The heart of a Virgo man

  • Bwahaha Totitoti Damnit PMS does wonders.🤣 . Nope this virgo of yours knows very well what he is doing. I remember the words of this virgo chick here who posted few days back remember her? Lol. It was scary. I don't know how their brain works. 🤯

  • @anon_undertaker I remember her... In the end I'll probably end up marrying some virgo😂 I still can't believe someone can really consciously be so mean and play with other people.

  • Totitoti if you marry a virgo in future you'll not have to worry much as you know all their secrets now. 🤣.The virgo enigma everybody speaks about is no more enigmatic. You are well equipped to handle those virgins.LOL.🤣

  • @anon_undertaker That thought of yours is scary😂 He is playing with fire. Obviously he isn't worried about losing a wife. If I wasn't cheated on by my taurus ex maybe I'd fall for him. But I swore long time ago I'll never be a cause of some other woman's suffering. I just couldn't do that. If I married him, he'd probably do the same to me. I guess both my emotional nightmares were blessings. It's much better to be alone than with a man who wouldn't think twice of hurting me. "He was a nice guy but he was a liar".

  • Totitoti true !! Cheating is something that's can't be forgiven.Nope! Better go separate ways and find your own happiness than cheating on your partner who is unaware of your sneaky ways. But still people cheat with out remorse until they get caught red handed and its pathetic.

    Its better to be single and happy than to be together and miserable.✌

  • @Vmaseyk I hope all is well with you❤

  • @anon_undertaker I've just heard Enrique Iglesias on the radio and his "Now that you're gone I just wanna be with you" song. Reminded me of these virgos around here, especially mine.
    Feelings are something we can't control, but we can control and choose how we will act on them. I like my drama free life and knowing I've never hurt anyone.
    Birthday preparation done. This Friday is the big day. I feel better than I felt a decade ago when I loved my Taurus. I dont miss him, but I sometimes miss my feelings towards him. I hope to love someone who actually deserves it that much. Virgo is still around. I feel bad he hasn't found what he was looking for. My mean side is happy about it and I'm trying to ignore such thoughts. Everyone deserves to be happy...

  • Totitoti I agree with you gurl.
    Feelings and emotions remain the same but the equation and our needs changes with time and those things get buried under dust. Time is very powerful.
    Sometimes I ask myself and God-"why my ex virgo did this to me??"
    If he never came in to my then my life story would have been different. Sheesh!

    Glad to know your preparation for Bigday is going very well. You deserve much much better in life and love will find its way.

  • @anon_undertaker It's funny how we make choices and stick yo them even we know they are bad for us. I still don't know why I spent so much time being married to my Taurus. I still don't know what was the purpose of that experience. It did make me stronger. It did make me learn to love myself more. But it did crash me as well, breaking so many things inside me that I think I'll never get back.
    Still, it's a learning process. The more time I spend with people the more I realize how very few of them are happy. Many conform, stay in bad relationships out of fear of being alone, because of the kids, ... I just wonder how any child can be a happy adult if she\he is growing up in a family where the patents barely stand one another.

  • Totitoti I completely agree with you. I have seen people in abusive relationships more than I could ever imagine. My cousin sister is one of them ,One of my closest friend, My neighbour and many more.
    May be addiction to pain and abuse?? Social stigma?? Or the fear of living alone that keeps them stuck.I dunno. I myself was one of them. It crushed my soul. It always felt like the man I loved the most hurt me the most. Though it was not too long but I still regret my years spent with him. I thank God that no children were involved in that drama. Virgo ex is the main reason that effected my mental state and gave me depression. I sometimes feel bad for my Taurus ,he married a woman with "Baggage". Sometimes I feel I am not giving my 100% in my relationship because of the fear of getting hurt?? Some people are way more sensitive than others. I will need more time to heal and forgive myself and my ex or else I am doomed LOL. My Taurus is a fun and optimistic person to be with but my depression pulls me down and tears me apart. Sometimes I piss him off so bad. I act selfish, self centred, stop talking to him and get on his nerves. He calls me childish 🤣. He asks me why I love to fight so much?? Lol. Smh .Are Aries moon people such annoying?? 🤓. He asks me to see a doctor who can help me with my depression but I refuse. I am relying on my meditation(it helped me alot) cause medications are not for moi!!🤣. He tries to help but I reject them.🤪. I sound crazy I know but I want to deal with it my way or the High way😎.
    Children in abusive relationships either become abusers or becone victims themselves. Its sad but true. They see their parents fighting and it gets stuck in their tender mind. Its like what they see they learn and do. Sad indeed.
    P.S- my Taurus calls me Dictator aka Hitler.Go figure.☠

