The heart of a Virgo man

  • @vmaseyk Yes. It hits the core of a virgo man. We just need to add some music to it😊

  • vmaseyk Oh my my.😱😳👀!!
    Gurl you are genius. 🤩🤩🤩😍
    It could be a song! Those are the lyrics. Only an artistic pisces could
    do it. Copywrite it before someone steals it. 👏👍.❤

  • Mercury retrograde= virgo behaving insane. I haven't spoken to him since blocking me on fb. He made a false account, tried to become my friend which wasn't accepted. Then few days later he texted by sms saying how he misses me. I haven't replied. After a couple of hours he sent me another text saying I'm confusing and that he has no other option but to block me. Mind you, I haven't said a word. What does this behavior tell us?

  • Totitoti its the signature virgo behaviour - Gas lighting,passive aggressive and projection. He is burning inside as he never expected that someone could do the same as he does to others. Its called getting the taste of own medicine.

  • @anon_undertaker You think he will return again once he is cooled down?

  • Totitoti they want what they can't have. He will come back again. Their brain runs in a loop. It's the same track on and on and on. He wants you. His brain is set on you for now. Until he gets his next target to Fool around. But he will never forget you.

  • @anon_undertaker When he comes back, I'm ready. When you tell me that he wants me I feel like a prey😂 Maybe he gave up and vanished for good? Can that happen in my story?
    I feel you are right though. I feel things are just starting to heat up...

  • Totitoti Its their typical behaviour. They want what they can't have. He will be back again.

  • @anon_undertaker I'm ready(increasing aikido training to three times a week)

  • Totitoti OML hahaha 😂😂😂😂. Make him fly in the air 🤣🤣🤣 🙅♀

  • @anon_undertaker Lets wait and see 😂

  • @totitoti OMG!! They do things like that?? Like creating fake accounts to get to u after they block u from their main account?? Could they even make one just to keep an eye on u?? U know like the Taurus... No talks just stalks?? Lol!

  • @anon_undertaker thank u so much ..!! Well I've written many poems.... Shall type them on here so u guys could read them ...

  • @totitoti I mean my Virgo would usually say these things just so I melt down and reply .. he would think I can't do without him ...I mean of course it's my fault I made him feel that way ... So they purposely say these things to get u to reply back... N if u haven't replied hez gonna wait a couple of months till hez back again....

  • Vmaseyk you are welcome dear. Anytime 😊.

    Btw water signs can be stalkers too. 🤣

  • @anon_undertaker It's so sad that people between 35-45 act worse than teenagers. It's constant mercury retrograde for our age group😂 oh @Vmaseyk just share poetry so we can indulge in nicer things in life than these Virgos. So you are sure too that he will try again? I'm combining fencing and aikido. I'm ready😀

  • @anon_undertaker Water signs stalk until they know what was your weight at birth. Then usually they get disappointed with something they found out. They cut you out forever and then the object they stalked realized they can't live without a water sign. By that time a water sign digged a hole, pushed you inside, cried hard for you and you no lon ger exist.

  • Totitoti Mark my words. He will come back.😉 But it will be too late. Mine came back too but I had moved on by then. He couldnt take the rejection and got married as quickly as possible to show how immature he really is. If I was him I would have waited for the right person.
    Tsk tsk!
    Men are immature than women in general. Sometimes I regret not getting married to a man 10 years older than moi! 😂

    You are right about water signs. I was a stalker too but when I am done I never look back. Infact I push that person into deep waters so that he/ she could drown and die in my heart forever. I have cut so many people from my life with out them even knowing whats going on. They react like Huh?! wtf. Lol.
    Not to mention I become mean grudgefull and full of contempt. I cant say for other cancerians but I am unforgiving and revengefull. In fact I still feel like taking revenge on my ex someday I will accomplish my wish. Amen!!😂

    I may sound mean but I feel happy when I see my enemies in pain.

    only a water sign🐟🦀🦂 can live with you despite of having no feelings for you. She/he will cook, clean and serve for you waiting for the right moment to push you in to that deep dark hole. And you can never recover from there. 😇

  • @anon_undertaker you are a dangerous crab😊 I don't believe in revenge. I forgive. But, I never forget. Once I'm done with someone I never look back. Virgo is married so I don't know what he is trying with me. But it's like Netflix and chill for me now. I'm simply an observer. It is very sad for a man who is married only for a year to act that way. Imagine how he will behave five years in. That is, if his marriage lasts five years.
    I'm still blocked😊 so maybe he gave up on me. Few days ago I had a crazy dream where we were married and walking down the beach hugging one another. Now that's a crazy scorpio side😂
    Only person I've ever stalked was a Virgo. But only for like 10 days and I gave up being embarrassed of myself. But believe me, no intelligence agency could be better😃 Things I found out just confirmed how similar him and I are and how our life stories match to the point it was even hard for me to believe. .. It hurts me sometimes that he's miserable and unhappy in his marriage. But, then I remember how hurt I was when he left and I no longer feel sorry. A Scorpio side of me😊

  • @totitoti silence is the worst punishment u could give just not to a virgo buy to anybody .... Virgos master that I guess .... It's time u give him back the same ... Oh hez gonna be crawling and moarning like a kid ... M sure!!