The heart of a Virgo man

  • @totitoti I do know his birth date but not the hour. I think I’ll try to find his birth chart on the internet to know and understand him more. We texted all day and he even asked about my personal life I think that’s a really good sign ! I try to keep some distance and not be too emotionally involved but I’m so overly sensitive it’s challenging to me. You’re right about virgos they definitely have their bad side and he can be really manipulative and mean to me. If he forgives me, it’s okay. But if he don’t, it’s still okay because I know I’ve done everything I could and I apologized and really meant it. If we end up together I’ll be so happy ! And if we don’t I’ll move on with my life. Thank you so so much for your kind words it means so much to me. I’ll update you on the situation.

  • @laurie2406 Im so happy that the two of you are talking! You don't need to know his time of birth for the Venus, mars, moon and mercury signs at all. Take care of your heart. Hoping for the good news. All the best!

  • @Totitoti Hello again toti ! I’ve been thinking a lot about my story with this virgo. I am somehow disappointed because he made up his mind and decided to push me out of his life without bother telling me because of just one mistake I did. I am deeply hurt about that and also hurt by the fact that he came back like nothing had happened and told me « maybe I was wrong but maybe not » and expected me to take him back. I was so hurt I said all those mean things to him. Even tho I now forgive myself for what I said, I have so many questions that I think will remain unanswered.. How can he judge our entire relationship over just a single mistake ? How can he act so cold and distant ? I know he’s doing all of this because he want revenge but isn’t he afraid of loosing me ? We both did things wrong at some point in this relationship so why would I be the one putting all my pride aside to try to win him back ? I’m not going to lie, I really love him but I’m just tired of this. He’s expecting me to do all the work when he was the one that hurt me in the first place and did not apologized (wich I did twice). I want to give up and I also want to give it a try. But he’s so not cooperative I just don’t know what to do. I feel like he’s playing some game with me and I can’t deal with it. When we are together we laugh and talk and kiss and all of that but when we’re not he is distant and won’t talk to me. His silence is stressing me out and I just can’t put my happiness and mental health aside just to please him. When we talked monday it was really casual and I think he’s not as mad as he was (before, he just wasn’t replying or replied like 5 hours later) but he’s still not willing to give us another chance. A part of me is telling me that there’s no way for me to beg a man to take me back when we both did things wrong and an other part of me is telling me that this issue is so small that I can put my pride aside and chase him a little bit more. But because the issue is so small why would he move on ? Did I hurt his ego so bad he can’t be with me anymore ? It feel so good to express my feelings on this forum ! I feel a lot more better now. I hope you’re doing okay and I’m looking forward to hear from you !

  • @laurie2406 Hi! Oh those virgos know how to trouble us! It is a typical Virgo MO. What he is doing to you, mine did to me. For example, we planned a fantastic weekend getaway, everything was ready and fine with us. Just a couple of days before the trip he tells me he doesn't think it was going to work (never gave me a reason why) and that we should call everything off. I agreed and didn't make drama. I just said ok if that is what you want. And I never called him again. I font know, maybe he expected me to run after him and act like every other woman who , he said, ran after him.
    I told you what happened later, he got married and is stalking my social media.
    No, you haven't done anything so wrong so he had the right to quit on your relationship. You apologized. You regreted what you've done. Don't be hard on yourself. I know exactly how you feel. I was so disappointed with my Virgo. He is still in my heart, because he is a good guy behind the all stupid things that he has done. I find September Virgo to be much more complicated than the August one. Don't give him much attention. When he texts you don't reply immediately. Reply after five hours. Mirror his behavior. And see what happens.

