The heart of a Virgo man

  • @anon_undertaker sending positive vibes and hope your health gets better. Think positively and all will be well. Let me know what happens. @Vmaseyk I hope you are feeling better. The strength is in your heart...

  • Totitoti I am little better now. Thanks for your concern. Lots of stress in my life right now. Hope this phase passes soon.

  • @anon_undertaker hugs and love your way❤ I don't know if it's the Venus opposition Uranus coming but I'm noticing everyone having all sorts of problems. What helps me when I'm stressed out is being in nature... Hope you feel better soon.

  • ThanksTotitoti . I also think Venus Uranus thingy is the reason. My health, finances ,stress, and fights with my husband all at once. My depression is back too. Thanks to my ex @$$ virgo for gifting me a psychological illness. I will never forgive him for that. It's overwhelming.

    Missing my Daddy badly 😞 . ☹

    These planets are up to no good for me. I need to meditate more. It helps me alot and yes the Nature thing is true. My mind calms down in the lap of nature but I don't get nature often as I live is a very busy, over crowded metro city. Its a concrete jungle. I wish I lived in a beautiful , serene country side. Surrounded by animals and birds. I love animals because they are so pure and honest. I have cats but now they stay with my mum. Lol. I miss them.🐈
    My health is better than before now but I need peace of mind. I am not ashamed to say that I am a Loner and love my alone time more than anything else . People give me anxiety🤣
    I wish I could turn back time 15 years ago when my dad was perfectly healthy and everything was fine.☹

  • @anon_undertaker I'm sorry to hear you are feeling this way. All I can say is that I hope everything will be all right soon. You are just going through the rough patch but I'm sure you will come out of it stronger.
    Our dear ones that are gone are always the ones we need when we are feeling alone.i know exactly how the feeling of longing can be strong.
    I'm a cat person myself. I have two rescue cats and I couldn't love them more. Time will get better. These virgos taught us to love ourselves more. I came to realize that no matter how attracted I'm to him, I'd never be with him. I'm grateful to Venus retrograde for that. Seems like he realized he wanted to be with me though😂
    Marriages are hard. Much harder than our parents had it because we are facing with many new things and challenges. As you, I love solitude where I can over think till my brain hurts. It's tough when sensitive souls live in soulless concrete jungle. The entire world is becoming like that... I'm more for the real jungles and wishing to spend some time in Amazon.
    Venus opposite Uranus will be felt today and tomorrow the most. I wish you calm waters my water friend. Btw that full moon in Taurus really tested my patience. Everything Taurus I run from😂 and Uranus is retrograde in Taurus. Scorpios will need much luck these days.

  • Totitoti you are a very wise woman. Much much more matured than I ever could be ( blame my Aries moon🐏 for that😑). I really appreciate your suggestions.
    Life sucks in general.Its much harder with depression which comes and goes like tide. My Taurus has to suffer all my wrath lol.
    I have come across a long way with my illness. Though its much better now but still it bothers me from time to time.
    The Taurus - Scorpio thing is so true. They are each others opposite sign and different yet attracted to each other like magnet. I am attracted to Capricorn the same way. They can be my good friends but in romantic relationship we had lots of differences. I have dated 2 and they were huge Ego maniacs ,non communicative and like card boards LOL. Taurus sign is up to no good for you too.❌
    I am a cat person though I love all animals but still cat has a special place in my heart. The purrrr is so relaxing🐈❤.
    My mind is full of thoughts right now. I need to calm my waters . Water signs are so deep Damn!!. I wish I was a Saggitarius sun.😖 They are so free spirited.
    Hope you are doing well totitoti. Love and Hugs.❤

  • @anon_undertaker The first thing to healing is detecting a problem or as Dostoyevsky would say- there is no greater happiness than to discover the source of unhappiness. You are aware that you are depressed and that gives you power. Breathe. Learn to follow the pace of your breath. Also drink much water and take at least 20 minutes every day just to yourself to recharge.
    What I find helpful is sports. Any kind. Any physical activity. I'm in sport since earliest childhood and I think that gave me the "you will not give up"spirit.
    Thank you for your kind words. The beauty of this world is in our differences and amazing contacts we learn from. But the most important to remember is that we don't have guaranteed tomorrow. Only now. And we must take the best from ot.Lots if love!
    I'm fine , getting ready for a big day next week. Older yes. Wiser not so much😂

  • Totitoti very well said gurl. I agree.

    You are a wise woman I have no doubt in that😊. I am glad that I have found this forum and met some amazing people online.

    Just being myself and trying to figure out my brain lol. Confused!!!

    Happy Halloween to all the beautiful Ladies. ☠ 👻💀🧟‍♀👽

  • @anon_undertaker went to my friend's Halloween party dressed as my ex husband and had great time. Hope you had a lovely time too. The older I get the more I laugh to myself and my choices and celebrate surviving against all the odds😂
    I'm grateful for all the stories I've read here because they have me support during my time of confusion. Mercury

    is going retrograde so new Virgo maneuvers are expected. Let's be alert ladies.

  • Totitoti oh wow LOL!! Dressed as your ex hubby?? Omg 🤣. 👨‍💼

    I didn't go to any party but enjoyed a cosy dinner with family and friends.
    Still not feeling very well 😑.

