The heart of a Virgo man

  • @vmaseyk Are you 100% sure he isn't already married?
    That being said, never think of yourself as someone who is weak when in love or that something would happen to you if you had to let him go.

    PUT YOURSELF FIRST. It's not selfish, it's necessary. You had your life before him and never forget that. You are stronger than you think and if it comes to worse you will survive.

    Don't thank me for anything. I know well how it is to be alone with all the thoughts and accumulated anxious feelings.

    Just remember that you will be fine no matter what happens. What most of us had with Virgos wasn't love but a sweet illusion, unhealthy attachment... Love, true love never hurts, when problems appear true love rises above everything. Above ego, above pride,... True love isn't petty. True love tells the truth no matter how hard and unbearable the truth is...

    I hope you two work out if that is where your heart truly is. But please put yourself first. Don't be weak in front of him and for him. He has to decide what he wants and act accordingly.Games are just a waste of time. You deserve much better.

  • Totitoti 😂 ikr?


  • @totitoti I called him today .. we spoke for about an hour .. he asked to see me tomorrow.... He wanted to hang out at some hookah lounge!! He even suggested that we could also go to a place where they serve alcohol coz I drink whereas he hates it!! I remember 2 days ago I just wanted to see whether he really felt for me at all coz he never even for once showed any signs of possessiveness or insecurity about anything concerning me so I was like, "u know since it's been 2 + months since we last made out plus I don't think u would be coming anytime soon to see me so is it ok if I sleep with someone else , the reason i asked is coz I dint wanna be cheating on u or sleeping around behind your back so let me know how u feel about this" now of course I was just testing him to see whether he actually dint care or his care less attitude towards me was just a pretence !and of course as usual he dint wanna show he dint like the idea so he put the blame on me saying that he had asked me to meet him but I dint want to so he dint know what else to do whereas we never had such a conversation!! Anyway I should have carried on with the prank but I broke it to him telling him the reason why .... So I think now he's got it into his head that because he's not giving me the time so I might be thinking of sleeping with someone else lol! And that is the reason why he asked me to meet him tomorrow.... I don't know!!
    I will be seeing him tomorrow n of course I will be grilling him nicely n properly with the things I couldn't much put across to him over the phone....!! He won't have the option of going offline so he will have to give me answers....!!

  • @totitoti and oh no he isn't married he infact is 2 yrs younger to me and is very much single!! He recently completed his hotel management from Davidson in America

  • @totitoti and another thing I forgot to mention is he kept questioning me a whole lot about what I think about him and whether he was bothering me and things like that ... Kind of got me irritated though I just laughed it off saying hez overthinking....

  • @vmaseyk Hookah lounge isn't a place to talk, but well better that than nothing. Also, don't drink. Be alert all the time and don't let him sweet talk you.
    Additional note is do you think this man would be a good father model to your girl? You have double responsibility to choose for yourself and her. She cant be growing up beside a man who is confusing and aloof. Set standards high and dont think that you being a single mom will never find someone else. Don't think like that at all. You deserve much more than the crumbs he is giving you.
    Tell him what you want and need and be serious about it. No backing off and putting yourself second. If he cant deliver then bye bye Nellie.
    If you go no contact be determined to stay without any contact for at least 30 days. Don't be afraid to let go. Men are like boomerang any way. As soon as you let them go and forget about them, they come back.
    Be strong and be you. Good luck and tell us all about it. Also, make yourself incredibly sexy, dress something out of your comfort zone, and don't drink. Let this be a new you who will surprise him. And remember, if you lose him its not the end of the world. Sorry for the spelling and grammar, I'm texting while driving. Kids don't do that! Its irresponsible behaviour. But in Virgo emergencies we have to risk our lives! All my love goes to you.