  • @totitoti he is a September Virgo.. well that explain a lot of things. That’s exactly what I think : I didn’t do anything that bad. I’m afraid to move on because I can’t stand the idea of loosing him.. but I can’t hold on to someone that is not willing to make things work between us. When we were still together, we planned a lot of things together and now he’s making his own plans. He even told me he’s going to move to another country ! I was heartbroken because it means I’ll never see him again and we’ll never be together anymore. I know he’s doing all of that just to hurt me and I know he’s playing with me because when we are together he can’t fake it. He can’t resist. Now I’m just confused and don’t know what to expect from him. I think it would be better if I could just move on and never talk to him again but as I said I’m so scared of losing him.. (what if I stop talking to him and everything just ends like this ? What if he meet someone else ?) I’m not even mad at him that’s the saddest part ! Because I know he’s a good person. I know he can be so nice and intelligent ! But anyone has their flaws and his are just.. terrible. I’m really sorry to hear what your Virgo did to you.. I can’t even imagine how I would feel if it was me ! But, you saying that he was waiting for you to chase him is making me think about mine. He had just one « serious » relationship of 8 years that ended over 2 years ago and the girl is still calling him ! (of course he’s not even answering) All the girls he’s been with are still chasing him in some way. And I don’t want to be one among so many. I’m still trying to figure out if I should give up or give it a try. It’s hard for me to let go of someone I shared so much with..

  • @laurie2406 "My" virgo I 42 years old very successful man. But, when it comes to relationships, he is so confusing and confused. As if he is torn between what he wants and what he needs. I don't think he will ever be loyal to one woman. He used to tell me he had four women in his display whenever he wanted, he would call them and they would come running. I wasn't like that and perhaps that's why he couldn't handle me. He didn't know what to do with me 😂
    The more I'm researching on virgo men, the more I'm convinced that majority of them has narcissistic tendencies. Everything is always about them. They can be so mean to their partners and their partners will willingly come for more. Don't beat yourself up. You did and you are doing everything the right way. You haven't done anything so horrible. Actually, he is the one doing horrible things to you.
    You say you don't know what would happen to you if you were me. Let me tell you.... NOTHING. It would hurt for a while, you'd cry for few days and then you'd feel good because you got rid of a man who hasn't respected you. Before a virgo I was married to a Taurus man for eight years. He was a narcissist and the mental torture I suffered from him made me stronger. We must put ourselves on the first place. Don't ever put your virgo on pedastal. Don't ever put him first and give him more worth than you're giving yourself.
    You have all the right to be angry because of the bs he is putting you through. You have all the right to expect him to behave respectfully towards you.
    You think it's accidental that my virgo got married after 40? I don't think it was because he was too picky and looking for the special one. I think it's because women who were involved with him saw him for what he was and didn't want to go through that emotional hell.
    He is so emotionally cold. All brain. A very superior intellect and very cold emotionally.
    Don't feel devastated. Whomever he might find, he will always come back. Always. It can take years.
    It is draining, I know. But, sometimes we need to let go of things or people even we love them. Sometimes what we think we want isn't exactly what we need long-term. Imagine living with that guy. Every time I remember how he corrected me I start to laugh. I'm so confident that his wife is putting him through hell now. Well deserved I'd say.
    Be you and love yourself more than you love anyone else. Give him as much as he gives you. Unrequited love isn't sexy, isn't attractive, isn't fulfilling. It's pure masochism. Be above his crap. Disappear for a while, don't talk to him, do things you love,be you. If he text you, don't reply in hours. Be a mirror and don't invest so much feelings into a man who doesn't know what he wants. Are you sure he is single? I'm now sure mine wasn't when he got involved with me. Virgo's are known for having double lives or at least to be addicted to pornography. I wish you lots of love and all the best. I'm here when you need to talk😃

  • @totitoti Waw you’re 100% right.. I didn’t even realize how bad his behaviour is. Actually he only had one serious relationship. The other girls was just... random girls he could satisfy himself with. The things he did with me, he only did them with his ex. When we started talking, we instantly started something serious because it was both what we wanted. But now that you’re saying all of this, I do realize his reaction is totally disproportionate. When we argued last time he told me « there’s only two women that took me for a **, my ex and you. And I’m not about to let that happen again » but I could see he was confused and angry. I think I’ll just let go. There’s no reason for me to feel guilty about just a little mistake. I forgive myself and that’s the most important. If he can’t forgive me, that’s on him. Thank you for telling me this ! It’s making me open my eyes and see the situation from a different angle.
    I had a relationship with an Aquarius for 5 years before I met my Virgo and this relationship almost destroyed me. He was so abusive I’m thankful I’m not with him anymore. It was really hard for me to trust this Virgo guy that’s also why it’s hard to let go. You seem so confident it’s really inspiring ! I wish I was but I’m working on it

