The heart of a Virgo man

  • @totitoti oh I can forgive him alright but to forget what he's done to me I gotta have Alzheimer... !!

  • @anon_undertaker Trying hard to stay okay.... Sometimes I just wish I could have left things at "hey" but then I just make myself believe that he came along for a reason ... I guess!!

  • Vmaseyk hang in there gurl! Its normal to feel confused after a break up.Right now it's chaotic inside your brain. Loads of emotions here and there and you feeling like your world is shattered and you'll not be able to find someone to love again. Wrong !! I have told you before its a dark phase and it will pass. Cry as much as you can. Let it all out. Give yourself enough time to heal. You will come out much stronger than ever I promise.

    I went in to severe depression after my break up with ex virgo. Don't let yourself slip in to depression as I did. I was wrong. Then I realised I will never rely upon any man for my own happiness.
    I wish you all the best and sending lots and lots of love your way.
    Stay strong.❤

  • Vmaseyk everyone comes in our life for a reason. Its related to our Karmic cycle to teach us our Karmic lessons. I have read some where " everybody has a purpose to serve in our lives".
    I am sure our virgo men also had some purpose -> may be a lesson not to trust someone blindly or emotionally get dependent on someone. I dunno but my virgo man experience has taught me a great lesson . I have learnt that nothing is permanent in life and the people you love the most hurts you the most.
    I cannot deny the soulmate connection you wrote about. I never had that connection with anyone else.
    But I let it go. why? Because it was a very unhealthy attachment that had led my health to deteriorate. I was hospitalized . I still remember how I used to have panic attacks and anxiety and not to mention my depression. I will never forget. ☹

  • @anon_undertaker @Vmaseyk What we experience always has some reason. Maybe we helped these men grow and they helped us in learning how to love ourselves more. But, that doesn't mean we should be forever with them nor it means they will never cross our paths again...We must learn to let go. I learned the hard way with my taurus ex. Virgo was a butterfly compared to him. Thinking about it.... Virgo helped me put my taurus ex behind me. Virgo brought me back to life. Maybe that was his purpose in my life. I'm grateful for that as I'm grateful for testing my patience and self worth. I can't deny the soulmate connection either. It was intense and one of the kind. We have so much ahead of us to experience. We are in our best age, the age when we can achieve and be whoever we want. It is hard and it hurts, but after the pain we are liberated and new people. These men will remain the same and I know all of them are thinking about us. They know they hurt us. They will never apologise. But we must forgive them. I know we can't forget but we can make something creative out of that like virgo man stickers for trash bags or toilette paper.

  • Totitoti "virgo man stickers for trash bags or toilette paper" !! Ahahaha 😂

  • @Vmaseyk How are you doing today? Hope all is all right❤

  • @anon_undertaker this world is a crazy place.... !! 😪

  • @totitoti hahahaa!! You're hillarious!! Virgo stickers for trash cans ...!! Sometimes I feel that he couldn't love me coz he saw that I dint love myself enough either .... 😞 Coz he doesn't tolerate my tantrums I tolerate his!! And u mentioned that even ur Taurus x did the same?? I thot they were nice people!! ???

  • @totitoti just doing my bit ...u know work and home stuff keeping myself occupied with whatever....!!

  • @vmaseyk Regardless their sign, emotionally unavailable men are never a good option for relationship. It is much better and fulfilling to be single. You will be fine no matter what happens. Self love is the main skill all of us need to learn. People get overgrown, people get attracted to other people... Human nature is unpredictable. That is why there is self love to protects us. We can't escape to be hurt. But, our pain doesn't have to blow all our lives away. Unhealthy attachments need to be rid off. We are born alone, we die alone, we fight our battles alone. Even with kids, spouses, parents,..., we are alone, we escape into ourselves when we need to recharge. Embrace yourself and love yourself with all the love you gave to him. You deserve it more.

  • @totitoti ❤

  • Sorry for replying late not yet finished with the rennovation.😑
    Vmaseyk indeed this world is a crazy place. As totitoti have mentioned regardless of signs its really unhealthy sticking to emotionally unavailable men. She met a wrong taurus. As we all met our wrong ex virgos . Hence this thread. There is good and bad in every sign. Infact I have met few bad cancerians in my life and they were mean to the core.

    I am currently married to a Taurus and he is a man who I can rely upon in my darkest days. He is emotional and understands me on a deeper level. The maturity in him sometimes puts me in awe. Compared to him I am very childish and demanding 😁. Blame my aries moon for that.

    Hang in there gurl! There is light at the end of the tunnel. If you've read my previous posts you'll know how I went through hell and came back.
    Always remember "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"!!

  • @anon_undertaker So Virgo keeps messaging. He said - what do you think of us? I had to reply on this. I said - Washington D.C. is the capital of the US. And that i hope that his wife's vagina is a carnivorous plant. He hasn't replied since. Better than comedy routine these Virgos...

  • Lol Totitoti ahahaha😂😂. Your reply is the best.
    I hope he backs off now.
    He has the nerve? to ask you about "us". What a joke! He sounds desperate. I won't be surprised if he asks you for sex next . SMH! Men will be men. Now I am confirmed that his marriage is on the rocks. Poor wifey. I can betcha someday his wife will end up on this thread.
    Damn this venus retro one of my ex capricorn has checked my social media profile. 😐. Go figure.

  • @anon_undertaker This is insane. I don't know why they behave this way. They want all the women they've ever been involved with for them?

  • Totitoti hmm I think they want all the women they are/ were involved with under their radar . Its not normal. I think these men are a confused bunch and doesn't know anything when it comes to the matter of heart coz their sign is an analytical one. They are all brain and less heart. So when it comes to emotions they can't handle it well.

  • @anon_undertaker I can't resonate with that. I can't understand what is behind that. Also, how they think is very confusing. Coming back as if nothing ever happened. I really can't relate.

  • Totitoti yes its really strange. They behave like they have amnesia and treat previous behaviour like nothing happened. I can't decipher their behaviour either. They have the nerve to come back and claim everything like its normal.

  • @anon_undertaker There should be a new personality disorder in psychology books called Virgoinsania. Hope the renovation is proceeding well. There is no greater enjoyment for a woman than the one when she is beautifying her home.