The heart of a Virgo man

  • @anon_undertaker Pisces projects the virgo and virgo projects the Pisces😂 I like masculine men who can take charge. This piscean looks like a lady with a beard. I was attracted to a virgo because he appeared to be very confident. Apart from great looks he had that "something". I was once attracted to a Sagittarius. A great guy, but did have virgo placements. I guess I'm destined to be a virgo lover.
    Venus is going retrograde and old lovers might reappear. Hope not though. That would ruin the festive mood of the season.

  • Lady with a beard?? Ahaha😂😂😂Oml.

    Yes Totitoti you are a virgo magnet for sure.
    Ugh venus retro again? Damnit.😏

  • @anon_undertaker Yup. Starting October 5. Retrograde in Scorpio.

  • Damn😖.😩😩😩😩😩

  • @anon_undertaker Seems like we are headed to deep love and come back of past lovers 😂 since venus will hit our natal pluto. As for my Virgo, venus will hit his natal uranus and bring abrupt and sudden changes into his life, if astrology is to be trusted. My ex Taurus will experience the same as virgo. Maybe two of them end up together in the end😂

  • Totitoti I love my Taurus😗 Can't imagine anything without him.
    I am just worried about ex virguy contacting me again. I can't stand him. My Taurus is really pissed off on him.🐂.

    I hope your ex virgo and Taurus end up together😂


    I have my venus in Cancer🦀 . Go figure😂

  • @anon_undertaker My venus is in Capricorn. I don't know why but I've been feeling restless lately. I get bored easily which is usually never the case. I don't engage in small talk, have no patience for that. I don't know if that's just an introduction to what this venus might be as it is in shadow period now.
    I left my taurus during mercury retrograde in 2016. I've discovered that only few days ago. Back then astrology didn't exist for me. There, thanks to virgo I gained some new knowledge.

  • Totitoti Lets hope for the best something good might be coming your way soon.🤗

  • @anon_undertaker I don't know if it's Venus retrograde or some other major planetary shifts but virgo has texted me on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I haven't replied any of his 6 texts. This is so weird. Jen was always convinced he would be back any time, but somehow I didn't believe he would do it. I've uninstalled my social apps today just not to be tempted to reply. I DON'T WANT TO REPLY. I must be strong and determined. I know it's fake and I know he needs his ego boost, but somehow it felt good. Am I a covert narcissist? OMG I can't believe this has happened! Anyway, I'm not replying. Now I know for sure how bad it must be to be his wife. Horrible. Poor woman.

  • @totitoti it makes me happy when I read posts about Pisces and Virgos staying happy together. M a piscean too in love with a virgo 2yrs now...though we pisceans are emotional soft hearted and dreamy we love a man who is practical and could keep us from drifting from the real world from time to time... But then again my virgo man n I have been in this off n on relationship where m the one who constantly has to get him back after a fight... He tells me he loves me and wants a future with me but for some reason it makes it hard to believe him coz hez always acting aloof and hardly ever texts maybe once in a day or two n never calls .. he keeps saying that one day m gonna realise how much he really loves me. He will be leaving to another country soon and even said that he would make arrangements for me to be there once he is sorted with his own stuff. M a single mother 28yrs old ,of a 3yr old girl and I don't really have the time to waste time on someone that is just around to suit his ego.... I cannot even say that he might be using me for sex coz I can literally count the number of times we made love over these 2yrs... Ok m gonna say it anyway 4 times .. and I always feel like hez got this bad habbit of constantly blaming me for his faults, plus while we are arguing he will just go offline in the middle of the conversation and that tips me off coz that according to me is disrespectful at least get back later coz I understand he is working, I feel he does not care about my feelings though he says that he does, I mean all of it is just saying I haven't really seen any action of whatever he says.... as I talk about breaking things up with him that's when he says things to bring me and being an emotional fool that I am, I melt ! I don't really know what's going on .. please help ...

  • Oml totitoti venus retro is showing its effect on you lol. I have been busy lately with my home rennovation and buying new stuffs for my home damnit its also venus related.Now I know 😂.

    DO NOT reply to your ex virgo. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. You have done the right thing. Virgo men are so tempting. Block him completely.
    Yes they come back its true , it has happened to me . I have been through all these crap and more. Don't you dare reply to him LOL.😂. He is just checking if you are still there on his back burner and just trying to keep his notch. Trust me in this one. I betcha his married life is f** up. Why would a happily married man come back to his ex flame? Just think about it. He is a man who is unable to make any woman HAPPY. His cowardly acts are proof of his own unhappiness. He just wants side dishes in his life, so selfish ,childish and cowardly.
    These men can make any sane woman's life a mess😬.
    Been there . Done that.

    Yesterday I was teasing my Taurus about his ex flames and he told me that his last long term gf's birthday was September 10th .😱 She was double timing him with a much older man. Go figure.
    Now I am worried about her coming back to my Taurus in this retrograde . LOL😂😂😂😂


  • Oh Vmaseyk I can feel your confusion.
    I have been there too. Its a very VICIOUS cycle. It can take a huge toll on your health and sanity. If you have read my story you'll know that I was in a LTR with a virgo man but it ended up badly.
    He was a cold hearted liar.
    I will recommend you reading this whole thread. It will take time but you will find similar stories like YOURS.
    You sound so emotional right now. It could blur your decision over Virgo.
    Take your time. Its not easy I know but you have to understand what exactly you are dealing with.