  • @laurie2406 You see, something attracted me to answer you. It was 24.06 besides your name. It would be my 10th wedding anniversary on 24.6. this year. Everything happens with a reason. My confidence didn't come with no pain, with no doubt, it didn't come easy. I'll be 37th is November. Yes, I'd love to have a man I love beside me. But, I will not fall blindly anymore. My Virgo was a lesson I shall never forget. I trusted him easily not realizing he was just playing around with me. In the time I was the most vulnerable after my divorce. He knew all that and played me along. I wish he had told me the truth, I'd be able to take it.
    You and I are empaths and we see the world through our eyes and that is why we cannot understand how someone can behave differently. Love yourself. I can't accentuate that enough. Love everything you do and do it with pleasure. There is nobody like you on this planet. Embrace that. Your life is with a purpose and that purpose definitely isn't to let a man breadcrumb you, abuse you and fool around with you. We deserve better. Let him come to you. Remove yourself from his life. When he comes back cut him with the truth.

  • @totitoti 24.06 is my birthday, well I’m sorry it brings this memory to you.. I’m sure you will find someone that will love you unconditionnally and will treat you like you’ve never been treated before. We all deserve to be loved, even tho love is not always given to us the way we expect it to be. I always thought the best love was the one someone could give me but now I’ve been realizing it’s because I don’t know how to love myself. I want people to love me and treat me right because I can’t do it myself... well I can but I don’t really know how. I’ve been idealizing love and based my expectations on this wrong idea of love but that’s not how it work. Now that I met him and had the opportunity to experience this, I realize I must love myself and put myself first. It teached me a lot. I now know what not to do when I meet someone new. Funny thing is he kept saying I had to put boundaries between us because people always disappoint us even when they weren’t planning to but I wasn’t listening to him.. this problem could have been solve with just a single honest conversation between us but I can’t force him. I’m trying to keep myself busy but I just can’t stop thinking about him. When we met, he was at the lowest and I was there for him. I helped him through this hard time and now he’s going on with his life and I’m out. But now that he’s gone I can focus on myself. I should keep in mind that no matter what, it will always be me with me till the day I die so I must love myself.

  • @laurie2406 No, you haven't reminded me of bad memories. On the contrary, that was the happiest day of my life because I married the love of my life. Turned out I wasn't his love. But, that's ok.
    Remember one thing. Nothing you would have done would change the situation. He is who he is, probably scared to death from commitment. My Virgo was hurt in love too and I think that's why he is acting this way towards women. As if he wants to revenge for what that One did to him. We all have our painful spots that are hard to heal. Forgive him. Not because he deserves that but because it will make you feel good. Self love isn't selfish. It is a necessary shield from the world we live in. I don't believe in boundaries in love. When it comes to love it is all or nothing. But, boundaries with certain people who are toxic for us should be imaginary concrete walls that are impossible to pass. I will never hate my Virgo. Actually I see what he foes quite sad. But the only way I'd consider to get back with him would be when he would prove me in ACTIONS that he means it. Virgos are huge on words, masters of fantasy worlds they create with their alluring language. They make us feel like the queens of the world. But, those are just words. When it comes to actions, they vanish, ghost, and disappear.
    It took me long time to stop thinking about my Virgo. Even now, when I see something that reminds me of him, o can't help but wondering.
    They will always be a part of our lives.
    Learn to enjoy your solitude. You will discover so many amazing things. And I'm sure there is a true love just behind the corner.
    All my Virgo friends, male and female, have messy relationships and marriages, multiple divorces... All cheat. But all demand absolute loyalty in return. Great as friends but I don't think they make good partners. Also, I'm wrong to generalize. But, all I know are wired that way. It's a weird sign. But, I do love them.

