The heart of a Virgo man

  • @jayann that would be a great idea...

  • @totitoti I actually was a virgin but he change that... why did I fell so bad? Maybe I should have wait before I give into him...

  • @doradora Hey gurl welcome on this thread :). An Arab virgo man? Damn gurl run for the hills and never turn back. You are very very very young. Count your blessings that you are not married or seriously involved with this man. He has already turned your world upside down. I see only red flag here. You are very lucky to escape early. Trust this thread and forget about him like a nightmare.

    He will give you NOTHING. He is an ASSHOLE. Don't torture yourself with his thoughts. Let him go gurl. He is a 2 faced PLAYER.

  • @jayann I agree with you.😄

  • @anon-undertaker-0 and what should I do when he will come back again to me? Because I’m sure he will, he always do this

  • @doradora I'm saying this to you as I'd say to my younger sister. There is nothing bad in making love with a person you love. You wanted it and did what your heart commanded. Don't feel bad for anything because your intentions were pure and you did it for love. I'm not sure for his intentions though. As Arabs are very traditionally brought up he probably feels some guilt, but there is nothing valuable for you there. He isn't investing his time nor his emotions.
    This is the time to be strong. You have to be determined you will not show weakness in front of an adorable smile and gorgeous eyes. I loved an arab. I know how enchanting they can be.
    But, you don't want to take the path of unknown and anxiety. You must be smart here. Finish your education and stop entertaining a man who doesn't respect you. What you will do when he comes back? Say bye and turn away.
    I hope you were smart and engaged in safe intercurrent and used protection to avoid risk of stds and pregnancy. Hugs your way.

  • @doradora Gurl just cut any kind of contact with your virgo It's the only way. Yes he will come back again and again it's a classic virgo man style trust this thread as it is filled with same virgo horror stories. Please stay away from this emotional vampire. He will suck all your energy and well being. Been there done that. He is after your booty and he will come for it again.The classic male virgo womanizer.All the signs are there. In the end it's you who will have to suffer not him. If you allow him he will keep you hanging on his back burner to come back again. It's like a never ending game. Plus he is a male chavinistic pig who disrespects women. He is very well aware of his dids and making fool of women. LEAVE HIM. BLOCK HIS ASS. MOVE ON. There are lots of good guys who will treat you right. You are way too young and he has sensed your vulnerability. Love yourself. Take care dear.

  • You are all right..!!! I have to treat myself right and give myself the respect I deserve and he doesn’t deserve my love and my time AT ALL!!! I don’t regret what I had with him because he has made me stronger and not trust men words easily!! NEVER again!!! Also those who mistreat you will end up needing you! That’s karma, and I believe in this!!! I’m wondering if I will see him after a long time how it will be 😭

  • @totitoti
    hear! hear!

  • @doradora You will feel nothing after you have moved on. I met my ex after a long time and he looked like an ASS, MISERABLE. He is the same SHIT when I dated him. Glad I am not a part of his life. Let his wife handle his weird ass. 😂 Give yourself some time. Be kind to yourself. Love will find its way to you.

  • @anon-undertaker-0
    well said

  • @jayann Ty 😊

  • @doradora There will be difficult times. But, once you work on your mind and body he will just be an unpleasant memory. You are right. Never regret love you've given to someone. It will return to you in one way or another. As you, I believe those who mistreat us will end up needing us.
    Embrace and love yourself. I can't emphasise enough how self love is important in healing. Your age, effort and time will work to your advantage. He is close to being 30, his family will start pushing him to marriage. Probably even choose a wife for him. He will end up miserable. My ex arab husband married two months after we divorced. Arranged marriage. Guess who is he texting two years after. I blocked him. Didn't even read it all. I forgot how he looked.
    You must know that you will be fine. Learn one thing. Happiness comes from inside. No man can provide that for us. I wish I employed my mind more than my heart. If anything, it was a great lesson and that experience can help someone else.
    Misfortunes will always make us stronger. Women who heal after a heartbreak become unbeatable later. Just hang in there. When the moment comes and you miss him so much, hug yourself and say I love you and I'm not letting you go😊 it sounds crazy but it does wonders for self confidence. Lots of love. Lots of love to @Anon-Undertaker-0 and @jayann ❤❤

  • @totitoti haha, this happened to me not too long ago! We haven't spoken over a month, and he reached out to me apologizing for distancing himself. ( I'm new here ) Stupid Virgo's!

  • @anon-undertaker-0 Omg this is hilarious because I got the same vibe from my Virgo too.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I loved a virgo man once and it was bad.

  • @totitoti Lots of love to you too my dear. Hope you get Love, Laughter,Happiness and peace of mind. God bless you. ❤

  • @virgo Give the details? LOL.

  • @totitoti I agree.

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