  • Totitoti "Virgo emergency ". You cracked me up gurl. 😂

  • @anon_undertaker 😊 I'm still successfully ignoring my Virgo so just you know😉

  • Totitoti you are doing the best thing.
    Just stick with it.👍👍👍

  • @totitoti hiiii!! Wow u sound like uve been through alot yourself , I mean .. "virgo emergencies"?? That was so cute!! 😉 Lol!! Well yeah he chose a hookah lounge coz he dint wanna choose or suggest my place coz then he was scared incase I'd think that he asked me out only to have sex.... I mean this is like some sort of self image he wants to potray ,I don't know why , and that is, he doesn't want me for sex so ..
    Anyway so the thing that actually happened today was I instead chose to break all ties with him over the phone .. the reason being, what exactly happened was , he usually every morning drops me a good morning text ok, but recently past a couple of days now he hasn't been doing that n instead it was me sending him a text to which he always replied... So today I thought of questioning him as to why dint he drop in a text like he used to , and why would he make me get used to a habbit of his and then act all different... I also mentioned "if you got better chicks to wish the day then please stay stuck to them" and then he replied saying, "sorry, baby I was in a rush since morning" and leaves me a good morning with those kiss emojis like this "😘"
    Then it was all ok until the evening I see a status on WhatsApp where in our native language it says ...I would translate that word to word " how beautiful is this moment, u're the night and u're the moon" so I saw that and questioned him who is this status for , to which he replied , "I just put it up like that and it's for nobody" now comon' how could this just be for nobody????!!! So I got very angry coz I had a feeling he was lying to me , for some reason I feel like he is cheating on me with several other women or maybe just one I don't know coz he stays online until 1-2 am but isn't talking to me, I used to question him before n he used to blame it on football where he used to discuss things with his lil boy group he had on WhatsApp !! Now since m not into that sport I don't really know when they have the matches going on n when not .. he rarely texts me at night n just in case j text him , he sends me 2-3 msgs n then goes offline n the rest of the days when we r not texting eacother he stays online till pretty late!! So yes I do doubt that hez cheating on me ...
    So I was like u know what that's it, so I texted him saying, " how much more will u like to me, u know what ?? M done chasing u coz now m tired, u can stick yourself to the women in your life or u can make an effort to stay in mine coz now I don't think m in a situation to be stressing on someone whoz got too much on his plate already, if we r meant to be u will find your way"
    He messaged back asking if I was mad and he said he wondered whether i knew anything about writing anyway, so I messaged back saying that, he dint have to take the effort of wondering such things about me anymore and that I wish him every happiness n said bye ..!!
    And then he was like, "really? Ok m tired of saying that to make sure this is the last time u doubt me, but u keep bringing this topic again n I always take u back but now m gonna make an exceptiontion this time and really make it the last time! So then I messaged saying do as u please and ended it there .. he again messaged saying most of the love message status' that he puts up were all for me but just this one was about a view around night that he liked so he put it down. .. I mean a view about the night u will write about it sitting in the afternoon like what caste of a liar does he belong to?? The morons??
    Then he was like if u wanna go then go but please don't fight... And I dint reply...!! I feel like m done with this man... M straining myself way too much, n yes I have Shan to see to, I think m better off without him, though to be honest it's completely tearing me apart but I think it's time I made this decision... M tired of drama, m tired of constantly having to get attention, m tired of waiting for him, m tired of everything concerning him ... I just wanna let this go once n for all ...!! Please help me!!

  • Aww so much virgo bashing!!

    @Vmaseyk If you don't want to help yourself no body can help you.
    You love "DRAMA" like your virgo lad. No wonder he kept you in a loop. He is having his good time with someone else. You are a silly & naive woman. A man whether virgo or not will do anything , go to greater lengths for you. It's not about virgo man, it's about "MEN" in general.
    I am a virgo myself if I am interested I will do whatever it takes to work it out. If I am not interested i will create "DRAMA" and play you. Take it from the horse's mouth itself.

  • @vmaseyk Two words - back off. Delete all social media for a month. When he texts you, don't text back. For a month.
    Don't overthink anything because the power is in your hands. Are you sure he isn't gay or bisexual? Virgos have tendencies towards both sexes. Don't invest so much energy in a man who invests so little in you. Let him be with all his drama. You back off. Don't threat you will do it, just do it. It will be hard, I've been there but you can make it. Nothing is impossible. Enjoy your life. Let go of all the toxic people in your life and love yourself. If you feel something is wrong, then probably it is wrong. Women who are water signs have well developed intuition. I've laughed to your statement that I've been through a lot. Yes, but that only showed me how strong I was. Virgo wasn't in contact with me for more than a year and now he is trying to sweet talk me. I saw it as something very pathetic. A year ago id answer him immediately. Now I haven't answers him at all. Water sign women are sexual and sensual, loving, warm and maternal. We are the givers of the zodiac. That's why they always come back to us... Because nobody would ever love them for who they are but us.