  • @totitoti That’s my first time ever with a virgo and I have to say no man has ever drive me crazy like this before ! Came into my life, told me I’m the most beautiful and amazing woman he has ever met, that he loves me and that he can even imagine having kids with me one day and then disappeared with absolutely no reason. What a psycho ! But I know I will forgive him because we all have our own fight and we all make mistakes. His mistake don’t define him so I just wish him the best. I do have to say he is quite a loyal person when in a relationship. He love having several women but only when he’s single. I know he had a rough time with his ex girlfriend (she cheated on him several times and got pregnant by another man but that’s his side of the story) and sometimes I feel like he sees our relationship as a continuation of his previous one. Wow I’m just realizing I’m making all of these excuses for him 😂 it’s seems so impossible for me to think that someone could hurt me on purpose or just for revenge that I always feel the need to make excuses for people that hurt me. It’s also helping me to move on in some way.
    I just have one virgo friend and she’s nothing like him she’s actually so nice and one of my longest friend.
    I’m sorry your marriage has ended like this it must’ve been so hard... I’m glad you’re doing okay now.
    I’m a Cancer so I’m always overwhelmed by my feelings and my mood can change a lot througout the day. It’s super hard to let go and act like nothing happened. I’m also very needy emotionally and I don’t know if my virgo could’ve handled that part of me anyway so maybe our breakup was a sign.. you said they always come back but knowing him and his dementious pride I really don’t think he will and maybe that’s for the best.
    I’m thinking about this whole year and I remember my new year’s eve, I was so excited I wanted my life to change for the best and I do think I have what I wanted. I’m now able to work on what I call the four self : self care, self growth, self love and self respect. I always thought this relationship was another failure but actually it’s a blessing

  • @laurie2406 As long as we live we learn. Virgo told me he wished he met me long time ago, told me how he sees future with me, how he would rock my world and that he is crazily attracted to me. And many many things more. I'm laughing while writing you this. I know that at some crazy level he didn't want to hurt me. I don't think he can even realize what he's done to me. I handled the entire situation with dignity and I'm proud of that. I do believe he expected me to throw myself in front of him and chase him. I'd never do that. My grandmother used to say never to chase a bus or a man. Another one will always come along.
    I'm happy that you turned this emotional tragedy into something positive. I congratulate you on that. In weird virgo logic, you belong to him. You are his. His property that he can come back to tomorrow or in ten years. I'm sure you will remember me when that happens and laugh.
    I wish I could have been more helpful, but all I can do is share my own experience and share what I've learned about the virgos along the way. Female Virgos are much different. My best friend is one. She doesn't have stable relationships, but maybe that's because of her Scorpio Venus. Anyway, astrology on side, we should be with people who make us feel good about ourselves , who make us want to be better every single day.
    I am a very sensitive Scorpio with Pisces moon, but when I have enough I have enough. My ascendant and mars are in virgo so probably that's why detach fast and don't let sad feelings overwhelm me.
    My second best friend is a cancer and I know exactly what you are talking about. But, believe me, you will rise above it all and he will remain the same. You are an evolved person, ready to admit her own mistakes. He lives in denial and doesn't take responsibility for his actions, but is more than ready to blame you for everything that's not working.
    In the world of Virgos and all the men alike, be a unicorn. Don't change your neediness, don't change your romantic side. Just build self love and take good care of you in terms of health, education, etc. If someone wants you to change in order to be with him, be sure that there is no love in his heart. It is much better to be single than with such a man.
    You have this. And, any time you need someone to talk to or cry, I'll listen😃 I know how it can hurt. Love yourself and let the world love you💜