    Mercury retro?? Oh no. Damn!! I hope every thing goes well. How long it will stay?? When its starting? 😞


  • @anon_undertaker I think November 16, it's in the shadow now. Also, Uranus is retrograde in Aries, Saturn retrograde in Capricorn,and Venus retrograde in libra. Lots of things going on in the sky. Also, north node will be changing sign too, it's going into cancer sign which is my natal NN sign.
    I hope this time of feeling unwell with pass soon. Everyone is feeling weird lately, especially in the marriage department. Sending positive vibes and thoughts and lots of love. Yup, I went as my ex hubby and even brought two of his girlfriends with me (which in my case are two female dogs with their names😁, that's so mean but I had to). Life is too short to be sad. I went through a lot and my attitude has changed a lot through years. A decade ago I'd cry and ask why things were happening to me. Now I say- ok, this isn't bad, it could be a lot worse.

  • Totitoti ahahaha I am literally ROTFL.
    Dogs as ex??🤣. Hilarious. Damnit. I wish he watched his own self in that party but with dog gfs.🤣. I hope his Ursula is treating him like he deserves.
    Its not mean its funny Af. Lol.
    Yeah I am having the same weird feeling. Plus my depression is kicking in. A depressed Cancer is a very dangerous animal.🤣.
    I used to think that Scorpio is the most dangerous sign but boi was I wrong?? According to FBI Cancer is the most horrible sign due to its instability. Moon is the ruler of cancer so now I get it from where does the Lunacy comes from.
    I can relate plus my moon sign contributes to it. I can be cold and cruel. Damn.
    My father in law is a cancer and he is the most disgusting man I have come across. My Mother in law was a Scorpio and a very elegant Lady. My FIL was abusive to her. She died at the age 50 due to cancer. Very sad. I miss her. I surely don't like cancer men. They have a very bitchy vibe that I hate about them lol.
    And as far as my depression is concerned I dunno where it will take me. I hate to say it despite of having a loving and supportive family I feel lonely and isolate myself when I am depressed. My stars are acting weird. ☹
    Totitoti your positivity inspires me. Hope I can become as strong as you. But damn my depression suks.😑

  • @anon_undertaker Count your blessings girl! Imagine being a virgo with cancer rising. Or cancer Mars. Cancer Mars is a horrible placement.
    I experienced depression a couple of months prior to my divorce and a couple of months after. I went to the therapist and she insisted on medication. I was experiencing insomnia and severe mood swings. I refused medication. I dismisses my therapist. I started to run every single morning at dawn. My ex and I divorced on Christmas Eve day so that was a wonderful Christmas gift from him to me. I wanted to kick the pain out. I trained till every muscle hurt. I started with 5km and ended running 19km shortly after that.
    I was swimming, working out in a gym. Started writing after almost a decade of not writing.
    Using NLP techniques I literally reprogrammed my subconscious mind and till April I was a new person. I met virgo in that period. Started diving and conquered the fear of being deep under water.
    There is nothing you can't do if you put your mind and heart into it. I was abused by my ex husband in such a horrible way, but I haven't seen myself as a victim. Never. I was angry with myself for not leaving him sooner. But I wanted to try everything I could to make a marriage work. That's why I left him with peace in my mind. My heart had a problem letting go.
    You are much stronger than you think and always choose to be your best when you feel your worst. God gave us all the equipment and tools we need to heal within ourselves.
    I still have great communication with my ex father in law. He is a gemini, which is weird because I usually can't stand Gemini men. My mother in law was an aquarius and we got along really well too.
    Life is beautiful. But it's too short. There is no time for much tears and pain.
    Virgo is persistent. Not giving up. I'm not giving in. In the game who is the stubborn one, a Scorpio always wins. Then again...he has Scorpio rising. Damn, I forgot that.

  • Oh gurl Totitoti Hats off to you! You are a Gem of a woman. I really pity your ex. Its his loss. He will never find anyone like you. Plus Karma is a bitch. He will get everything back with interest. You tried harder because you wanted everything to work out. You tried your best. You will have no regrets for that. Your heart is free now.
    God has other plans for you. Better ones.

    Before meeting my virgo ex I was a very positive outgoing bubbly young woman with lots of hopes and dreams in my eyes but that virgo turned me in to a sobbing negative introvert soul. I wish I had never met him but then again it was for him I am able to differentiate between good and bad now. My ex virgo was emotionally and psychologically abusive. He gifted me depression. A life long illness. I tried medicines but that made everything worse. Then I turned to Yoga and meditation. But it still comes back from time to time. Water signs are more prone to depression because they are so deep and can literally feel everything.

    Sometimes I wish I have met my Taurus hubby before I met virgo.Sheesh!

  • @anon_undertaker You still can reverse the outcome. You still can win over your ex Virgo. Take it step at the time.

  • Totitoti I am trying my best. Lets see who wins me or Depression.🤓🤔

  • @anon_undertaker You will win. There is no other option. I've been there, I know it's a hard battle, but you can do it.
    My virgo guardian angel are still flying around me . My soft Neptunian aspects would cuddle him and protect him from all the bad things in the world. My Martian aspects are winning the battle and I'm cold as ice. I don't understand what he is trying to achieve. It's not even funny anymore. But I can't block him. He is too darn cute to be on my ugly block list.

  • Totitoti LOL. He is regretting everything now. I betcha. He wishes to be with you at any cost but he knows he is married now and he messed up a good relationship with you to attain his so called perfection. His present girl is not so perfect as he thought her to be. Be careful he may want you as a side chick. I know you are wise enough to not fall for it though. Just imagine if he can't be a loyal man to his wife then he couldn't be to anyone either. He will try to manipulate you just watch. Till then enjoy his clownish acts. 😆

  • Totitoti I think I am in love with my depression. Lmao🤣🤣

  • @anon_undertaker He knows well I'm not a side chicken material. Poor guy. I feel like crying for him. It's so sad when adults act worst than kids. Maybe he isn't a bad guy. Maybe he is just confused. That's my Pisces moon on steroids supported by severe case of PMS😂