The heart of a Virgo man

  • Totitoti Ugh that's like a Scorpian. Bravo gurl!! 😂 . I like it.😁. Dang!!you are a very sober girl. I do cuss and use profanity from time to time ,it helps me to deal with my anger. My Taurus sometimes gets scared of my curses LOL. He asks me did you just invented this cuss? ðŸĪŠ. He curses less than I do. 😂. I never bottle up feelings. My reactions are always almost instant. BAM! LoL
    My first ever fight was with a boy when I was in kindergarten. He bite my wrist ((as far as I remember)) because I refused to give my pencil to him,he wanted to keep it((I had only 1)) and I slammed his head in the wall. He went home with one stitch in head. I was just 5 or 6. May be 4 LOL. Our sister principal called my patents and my dad was so upset. 😝. I was scolded and spanked hard at home😂. I cried and said I did nothing wrong as he was the bully.
    My parents were very strict when I was very young like up to 10 -11years. Then after I reached puberty They treated me with much kindness and understanding just like best friends. I respect them alot. I pray to God if I take birth again as a Human please send this mom and dad in my next life.Amen!😞

  • @anon_undertaker Girl, you are made of fire😂!

  • Totitoti 🙈😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Totitoti I was fire once but I think my fire is gone now after the depression. I sometimes feel like taking revenge on my vir ex but then again I think its not worth it. He took away half of my everything with him -my confidence, my self esteem ,my strength, my ability to love &trust people,my positivity, that sparkle in the eyes and much more. I can not forgive this man. He emotionally scarred my dad too as my dad used to love him alot.
    Where is Karma now I dunno. Why isn't Karma working on him I want to know. Is Karma biased?

    I am feeling much better today . The home renovation took a toll on my health and triggered my depression but its gone for now. I know it will come back again. Shit!
    Hope everyone is doing well. Lots of love and light.â™Ĩïļ

  • @anon_undertaker You dont know what's happening in his life... Maybe he is suffering. Pain is good. It's always a catalyst for something positive. In my case, and I think in yours too, was learning to love ourselves more.
    I'm having weird feeling that Virgo and I will end up together. I haven't verbalized this thought until now. Consciously, I know I'm not in love with him and I know I have no feeling that I want to be with him. But, it's like we are connected in some other level that I can't explain. I don't necessarily mean we will end up as love partners, but we might be really good friends. Every time I think of him, he posts something that answers the thing I was thinking about... Weird.

  • Totitoti you are right I really don't know what's happening in his life and to be honest I really don't want to know, its sometimes I feel really bad for myself and wish I have never met him. That's it . But nothing is in our hands,the world works mysteriously ,so is out fate.
    Your connection with your virgo is weird may be its from past life. There is an invisible tie that has been there and its the reason you can't cut him completely. I can understand. My connection with my ex was so similar. I remember the dialogue from sex and the city-consuming ,can't live with out each other love. Dang!! I loved him the way Carrie wanted to be loved .
    I got used and thrown away instead. Am I a fool? I sometimes think may be people love differently or the real love is the one I experienced? Consuming,inconvenient,ridiculous, can't live with out each other type. I dunno.

  • @anon_undertaker You aren't a fool. Oh, how many times I've repeated that Carrie quote myself! Deep waters of water signs😊
    I don't know if it's a connection from past life since I'm not sure I believe in past lives. But, it is weird unlike everything I've experienced in my life. Maybe your ex Virgo felt the same you felt but he got scared of the intensity of the feelings and blew everything away.
    Who knows when our Virgo cycles will end? Maybe we love them still in some different way... Sometimes is better not to think because it brings confusion.
    I'm not contemplating getting involved with a married man. But, last night I dreamed of him. And all was just perfect. Maybe him and I are like big and Carrie and this is the Natasha phase😂

  • Totitoti I desperately now want to be like SAMANTHA JONES Lol. My fav girl in S&C. Ugh she was the real feminist LOL. I still remember her HIV test report reveal at the clinic I broke my coffee cup watching the episode laughing so hard. 😂😂😂

    If previous birth is real then I think you and me we both were VIRGOS.😂😂😂😂

  • @anon_undertaker Samantha is crazy. But I love her. I chocked on my fried chicken when she said - I'm dating a guy with funkiest tasting spunk. I died laughing.
    We definitely have a thing so Virgos. It's just they are so darn cute and irresistible. I think those texts of his are getting to me. I'll block him today. Can't play with fire.

  • Totitoti Oh yeah! Samantha Jones Rocks!😂

    Your virgo is getting desperate day by day. Blocking him will be the best idea. 😉

    This is hilarious read it -

  • @anon_undertaker Description of a Scorpio is scary. But I died of laughing on Virgo and Taurus😂

  • Totitoti IKR Hahaha😂. Me too

  • Totitoti Earth signs are are the dangerous bunch. 😜😂😂

  • @anon_undertaker I wish I fall for fire. All earth and water ends up in the mud.

  • Totitoti so you want vapour??? 😂😂😂😂😂😝😝😝😝😝

  • @anon_undertaker Better than mud😂

  • Totitoti LOL 😂😂😂😂

  • @anon_undertaker Oh not again! I blocked the Virgo today. Not really concerned about my second house issues, so hopefully nothing new comes up.

  • Totitoti True! Enough drama and me too don't want to run into any of my exs 🙏 😂. But the prediction about cancer tells about ex coming back Danm LOL.

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