  • @totitoti I wrote on this forum not knowing if anyone would reply. It’s been almost a year since no one posted on this « heart of a virgo man » but I was so desperate I did it anyway and I can say you’ve been really helpful. Everything happen for a reason and I’m so glad you came here and shared your experience with me. I hope it didn’t bring bad memories.. I don’t know much about astrology I only know about me : I’m a Cancer, Virgo rising, Cancer Sun, Cap moon, Venus in Leo, Mercury in Cancer, Mars in Taurus. I know I can be really hurtful when I’m angry but I hate conflicts so I apologize very easily. Is your breakup with your Virgo recent ? Do you think you’re really over him ? And what would you do if he came back and make everything right ? I think I would instantly forget everything that went wrong between us if he came back but that’s not really a good thing because if he did it once, he’ll probably do it again. I also think he’s leaving the country because of us. We have soooo many memories in this city ! I think he can’t handle all of this. Your grandmother is a wise woman that’s a really good advice ! Unlike you I think I didn’t handled the situation with dignity and I’m not so proud about it but it’s okay I’m not really blaming myself for it. And thank you for being there for me it means a lot ❤

  • @laurie2406 You handled your situation very well. Your venus is in Leo, you are warm and affectionate, romantic and fiery. You want it all and you want it now. Your cap moon is playing with your confidence but that's not something you can't handle. I started learning about astrology because of the virgo. It was my last attempt at understanding his craziness. Strangely, it helped and resonated a lot with me.
    It's been a year in June (June again 😀). Yes. If he would set things straight and be honest and straightforward, yes I'd give him a second chance. The way we communicated was special. As telephatic. I could feel him without him saying anything. He could understand me the same way. It was intense, attraction was electric. It came as a lightning and thunder, out of nowhere. I've never felt that with anyone but him. I could be me. He was the male version of me. At least I thought he was. And I loved that we were so uninhibited when together. It was really special. That is why I was so confused when he left. I thought he felt the same. Actually, I knew he did because I saw it in his eyes.
    I haven't dated since. I don't want to waste my time on anyone really. I'm working a lot so I don't really have much time for meaningless meetings. I miss him often. I'd lie if I'd say I don't. But, he has a lot of growing up to do. He is 42. I wonder when or if he would ever grow up.
    I wish I knew how his wife is handling him. She doesn't look happy. I wonder why...
    Oh, I also occasionally check these pages and when I saw your question, I had to answer. When I was in pain, Jen, a woman who started this thread was with me all the way. I couldn't thank her enough. She gives great advice. I wonder how all of these ladies are doing with their virgos. .. Has any one of them lived their love story?

  • @totitoti The way you talk about your relationship.. I can see myself through your words. I feel like you just described my relationship with him. It’s so strange ! And all of the communication without words is something he already said to me. We were so close.. the way he looked at me I felt like I was the most important, beautiful amazing person in the whole world. The way he kissed and touched me, I could’ve die in his arms.. I really thought we were sharing the same feelings. We couldn’t really live our love story because his situation wasn’t allowing it but it was still perfect. I remember one time I said something to him I don’t even remember what and he cried. What I said made him so happy he just cried right in front of me ! I was so chocked and happy and.. waw I really love him 😂 based on what he said, he never ever experienced this type of relationship before. So why would he run away from it ? It makes no sense to me !
    I also wonder if there’s any woman that could tell about her story with a virgo that goes or went well ! Not a Cancer I think. We’re too sensitive and emotional for these virgo guys.
    Sometimes I ask myself « what am I missing ? Why didn’t it work with me ? »
    I’m trying to improve my skills in astrology. I’ve always been fascinated by astro and now that I got to experience this rough time with a virgo I def want to know more !
    I read the begining of the thread and I saw what Jen posted. She seems to be very nice and understanding. Too bad she’s not posting anymore..