  • @anon_undertaker Your pain and fear are the catalysts for your behaviour. Your pain is making you weak. I know because I've been there. You are blessed to have such a man beside you. And no, you are not a woman with baggage. You are a woman of worth. Woman who deserves to be loved.
    Your need to fight is your insecurity that you aren't enough,that you aren't good enough. .. you want his reaction to know that he cares for you. As I said, I know... I've been there.
    I hope you realise that can seriously damage your relationship. If he hasn't given you the reason not to trust him you are wasting your time on fighting. Relax and breathe. God sent you a wonderful man who is understanding and loving with apparently great sense of humour. He is your healer, not your opponent. Enjoy him and let him enjoy you which is very important.
    People still feel divorce or not having a partner is a sign of failure. That is why most settle and hang onto something that isn't working.
    I hope you manage to overcome your inner demons. Yes, one man hurt you deeply. But a man beside you loves you deeply and that is so wonderful. Not all men (thank God) are the same. Give yourself a chance to be you. The sensitive, giving and loving you who made a mistake of loving a wrong person once. Don't let that define your life. You have so much more to give, to live and to learn. No need of reviving the sad past... Enjoy now because tomorrow is never granted. I know you can make it. You just need a little faith and a little more courage to completely surrender to the crazy little thing called love. Wishing you all the best from the bottom of my heart.

  • Totitoti A very very Happy Birthday to you gurl. Wish you all the happiness and good luck. Hope all your dreams come true. Always be happy.
    Sending virtual Birthday cake and Hugs. 💕

  • Totitoti I need to work on myself. Trying my best.😐

  • @anon_undertaker Thank you for the birthday wishes and I hope you make all your dreams come true. I know you are trying your best and it makes me proud to see any woman who's gone through so much pain to be able to laugh, stand strong and still believe in love. You are a hero and not a victim of some lousy Virgo man! Wish you were here for the cake. If Virgo came, I'd put some castor oil in his piece😂

  • You are welcome dear Scorpian.🦂

    Totitoti I once by mistake consumed castor oil and the result was bad🤯🤣.

    Physical pain is easier to cope with than mental agony. 😞

    My ex virgo and his wife got married in Jan 2014 like 11 months after we broke up( it was like curry in a hurry). He chose a doormat kind of wife with zero self respect. I have met her once and she is silly and her teeth is always out LOL🤓. Virgo treats him bad I know. She is fat and probably have some gynecological problem because they still don't have any kids. Its going to be 5 years of their marriage.
    I know very well my ex wanted kids and worried about getting old and he was in hurry to have a family and kids(not with me though). Plus he belongs to a conservative family where his mother desperately wants grand children. Something is wrong with their intimate life. Its fishy. I always wonder why they still don't have any kids by now?? As far as I know his wife loves children too.

    My evil side wishes that he have a daughter someday who gets a virgo boyfriend when she grows up😂.

    My Taurus hates my ex lol. If he meets him face to face he will sure beat his @$$ to pulp damit LOL. I wish they never find each other but the world is round you know.😁

  • @anon_undertaker Karma hits hard. Maybe he cannot have kids. Maybe the issue isn't his wife's health. My Virgo too married a very basic type of woman. He is very attractive. She isn't. Also on a heavier side but extremely short. Maybe they want such type of women because they feel they will put up with them no matter what.
    My ex taurus and I separated in September 2016 and got divorced on Christmas eve the same year. He married early march 2017😂 Talk about dealing with pain😂 I admire him for that actually.
    Oh I know about the wonderful side effects of consuming castor oil😂
    It's beautify to have a protective man beside you. My Taurus was never protective. Just very possesive and controlling.