  • @virgolass As first, welcome to the thread. It's not about Virgo bashing as much it is about sharing experience with Virgo men. We all have our paths in life and we can't define them as right or wrong. We all learn during our lifetime. Every opinion can be articulated with kindness. No need to be rude and offensive. That's not contributing to anything. The Virgos I know have much more tact. You seem young. In that case you are forgiven. Growing up is hard.

  • LoL totitoti what's going on 😂. A female virgo in here? Umm we want a virgo man as well who can answer all our unanswered questions. Damn!! Yeah she seems to be young. Hilarious. Who knows if this one is a virgo man in disguise of a female virgo.😂

  • @virgolass you know before when I once questioned him about a woman I was doubting him with he told me that he was just talking to her for his own work .. she happened to be the daughter of some government officer and he needed her help to get him approval of some land he wanted... N infact all the woman he talks to are in his life for a reason ...n that he has no such feelings for any .. that now makes me wonder what m I in his life for .. for what reason has he kept me in his life coz I don't give him anything n honestly he has no reason to be with me, it's neither sex, nor money nor anything so that's why I asked him before why do u want me n he was like I want u in my life and that's it .. when I sometimes fight with him he never replies, he says he waits for me to cool down n talk to him on my own, but this time he replied coz I spoke about breaking up, something I haven't ever spoken to him about ...
    But I still feel like hez cheating on me .. he doesn't text or call otherwise but hez online texting I don't know who ... Even before once I saw him online for a pretty long time so I questioned him about who he was texting, he said a friend, so I asked whether she was a girl n he said yes, so I was like what work do u have with her n that he was prioritizing this girl more than me coz he was taking a long time to reply to my questions, so he said he wouldnt be texting her if he had no work with her n to stop with my childish habbits ..!! Then I got mad n texted him a whole lot to which he dint reply....

  • @totitoti hahahhaha!! No he isn't gay at all!! Hahaha!! I wish I cud ask him that to see the look on his face!! I used to feel he was gay coz of his behaviour sometimes, coz hez so polite and soft spoken and a few of his mannerisms here n there .. lol!! But no he isn't hahhaa .. m still finding this so funny!! I used to joke with him before accusing him with my ex boyfriend .. he once asked me how was he , n then I replied saying," I knew u always had a crush on him" and he was like , "I could crush him if u want me to" lol!! So yeah...
    Ok lemme be honest about a situation as to why he's so far from being gay ..I knew that wouldn't really claim he isn't but well, he used to tell me that kissing a girl after she gives u oral was gay coz then he would be tasting himself...!! Hahahhaa! But I know it was more to do with hygeine which he wouldn't wanna admit for some reason....
    He is 26 yrs old!

  • @totitoti n btw what did ur virgo man text u if u don't mind me asking you... I just wanna see if they all have the same way of sweet talking an ex flame into getting back with them ...

  • @totitoti talking about social media, he blocked me on Facebook coz I used to keep questioning him about the girls pictures that he used to like and post kisses n flowers to ..n we always ended up having fights, he even took me out of insta coz I used to get mad with him following all these naked chicks on insta ...!!
    He used to tell me that' Facebook n insta are just the digital world which I shouldn't really bother myself with and I was his real world .. coz end of the day it was always me on his mind nomatter what.... I still dint find the need for him to do all that.... I mean when we r so loyal why is it so difficult for him to be so...?? He says nowadays everyone posts things like that even for friends n so I was like how come I don't... I know m very possessive... But he does things for me to be .. otherwise Ive never been this way with any of my other relationships I mean I never had to ..!!

  • Hello everyone ! I hope you’re all doing well. I’m still trying to read all of your posts, there’s so many of them ! I’m glad this groupchat is coming back to life.

    These past few days I’ve been feeling down.. I still can’t get over the fact that my virgo pushed me out of his life. I still can’t accept it. I still love him and I still think about him and our story almost everyday. I feel like, thinking about all of this means that I’m not progressing. And this is heartbreaking to me because I know he’s moving on and I can’t even imagine what he’s been doing with his life while I’m still here.. Oh God why can’t I move on ?

    Anyways, I’m sending you all a whole lot of love and blessings ! Hope you’ll all find what you’re looking for in life. ❤❤

  • Hello Laurie2406! Hope you are doing well too gurl. 😊
    Yes It's hard to move on.
    It will take some time. We women are emotional beings so it becomes harder for us. Time is the best healer.
    All I can say keep yourself busy with things you love to do. Everything will fall in to places.
    This thread has got its life back again n I am glad.😊

    Sending lots of love and positive energy your way.❤🤗

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