  • @laurie2406 Never think you are missing anything. You are a COMPLETE person. I think it might be that our intensity and the feelings we awake in these guys scare them off. Virgo said several times that I'm intense, but he did like that about me. At least that's what he said.
    What I learned in life is a lesson of letting go. Let him go and with full heart wish him all the best. Dont be sad about it. Be happy and grateful. When I did that, he started roaming around me and stalking me on social media😅 Not that I enjoy that, but that clearly shows me he is curious about me. Also, I'd have no intention of getting involved with a married man. But, it's somehow satisfying to see that things always come back. I also believe that when we let go that we transform to better selves. Give that love to the people around you, let them know what a wonderful person you are. Enjoy children, animals, your elderly... There is so much love to give and it would be such a waste only to wait for a man to give that love to.
    Yes, the way we communicated is beyond words. I still can't explain it. IV never experienced something similar. We met and it felt as if we've known each other for our entire lives.
    If he was a soul mate, he will come around. Sometimes soul mates have to break apart in order to find one another again. If you experienced such connection, probably he did to. Nobody can act that well. He felt all that and didn't know what to do with all those feelings. He couldn't find a way out but to make a conflict. Virgos tend to compartmentalize things. He put you in some box and closed it because he doesn't know how to handle you. He is confused within himself, with lots of inner conflict and tension. Virgos even when relaxed, are very nervous. Always thinking. Always in their heads.
    They are very confusing and not easy people to be around. Go from ice cold to hot. There is no middle with them. They always think the grass is greener elsewhere. Since it's not, they always come back. Are you sure we aren't talking about the same Virgo 😂? Imagine that!

  • @totitoti It’s crazy but your words comfort me and reassure me. You always find something true to say and I do feel like we experienced almost the same situation.
    He has always been uncomfortable with his feelings for me. He always told me that he’ll probably never tell me he loves me but would show me with his actions. And he did show me. Until he disappeared.. but now everything is different. Even when we are together. I also don’t think he even realize how confusing he is and how he didn’t see the situation from my perspective (he tends to always see things from his angle and never make the effort to see things from other people’s angle). Maybe he’s not even realizing how hurt I am and never will since he’s always right (even when he’s wrong😂) but he’s so not open to discuss things that I can’t even tell him.
    You may be right about if he’s my soulmate he will come back but.. he came back once and I didn’t want him back because I was hurt. So thinking that he’ll come back again seem impossible to me. But time will tell.
    The thing is he’s not on any social media he hates them all. So knowing that it’s over and that he’ll move to another country is stressing me out because I’ll really loose him forever. That’s breaking my heart even more..
    I have no choice but let him go but I’m getting more and more comfortable with the idea even tho it still hurt.
    I too never experienced something similar I felt like we were meant to be together. But it’s okay. I hope he’ll find his happiness in someone else.
    Virgos are really confusing I can’t stand the idea that he left you and got married so quickly that’s so sad

  • @laurie2406 If you read the entire thread, you will see how all stories here resemble one another. As if all these women were involved with a same man. It's quite strange all of that is just due to a zodiac sign.
    I forgave virgo for what he had done with me. I don't think he is aware of that though. I think in his eyes all was a nice clean cut with nobody getting hurt.I don't think they are ever aware of the severity of their actions.
    I wish after all of that he was happy. But I don't think he is. I don't think his wife is happy either, she doesn't look happy. It's a shame. I truly wished him all the best and hoped he has found what he was looking for. But, that's their life that I'm not jealous or envious of. I have mine im very happy with.
    Yes, him doing that was difficult for me. I had my moments of what if thinking. But, I let it all go fast. He inspired two books of poetry that were quite successful. So, you might say I found blessing in pain.
    Even if your Virgo doesn't have social media, be sure he is following you and keeping an eye on you. There is no logic in what I said, but it's true I could bet on it.
    Virgos are very selfish. Everything has to be done their way. If they make a mistake, that's acceptable. If we make one, the door of hell opens. They can't even take a joke without getting angry.
    Once I asked my Virgo if he snored. I wanted to tease him. He got angry.
    I have my blue moments but I'm a relaxing person to be with. I own what I do, take responsibility. I say frankly how I feel. If only he communicated with me honestly, that would prevented all this unnecessary analysis.
    He will come back. Once he does it is up to you how you will receive him. I never asked my Virgo any questions when he would disappear. Never asked any explanation, hoping that would give him a green light to open up to me. Now I'm thinking he might take that as - she doesn't care about me. But many times I proved him I do. In words and actions. Apparently, that wasn't enough.
    Before he disappeared he said - I wish I met you sooner, we would have prevented lots of pain. That's when I felt he had someone else. I can't explain it. I knew he would leave. He sent that to ne as a text at 4 in the morning. Probably after sleepless night. He doesn't drink so I can't blame alcohol on that.
    Yes,if only they talked about his they truly feel... All would be much easier. You disappear for a while as I told you. He is around don't worry. My Virgo now lives a continent away. Last night I posted a fb story. Guess who was the first to see it. And I rarely use Facebook, almost never. Yet,40 sec after I post it at 1 in the morning he was the first on there.
    Nobody can tell me that we imagined all these feelings. I'm sure they felt at least something. But their lives are messy. Usually workaholic, a woman will always come second for a Virgo man. Always behind their plans and projects.
    I often wish to travel somewhere with a Virgo as friends to have fun. Separate bedrooms and great time together with lots of laughter. I think it would be great😊