  • Totitoti Good lord your separation is so freshly raw. How could he move on so fast? Unless he was having an affair ? My virgo ex had an affair and he married her after we broke up. Few Men are so so disgusting. That's why I can never fully trust them anymore. Dogs are way better than these men. Lol. But yeah I agree there are good men out there but they are a rare species though.😂

    My Taurus hasn't given me any reason to doubt about him that's why I got married to him. He was so persistent damn 😁 . I was doubtful to trust him at first but he gained my trust. He is steady and Loyal to the core that's what makes him a reliable person. Plus he is very honest.

    I believe in "KARMA" too. What goes around comes around with double,triple interest. My ex met his current wife while we were still together and started the affair right away as if he wanted to get rid of me any how. But in a sneaky way. He thought I will never find out. You are right about the health issue thing. May be its him who can't produce a child. We tend to blame the woman.Sorry. His wife seems to be a nice person. Hence she was trapped. They seem to hide their pain of childless marriage in disguise of their busy schedule and foreign tour pictures which is a Facade. I have a common friend who tells me about them LOL. She is on his FB friendlist.😂
    The wife is brainwashed by my ex with his fake humble nature and gets treated like a doormat I know.
    She is Aquarius but acts like a Pisces. I thought Aquarius women are independent but she is opposite. She is playing the good wife but she doesn't know that she is still so imperfect for his Perfect virgo hubby.😎.

  • @anon_undertaker Oh my Virgo also lives a facade. Wining and dining in luxurious places, travels to Bali, Mauritius, Zanzibar... Sharing photos all around social media. You can see everything on those photos, but you can't see love. They look cold towards one another. I show more warmth to my bag. But, maybe they love each other deeply behind the camera. It's quite possible that the Virgo is contacting his exes out of that glorious love and life.
    Your Virgo ex is the same type of man my Taurus is. That relationship sucked life out of me. You, unfortunately, went through the same. While I was recovering from the damage, he was celebrating his new marriage. As if I never existed in his life. That was a hard pill to swallow. Even though I left him, knowing I was so easily replaced really hurt. But, I managed to win. I've never felt or looked better in my entire life. He was the initiator of my grand transformation.
    We both forgot how to love ourselves. You with your Virgo nd me with my Taurus ex. We gave our all and we got pain in return. I rarely think of him now. I even feel as if that life happened to someone else.
    But, this Virgo is still a puzzle. Comes and goes as the stray cat. I feel sorry for him. I don't think he will ever be happy with the life he chose for himself. Luckily, that's not my battle now.

  • Totitoti I have seen most of the couple who show of too much on social media aren't happy in their relationships. Its sad how they project to the outside world. Everyone thinks they are so happy and blah blah blah!

    I hated how my virgo ex never had protective instinct for me. He was too feminine to be a protector. In fact he wanted me to be a Macho Butch woman to save his @$$. . It was always me who did the man's job like initiating everything. I hated it and felt degraded. He was never affectionate or cuddly. He was very Robotic in his ways. He never touched me to cuddle or show basic human affection. But touched me only while being intimate but it was so pervy. I could puke now. The sex was bad and rotten . I dunno why I stayed so long. I could write a book I swear.

  • @anon_undertaker Your Virgo is a twin brother of my taurus. I feel my Virgo also isn't affectionate to his wife. She looks unhappy and as someone who never smiles. I'm very affectionate and cuddly, that's why I could never understand the coldness of my taurus. But this virgo was cuddly with me and that hooked me. He showed me his sensitive side. I don't know why, but people open up to me so fast. And complete strangers too...
    I also wonder how I could spend so much time married to a Taurus too. Also I did everything a man is supposed to do in a relationship. Not because he was feminine but because he didnt care for me. Virgo is very persistent with his texting even I'm ignoring him. I really can't understand that man. A walking disaster.

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