The heart of a Virgo man

  • Omg!! I'm so thankful I found this group. Please help me ladies. I met my Virgo guy 18 months ago...was instantly swept off my feet. In the pass year he has used me, constantly asking for money, lied to me, made me feel so insignificant while acting like the nice guy. Also always requesting the most degrading kind of sex. I REALLY want to forget about him totally this time so I'd be thankful if yall are willing to help me along..I'm willing to share.

  • Ok this is more difficult than I thought it would be ...!! This is mentally tearing me apart ....!! I just can't seem to get him out of my head!! M trying my level best to curb the urges of contacting him.... Been 3 days now ....!!

  • Hello Malique welcome ! Your virgo case seems to be complicated . Can you block this guy completely out of your life?? He sounds like a complete "USER". I will suggest you to read this thread. It will help you alot.
    I am here to help. Could you please elaborate?

  • Vmaseyk good going girl. Never ever think of contacting this guy. It can cause you more pain than you think you are going through right now. Completely detach yourself. Remember that he was never there for you. He is inside your head.
    I have read your other thread and I was surprised to read blmoon's msg on your post. That guy really does not exist. 2 years in long enough to make a relationship official. He was never there. It was only you. Its like having a relationship with a invisible being. Its bad.
    Just think that you loved the wrong person.
    I was on the same boat as you are now. It took me 2 years to get over my virgo completely. Don't do this to yourself hun. You are young and have a loving soul. Just stay strong and always remember that this is not the end its just a dark phase. It will pass. Trust me.

    Love and hugs❤

  • @malique Welcome to the thread! The man you got involved with seems like a narcissist so please get yourself informed about narcissistic abuse. We are all here for you.

  • @vmaseyk It will get worse but you will be strong. Make yourself busy. Do whatever. Clean, work, play with your girl... anything just to keep you busy and not thinking. Girl, you've got this.

  • @anon_undertaker Venus retrograde really kicking in. My Virgo keeps sending I keep ignoring. Are they the type who get more motivated if a woman ignores them? Does that turn them on? This is crazy.

  • Totitoti yes virgo man loves you when you ignore and hate them. They can't take rejection well. Somewhere I've read from a virgo man's wife - its when she treats him good he ignores her and takes her as granted but when its the opposite, when she treats him poorly as a trash he worships her.
    Its really strange. I have noticed that too in my ex's behaviour. Its a constant push and pull game.

  • @anon_undertaker I have to constantly tell myself that hez not gonna be there in the future and it's of no use ...!! I'll tell u something funny... I've taken a screenshot of blooms message and kept it as my screen saver so Everytime I unlock my phone to want to call him or text him ..I read that bit n keep the phone back ...!! I know this is just a bad phase... But u know what ?? I've never fallen so deeply for anybody ever .. even with my ex husband it was more like a compromise ... Due to a few reasons... But with this virgo guy .. it's like ... deep...Well u know the extent of the depth m talking about coz uve been there ... Well m just thinking how is he being able to stay without talking to me for 3 days ... How do these guys just get over shit!!

  • @totitoti I guess !! Infact we humans are sometimes built that way ... We love the chase ... Weird !! Maybe we should have treated our virgo just the way they treated us by being less available that's how I guess they would stick to us right to the end ...!! I mean what beings are they ...!! They shouldn't exist in our planet ..!! Chase them to a planet where only robots live ... if there is a planet as such .. Coz they just like them!

  • @totitoti m trying... believe me I am!! My dad is just wondering whats gone wrong with me!! M just working n working the entire day ..! But it's like even with everything going on ... Hez still on my mind ...!!

  • @vmaseyk I know you are and I know how difficult it can be. I know how deep connection with a Virgo feels like. I know how time stops with him. I know how his look makes knees weak. I know how he can make us feel high... I remember the feeling well. It's not easy not to hear his voice, not to touch his face... I know that all. But I also know how devastating it is to be attached to an emotionally unavailable man. I know how it hurts when he disappears. I know how it feels when he doesn't show affection.
    You need time and a constant reminder that you must be strong. For the sake of your child. For the sake of yourself. You can do this. You will be fine.

  • @totitoti now this message of urs I'mma screenshot this to use it as my next screen saver....!! 😉

  • @vmaseyk You are stronger than you think you are. Every time you miss him remember how it feels to be confused all the time. How it feels to always be put second. To remember how you feel deprived of his attention and affection. Just remember how he was playing with you with no intention of being serious. Remember all that and then take a pillow and punch it hard.

  • @totitoti I'm thinking of getting a dart board with his face on it .. so I could just hit the darts to his face... Specially those eyes with those girly lashes attached to em....

  • @vmaseyk Forgiving him would do you better in the long run...

  • How are you doing today gurls?

    Sending positive energy your way.
    Stay strong. Stay blessed.❤

  • @anon_undertaker I really hope those with recent virgo troubles are doing fine. My Virgo is persistent I'm ignoring. I was wondering if ignoring is turning virgo men on and making them crazy?

  • Totitoti yes if you reject them they become more interested. Its weird. But they have this crazy brain you know what I mean? I dunno what compels them to pursue what they can not have.
    I really hope all the ladies doing well.

  • @anon_undertaker I hope so too. I know how the first day of breaking up with a Virgo are hard. Sending all my love to them.

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