The heart of a Virgo man

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  • Is anyone else having Seasiren flashbacks? I'm having deja vu here.

  • ....flashbacks is an extreme understatement....yikes!! I just signed in to check on everyone and am a bit overwhelmed at all the drama! I think I am glad I have a really boring life.......

  • Jen, the thought entered my mind the very first post .... wondering how long it would take for others to pick up! lol

    G4E, so happy that you're enjoying Virgo!

    HiddenD, glad you're still around. Hope all is well!

    LibraL, hope all has been going well with you!

    Have a great weekend ladies!

  • I wanted to get the point across that "Virgo Worship" is absurd. A Virgo does not cause you to fall in love with them. You do that all on your own. If you're unhappy with a certain person or horoscope sign, simply avoid it. Why in the world would someone make themselves unhappy on purpose? Life's too short and losing even (1) day over another person who treats you badly is quixotic at best.

    Believe in yourselves, not a failed relationship that will never see better days. Relationships have expiration dates, like milk. It tastes sweet for a few weeks but then it sours because one or the other forgets to check the temperature of the union and it all goes bad. You can't turn spoiled milk back into sweet milk. It must be discarded.

    I really am a thinker. I don’t do things rash. I know some of the things I've said on here or the way I act seem rash. But I do take ownership of it. I don’t say things I don’t mean.

    Now, is there anyone here at all that can help me with the Virgo/ Aquarius combo because I'm still having problems with this and need some advice on how to win the Aquarius back. If not, thanks for the laughs. 🙂

  • Vgo77 if you're that kind of person you shouldn't have gotten married in the first place.

    Being younger than him... you think that gives you the right to cheat? Because he ''got the better deal'' and cheating only makes you ''even''?

    Funny how you say you're ''best friends'' and you still cheat on him. Disgusting, to me.

    About aquarius, do absolutely nothing. They fall for their closest friend anyway, unless they're seeing someone already of course.

  • Vgo77, why would you want to ask an advice of "weak, sniveling wonem" that you admit hating ? That is not an example of clear the rest of what you say.

  • Because I'm broken-hearted and I need some help. I don't like anyone right now. Please help me. I posted on another page but no responses yet. Here's what's really going on with me. If anyone can help before I do the affair, OMG! I'm spending the day with him today. He told his wife he's going golfing and I told my husband that I'm going Christmas shopping. I'm really afraid I'm going to sleep with him today. I know I'm dating my virgo friend on the side but I haven't had sex with him yet either. We've done other things but not all the way. Today I want to make love with my Aquarius man who I love more then life. I need help.

    Hi. I have such a broken heart. I'm a virgo female (d.o.b 09-05) and I need advice on how to win back an aquarius guy (d.o.b 01-25) who's been in my life for a while. We've been best friends for a long time but we used to date romantically. We both ended up getting married to other people and now we're both really unhappy. We're in our 20's and he says he loves me more then his wife and I know I love him more then anything too. We're both trying hard not to create problems because of our marriage statuses but I just can't help myself anymore. I think about him all the time and it's wreaking my marriage. I've lost interest in my husband and I know that's not fair but I love this aquarius man and I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

    I call him all the time at his work and we talk but it keeps coming back to he won't leave his wife for me and even though I would leave my husband for him in a second, he just wants to have an affair with me and I need more then that. 😞 This aquarius man has always been very confusing to me and I really need some help to understand him. He's the only aquarius man I've ever known and he confuses me how he acts so loving towards me one minute and he tells me he adores me and is in love with me but then he's totally not into me at all the next. Is he playing games with my heart or is this how his sign is? I was never into horoscopes until a friend told me to compare my sign and his. It says we're not compatible but I find that hard to believe. We get along so great!

    I'm going out of my mind trying to figure him out. Can someone who's in a virgo/ aquarius relationship help me or someone who knows aquarius men really well please help? Please explain to me how I win him? I don't want just an affair with him and I don't want to hurt his wife by doing that but I'm about to have the affair and I want to know if there is any other thing I can try first. I want him forever to be mine. HELP please!!

  • oppsy, gemini. I made a typo. I should have typed you're terrified of you're own thoughts. my mistake. i can see how that got taken wrong how it came out. sorry bout that.

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  • Wow, Vgo77, after all you do sound like a "whiny weak woman" you claim to hate so much !

    What is really happening here - you are projecting onto other women what you dislike in yourself. So my advice to you - get a grip of reality. The Aquarius guy doesn't take you seriously and never will, because you are being flaky, untrustworthy, having double (multiple?) standarts and are basically not suited for a serious relationship, but possibly good enough for an ocasional s.. and fun. He told you that himself - what is there not to understand ? For a serios relationship one (Aquarius or any other sign) needs someone you can trust and respect, apart from loving well enough to want to have this person around all the time. Sorry for directness, but you claim it to be your style, so you are not entitled to hold grudges.