  • @laurie2406 If you read this thread till the end, you will see how all the stories here resemble one another. As if it is the same men for all the women who participated. It's quite strange that it took astrology to connect the puzzle pieces.
    I forgave him what he's done. I believe its for the best. I want an honest and straightforward man, a man who will not get scared of fellings, who will protect and honor me. I know he is coming to me, that is why i don't want to get involved with just any man to try my luck.
    I thought it would be a Virgo. He seemed so confident and I felt as if I can trust him. All that was just a play. He is very insecure, indecisive with very low confidence. Everything was harsh to him. Once I told him he was mean in such a nice way with a kiss, as it was pure teasing, he got angry. I playfully asked him if he snored and I laughed. He got angry. Yes, he got many great qualities, but if he would get angry for every single thing, that would be very exhausting.
    They are very selfish. Everything has to be done his way. If you make mistake, aware of the criticism. If he makes the same mistake, it's not a problem. That's draining. I have also my crazy moments, but I'm a relaxing person to be around. When I have my blue moments, I isolate in nature to recharge. That doesn't last longer than a day and I always take responsibility for the things I do. He never did. When he would disappear I never asked questions and demanded explanations. I thought it would give him a green light to open up to me. I didn't want to judge him. I wanted him to feel safe around me.
    It's hard to admit, but maybe it's better all turned out the way it did. He inspired my poetry and two books which were a success. So, the pain became a blessing.
    Even if he doesn't have any social media, be sure he is following you and keeping an eye on you in some way. I'm almost 100% sure. Don't ask why because I have no logical explanation.
    He chose his way and all I could do was agree with him. It hurt. I had many "what if" moments. Then I let it go and returned my peace. I wish he was really happy with a woman he chose. She is just like you and I and it's so obvious she isn't happy. I'm very genuinely sad for the both of them. But, let it be. They have their life that I'm not jealous or envious of. I have my life im very happy with. I just wish people openly communicate and say how they truly feel. It would save us from lots of pain.
    Just stay low key. Leave much talk. Don't be around. Disappear for a while. He us going to come back. When he foes, handle him firmly with care.
    Don't fall fir words. Fall for actions. I married a man I adored. Six months into marriage I realized that was a mistake. We were together for two years prior. I stayed married to him for eight years. I left with peace in my heart because I knew I tried everything possible. Believe me, being alone is much more fulfilling than being attached to a wrong man. Sentiments aside, ask yourself if you are in peace when you are with him. If you have no peace, it's not love. Love is soothing.
    Also, Virgos are workacholics. The woman they are with will always come second, after his plans and projects. Many women can't deal with that long term. Check narcissism. He could be one, judging by his behavior.

  • Well...i wrote a post, it disappeared. I wrote the other one, it got posted and the old post reappeared! Just like a Virgo man 😂

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