  • @anon_undertaker Congrats to making your home a more beautiful place! Yes that's what Venus is here for as well.
    When I saw his text I had to put my glasses on because I couldn't believe it was him. But yup there he was with his sweet talk. My first impulse was to answer but then I went like - easy girl...easy. Anyway, I'm not doing anything about it. The power is in my hands now and I wont give him the knife again to dig into me. Enough of that.
    I just imagined how awful his wife must feel. He's married shortly and already acting this way...
    Maybe your Taurus could share his experience here😊 Once again, wishing you lots of inspiration and beautiful colors in your home💕 lots of love.

  • @vmaseyk as first welcome to the thread. I wanted to say I'm happy you are here but I know nothing beautiful brought you here so I restrained myself.
    Im a Scorpio and anonim_undertaker and Laurie are cancer ladies. But, your piscean energy is water so we all can relate.
    I know how you feel. We all felt like long term junkies with Virgos keeping us so high. Its a magnificent feeling to experience. But, the lows they bring us to are devastating. We get stuck in mud we are getting buried deeper in. We cant get out because we are naturally empathetic and we feel everything so deeply.
    Yes he is using you for sex. Its hard to admit that to oneself. But you have to. For the sake of your own sanity and for the sake of a beautiful girl that you have. Set boundaries and let him man up. If he really wants you then he will seriously commit to you. But, even after commuting Virgos tend to light up their old flames.
    I know how hard it is, but once you make a decision and stick to it, it gets easier trust me. Go no contact. See what he will do then. Don't be available to him.
    All will be ok.

  • @vmaseyk sorry I've read what you posted while driving so I didn't understand well. Four times in two years... That's really a sign he isn't using you for sex.. They are so confusing. I wish you go no contact for the time being if you can. Do you want to be in a relationship with him if he would commit to you?

  • Thanks a lot Totitoti. 😘
    Hahaha My Taurus won't come here I betcha. 😂😂
    Hugs to you.❤

  • @totitoti thank u so much for taking the time to read my bit and reply back! Felt really good like yes there is someone who understands as I don't really have friends where I live or keep much contact with or even trust them much to share such intimate topics with .. thank u once again!
    So yes as I mentioned I don't really think he is using me for sex coz he said so himself recently and even before that just coz I think he's using me for sex so he has limited our meetings ... He says I don't want u for your body I want a keeper and if he wasn't serious about me then he would be wasting his time!
    But on the other hand I don't really know the reason why he ignores me so much, or maybe m over thinking coz he all along wanted to shift off to America but hez facing problems around that .. so maybe coz of what hez facing he keeps me away .. but I don't understand the problem as to why should I be ignored coz of what hez facing...I mean why does he not trust me enough to talk things out to me??? What good is he getting by pushing me away?? Even when I ask him why does he want me in his life , hez like because I want u in my life n that's it!! But he denies the fact that he ignores me n gives me an attitude like he doesn't care!! Nearly everyday we have fights regarding the same issue about him not giving me time ... As u suggested to go no contact , I tried that but u know how we pisceans once in love become mentally weak!! I have tried that before once for just 2 days and yes he did contact me with messages n calls wherin even in those messages it felt like he dint see any issue with what he was doing and questioned me in return as to what happened to me that I was behaving in the way that I did!!
    Seriously I don't know what's up with this guy ... Why is he keeping me in the loop!!

  • @totitoti I guess m gonna have to try the no contact again!! Coz his behavior is making me feel like he is taking me for granted .. this relationship has always been about him , about how he feels, about what he wants from me, about how I should be the only one understanding him though he says nothing to me but I should understand what that "nothing" could mean like make guesses from over the top of my head and choose what best suits me and understand that and live with that...., When I told him I'd rather be with someone who is sensitive enough to understand my emotions coz I can't see him throwing the love I give him all away, n to walk away if he can't live up to it, he was like what made u feel I throw it all away or don't feel it and make sure it's the last time u're asking me to walk away!! To which I said that, to make sure that was the last time he put me in a situation to ask him to!, So we keep having these crazy fights nearly everyday ... M tired of it but I love him too ... It's gonna tear me apart if I ever have to let him go and yes undoubtedly I would wanna be in a serious relationship with him if this works out ... Maybe as of now my situation feels like I couldn't think of being with anyone else ... But yeah m dead serious about this man who is always mean and inconsiderate to my feelings!! Lol!!

  • Totitoti forgot to ask is your ex virgo only texting just Hi, Hello? Or is he trying to be friendly again?

    Here is another thread Totitoti😉

    And another one 😉

  • @anon_undertaker first was just hey there and others him trying to rekindle what we had. Oh girl you will do everything possible to keep me away from answering him😂! Don't worry, I won't 💜 But, I'll read the threads.

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