The heart of a Virgo man

  • I was also married to an Aquarius, and we are still good friends. He was a good husband to me, but we had different ambitions in life, like Jen and her Aqua, and started developing in different directions after 3 years of marriage. We were both young. My ex husband is now a good husband to another woman, and I'm very happy for him. He deserves a stable family life and a loving wife. My dad was Aqua as well, and he has always been unfaithful to my mum, but wouldn't leave her, until she finally kicked him out. Also I was courted by another very talented and excentric Aqua, who was quite an emotional mess, so that didn't end well (for him - I got away). The only thing all these men had in common - a certain professional brilliance and excentricity.

  • You all have fallen for it. Vgo77 is playing with you. remember Virgos are emotionally detached and are masters of mind games.

  • ABB- Vgo77 is not weak. she is showing you her dark side..

  • So are we. We are showing our dark side - well, I am. And enjoying it. 🙂 To be honest, she can't be taken seriously, so we might just as well have a little laugh together.

  • Well, actually, it does look like she is being dead serious (and weak), as she has posted the same story on the other thread.

  • Vgo is not pulling anything over on anyone. I personally don't care if her story is true or not. I've picked up that she's not a nice person (or she isn't at this point) and whatever happens she deserves it. She's young and immature--that's the only excuse I'll make for her.

  • LibraLuli - Saw your post and just popped on to say "hello"! Happy to see you're still around. That's quite a story you told about Aquarius. I'm glad you have come through it and moved on to hopefully better relationships. It does go to show though, lies, cheating and general deception are not owned by any particular sign. Your guy was a real doozy. I wonder if he ever stopped or just kept right on going since he got away with it for so long. It sounds like a lifestyle with him.

    Anyway, glad you're here and hope you have been well!

  • I already saw her other posts on a new thread. It does not matter... she is not serious and is playing around.. come on now only a therapist would fall for it. lol

  • zzzzziiiiipppppooooo

  • today is December 21st

  • song4jazz - Does that mean I won't have to go to work tomorrow? Agh, I do hate Monday mornings....

  • LibraLuli, so glad you've finally been able to move forward from such a devastating experience! You will eventually find that special someone you deserve!

    S4J, As someone else stated "doesn't really matter" and I agree, but having tons of experience with Virgos, V77 is totally showing weakness and desperation! Believe me, a disappearing act is in the making and as I mentioned earlier, still wish her well just as I do with everyone on this thread and BTW most everyone here is mature enough to see through the V77's egotistical mask! V77's in pure pain and V77's projection onto Jen sealed the deal!

    Have a great day ladies! Hugs!!!!

  • lol, you will all continue your dramas long after december 21st. I was merely referring to the ending of this thread.. it's dying thread and by that I mean it might be better to start a new thread.

    all have a lovely week... just another wonderful drama free day! Being Bored can be a good for the mind.. again, find a passion you are interested in, and see how fast you stop thinking about these bad boys.

  • S4J, lol ! I hope you realize that all women writing here are highly accomplished people with, hobbies, careers and passions, of which psychology is just one. But it's a fascinating subject and we all enjoy each other's virtual company, so I very much doubt that this thread will come to its end any time soon. Wishing you a drama free day as well !

    Ladies, I've just finished that editing gig ! Next step is to receive money for my work. It feels so strange to actually have some free time, apart from teaching ! 🙂 Yesss!!!!

  • VS, congrats on finishing your editing gig! Enjoy your free time! Make sure you keep it "drama" free though! lol

  • Good for you VS! I was going to message you on FB but the site is down. NOW there's some drama for the world. Maybe today is December 21st afterall!

    Thanks song4jazz, wishing you a happy and drama-free week as well. 🙂 And I am not saying that simply to try to lure you into our band of cheerleaders here, lol. I do try to be sincere in everything I say.

  • Congrats VS! Enjoy your free time! 🙂

    I think this site will be here long after 21 Dec...folks are always "wishing" this site away for some reason. It's easier if they would just not come here than to wish the site away!

    Today was very chilly but I love it! Got to put on my cute peacoat and I'm driving my new car so I was all toasty!

    Have a nice evening ladies!

  • Thank you, ladies ! ABB, don't worry - no drama for me (hopefully) except for some frustrating stuff going on at work, related to financial situation and our direction's unwillingness to move a finger to do something about it, or even to allow others to help. But I guess it will eventually get resolved one way or another.

    Jen, I hope nothing too dramatic is happenning today ! Your post has made me worry a little...

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