The heart of a Virgo man

  • @anon_undertaker Taurus is the best ex to have. No talks, just stalks😂 Virgo is full of memories of "us" and "our passionate bond". I wish to know what is in his brain. He is so confusing. Obviously doesn't know what he wants, but in the same time powerful in presenting the "I have my poop 💩 together" attitude. Like a frightened little boy.

  • Totitoti OMG Bwahahaha 😂😂😂 👀

  • Totitoti LMAO what is that thing? Not even acknowledging as a human OMG. May be a frustrated wife or gf?? LOL. 😂😂

  • @anon_undertaker I'm amazed by the fact that a virgo provoked her to make a blog. Unfortunately, only one frustrated post, but the comments under it were equally tragically funny.

  • Totitoti I think she is/was in a relationship with her Virgo. Just assuming.😂. She is so frustrated she could kill him.😁
    I wonder where is she now .🤔. I want her in this forum.😎

  • @anon_undertaker So... I was watching sex and the city for the weekend,the episode when Miranda meets Carrie's ex boyfriend Jim after the man she was supposed to go on a date with died. Something about him screamed Virgo to me. I've checked the actor and , indeed, he is a virgo.
    Few months ago my friend got together with a virgo, born on September 6 1974. She already fell for him and she is already losing her mind because of him. I warned her of the things I experienced. She didn't listen. Now he disappeared and pulled away and she is desperate of what to do. Oh, memories... I've sent her the link of this thread. She is a Taurus and a wonderful person. I hope something enters her stubborn head and she realizes it's better to let him go...

  • @totitoti heyyy !! I hope u guys doing well ..! I'm doing okay ...!! After a lot of fights and arguments about me wanting to break up..I , finally decided to make things okay.... I met him ... We had a great time... But I wanted it to be the last ... I was tired of all the depressions and the crying .. he said to me "don't u dare think that I don't love u" n I was like "ok" though I knew it was a lie ... And things would go back to the way they were if I got back with him ...
    Though I dint tell him I was ending it for forever I just wanted to enjoy that moment coz I knew I wouldn't be with him anymore ....
    I got back home , spoke to him for a few days after that and then blocked him's been over two weeks now... He has understood that I guess, n I think I've finally learnt to let him go ...!!

  • @vmaseyk Well I hope you are doing well. Why would you go back with him if you already knew you didn't want anything to do with him? I'm a little confused and to honestly tell you, the only person that is going to be hurt after that "great meeting" is you. Now he knows that no matter what he does you will be there. You confirmed it. But, I guess that was your decision and me commenting on it stops here.
    I just hope that every woman has the self awareness and ability to let go the toxicity in their lives. It would prevent so much pain.

  • Totitoti That actor who played the character of Jim is so annoying. I felt like he has a weird vibe to him. Indeed a virgo.
    Aidan Shaw is my most fav character in S&C. I just fall in love with his character when I first saw him on screen. And yeah I love John Corbett. Dang he is so handsome and a Taurus LOL. I wanted a bf like him always 😋. No wonder I am attracted to Taurians.

    Your Taurus friend must have felt the same connection with her virgo as we felt with ours. No wonder she is crazy about him. This guy is already showing his typical virgo syndrome which we all have witnessed . You have warned her but she won't listen I bet 😂 it will be of no use unless she experiences it herself. Its human nature. Dang !! Another virgo out there playing with a woman's head again. God knows how many are out there doing the same thing? You have done the right thing by warning her. Lets see how she handles her virgo.

    Vmaseyk oh girl you must not keep any ties with your virgo, he will remain the same and it will harm you more. I know its hard to let go of people we love. But who needs this kind of unhealthy love? Love is meant to give you happiness not pain. Mark it girl he is not going to change. You better block him completely or he is going to come and go come and go. Its like an endless loop. You better get out now and give yourself time to heal. If he stays around it will be impossible for you to recover. You need a man who won't play with your head. So my dear girl please stay away from this man who is harming you psychologically.

  • Happy Thanks giving everyone!🦃

  • @anon_undertaker Turkey time😊! Hope nothing burned in the oven😀! Happy Thanksgiving to all and hopefully all of us remember to show gratitude for what we have.

  • @totitoti oh trust me sweety I gave him a good show n dint look back .. m doing great while he's still in for more....!! 😉
    BTW as u know we pisceans are poetic so Ive written a poem about Virgos .... Do u wanna read it??

  • @anon_undertaker no love, he can play with himself all he wants, hez got the memo I ain't coming back.... He texted me saying "how could u do this to me?" N I dint reply.... Beat that shit!! I just wanted to avenge him by giving him a time he'd never forget so that's where he is now ....!! He even asked me to promise him I'd never leave him n I laughed n asked him "leave?? When did this even start?" He felt so cocky and just shut up ...!!

  • @anon_undertaker to u and ur family too!! 🤗🤗🤗

  • @vmaseyk As long as you know what you are doing😉 Sure, would love to read it.

  • Vmaseyk you go gurl! Glad to hear from you. You sound so confident. I know you are doing well without your virgo. Keep up the good work. Let him string along. He is cocky indeed. Now he is burning inside. Let him wallow in his self misery. You just take care of yourself and your family.
    Please show us your poetry. 😁

  • @anon_undertaker
    I'm a great believer of horoscopes
    Met thousands of the kinds
    The only one I couldn't get
    Is the Virgin male despite
    They're the wierdest types I tell u
    Looks carefree but over stresses their minds
    They're self-procalimed loners
    They are coz they find faults in every type
    They're never happy no matter how much they try
    Though they're sensitive and kind
    Even logical and sublime
    They go so wrong with the attitude
    Oh my! Are they even the human side?
    They know just how to click u
    Coz they observe u from the start
    They're down to earth n treat u nice
    Just to fill their intention to it's size
    They blame u saying u're negative
    When they're naive n devil in disguise
    They know just how to get to u
    N know just how to make u cry
    They get to the deepest Wells
    They get out ur whole damn story
    Beware they're always testing u
    Not if u're the one tho
    Just so if u're the good ride
    They will blame u for everything
    Never accepting a damn fault
    They talk like they've got standards
    Making u believe ure just never enuf
    Never fall for these low lives
    Coz they're full of pretence
    They live in a world of perfection
    And behave like they're practical and have more sense
    Treat them like napkins
    Coz that's how they'd eventually do u
    Just enjoy the moment they give u
    And overlook the pretential view.

  • @vmaseyk @Anon_Undertaker Well, seems like we have a first official Virgo hymn now 😊

  • @totitoti haha!! Did u like it??

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