentleman like. As I knew him.
    I told him I don't want to participate in anything that might hurt someone. I said I can't be his friend and that I want drama to end.
    My brother told me I'm being a bi*ch with him😂😂😂dear god. He told me this man is in pain because of you,at least have compassion to listen to him.imagine that. I think I'd be better of with virgo's wife as a wing man than my own brother.
    Long story short, he wants friendship with me. I can't accept that. He said ok. So that means he'll keep what he is doing. 💩💩💩

  • @totitoti Virgo charm worked on your brother DAMN!! I am ROTFL. 😂😂.. No words...Sigh!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • @anon-undertaker-0 I couldn't believe it. My brother talked about him all the way back. He dropped me at my place and went to his house and i was like- what had just happened?! Virgo texted im sorry shortly as I arrived home. I didn't answer. I'll go MIA now. I'm becoming a Virgo.
    This episode got me thinking how much people around us are suffering. It got me thinking how we don't really know nothing about the pain of another. I was sad for him. Last year I'd cry for him. Today im just sad. My brother said- shame you two didn't end together, you could've been a nice couple. My brother is a Scorpio with Taurus moon.

  • @totitoti Damn You scorpions!! 😂 Your bro needs a virgo wife (jk). 😜

  • @anon-undertaker-0 he had virgo girlfriend ages ago. She got married and wanted to cheat on her husband with my brother. That girl was a psycho. But then again, almost all her planets were in Taurus 😂

  • @totitoti 😲😱😬💀 Nooooooo!😂

  • hi there ... I am a virgo ... never dated or married one ... but knew several
    virgo men. One was a young military man in his 20's and he was attracted to blonde, slim women. He dated a girl like this since they were kids and madly in love ...but when she started putting on weight he nagged her about it constantly and when the little bit of weight did not come off like he insisted he dropped her flat.

    A married virgo man, with 3 kids, and a loving wife he met when they were in early 20's .... were the perfect couple. God just looking at him without his shirt on while working in the yard or fixing the car curled my toes! I never flirted with him or displayed any sign of
    interest ... as I respected his wife and their marriage. Anyway, he was very much into sex- had dirty magazine around, probably videos and toys too, don't know for sure. after a few years she told me that he wanted to try "swinging". She didn't want to but he kept trying and said you make the rules and I'll follow them if you try it. So she did. She insisted it would be an older couple. Never saw them much after that as we moved to a different state for hubby's job.

    I don't think "lying" is an acceptable way to start or maintain a relationship. Everyone will get hurt in the end.

    too bad you can't check out his story about the wife, business, kids, etc she on facebook? ... where do the kids play ball he takes them to?

    this could all be a lie ... ever watch "dirty john" or read " he's just not into you". Signs make no difference to a man or woman ... they cheat in all signs.

    don't forget once he has you he could do the same thing to you -
    and what makes you think you are the only one he is seeing? he has all that time away from you.

    your heart, mind, and spirit are craving to believe he could be the real deal ... and you've looked at things with open mind and honesty... but don't want it to end.

    i certainly understand about saving his business and TOTALLY agree.
    he needs to check out what he can do ... maybe convince her he keeps the business and she gets everything else.

    i would say follow your heart ...but i can't ...don't have a good feeling.

  • @badgerwoman Hello there and welcome to this thread. 😊
    It's a never ending on going saga I guess about virgo man and same experiences over and over by different women. This thread is full of virgo man stories and they are surprisingly same.

    I personally am done with virgo man(sign) a long time ago, staying here just incase I could help any ladies who need guidance. I hope you too can guide the ladies in need on this thread. Welcome and Hugs.❤

  • @badgerwoman welcome to the thread! Thank you for sharing your stories about virgo men you know.
    @Anon-Undertaker-0 I wouldn't want our stories freaking some women out. I'm sure there are amazing virgo men out there. The fact we haven't met any is a different topic😂

  • @totitoti I hope so. 😂😂😂😂

  • @anon-undertaker-0

    hello and thanks for the welcome! I'm done with them too well as
    aries, cancer, scorpio, gemini ...grrrr shaking with the thought of each.
    Looks like if I keep this up I'll go thru the whole zodiac! lol

    but seriously ... done with men for awhile...and loving it.

  • @totitoti

    hi .... thanks for the welcome. everyone seems so friendly here. I am having a great time meeting everyone and getting involved.

  • @badgerwoman haha I know right? 😂 Can't agree more. 😀

  • big grin from ear to ear ,,,,we are SO bad - lmao

  • @badgerwoman I feel as if I was gifted a new life after my divorce. And I'm loving it! I'm not saying I wouldn't want to have a man to love in my life, but at the time being I'm really happy as a single woman. I feel so happy and grateful for everything. Solitude is captivating. I'm discovering new books, destinations, meeting interesting women... There is so much inspiration in this world. Men are just a small part of it.
    BTW @Anon-Undertaker-0 , virgo texted me and told me I've never looked better. I answered with- I know.

  • yes is good

  • @totitoti he is trying harder for ya gurl I betcha but at the same time he ain't gonna leave his wife. He is trying his best to reach you by any possible means. This man is a brat and is acting like a teen.😏

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