  • Vgo77 - Now see, how are you any different than what you accuse the rest of us of? You want someone you can't have - or at least have in the way that you want him. You are needy and clinging too. I will tell you the same thing I told my Virgo - we all cling to the things we love. If you really love someone you don't give them up on a whim, you try to give it every chance. This "clinging" is only repulsive when you are the one who isn't feeling the love. If your Aquarius man doesn't love you and only wants something physical, then I suspect in short order he will find you needy and clinging also as you push to have more with him.

    What you seem to overlook among the women here is that we are making the effort to break away from that desire to have someone who can't give us what we know we need in a relationship. Not keep chasing it. The men involved make it harder because of the mental confusion they bring with their inconsistent behavior - or as you suggest outright mental games. It seems to me that your Aquarius has told you very plainly what he wants, but maybe there is something in you that thinks that you will convince him otherwise. It's natural to have that hope when you have felt that there is something special between you in the past.

    Personally, I think you will make yourself feel even worse if you engage in a physical affair when you know full well this isn't what you really want in a relationship.

    I dated an Aquarius for about a year and a half. I think it's interesting what HD had to say. In our time together Aqua asked several times, "if we ever break up can we always be friends"? And while we don't stay in good touch, I connected with him about a year ago and we are certainly still friends. Also in line with what HD said, my Aqua ended up marrying his best friend from highschool. They were strictly friends back then, but after we split up he said he contacted her. The rest is history and they remain very happily married.

    My friend dated an Aquarius for a year that she met on a dating site. Not once in all that time did he ever make a move to be with her physically. They would spend whole weekends together and still nothing. She finally ended it because she wanted more than "friend" status. His physical detachment drove her crazy and made her feel dejected. I'm sure she didn't need to end it, because I'm sure Aqua would have remained her friend.

    Aquarians are very unique people and it's hard to find commonalities among them. I was raised by one - my mother is Aqua and she operates very happily all on her own. I'd have to say that among all of the signs they seem to be the best at being alone and actually enjoying it. Maybe "enjoying" isn't even the right word, they just don't seem to notice they're alone. There doesn't seem to be a burning need for a single, committed relationship, although if they do fall into marriage it seems like they are in it for the long haul. Strange that your Aqua would want to cheat rather than just deal with his marriage really. They are pretty cut and dried about such things from my experience. One thing I enjoyed about my Aqua was no subject was taboo and he didn't avoid emotional issues whatsoever. Very rational and straight-forward. Our problem was that we had different ambitions in life. He was not very motivated and quite content to just drift along in life. Maybe it is my Cancer need for security on all fronts, but I tend to operate with objectives in my life and I require a partner who can pull some of the weight. He wanted to be a house-husband (yes, he even asked me to marry him) and this just didn't sit right with me. Maybe I'm just too traditional or even "romantic" in thinking that I want a man to wear the pants in the relationship.

    For all of the callous remarks you have made here Vgo77, I am sorry that you find yourself in a situation that is really not much different than what I have lived. If there is any lesson here for you in the thread it should be that affairs are not good, or even real relationships, and ultimately someone, if not many people get hurt. I suspect from what you describe, you may be the one who gets most hurt if you go down this path.

    I'd also caution you that your relationship with Cancer may not be as secure as you think. What I said in the first paragraph is true. People do not turn needy and clinging for no reason. When you are secure in a relationship there is no need for that. You can relax and know that you are loved. Your Cancer is struggling with some unmet emotional needs and trying to get you pulled back into the relationship. You are making him insecure. Insecure, unloved, unappreciated Cancers are full of surprises - just ask my ex husband. 😉

  • V77, glad you've shown your vulnerable and weaker side! It's a start! Now perhaps others will be more open to give constructive advice!

    My thoughts after reading all of your posts are that you are at such a weak point at the moment that your logic and reasoning have gone completely out the window, and, yes I too agree that you are sounding extremely desperate! My suggestion would be to cool it with Aqua or you will probably be making one of the biggest mistakes possible, impacting you, your family and Aqua’s family! Everyone on this thread is trying to warn you where this "obsession" with Aqua will lead, please take heed!

    BTW, my heart does go out to you as I could feel sheer desperation in your posts.

  • Jen,

    I've dated 5 or 6 Aqua's. My ex-husband is an Aquarius and he chased me relentlessly. So did an Aqua before that. I didn't not find either hard to understand and maybe because we are air signs. Aqua's go after what they want (just as Virgo's do). He doesn't want her. He just wants sex and she's so desperate that she's going to give it to him. He still won't leave his wife--I thought Virgo's were logical thinkers? He can't get more plainly honest with her than this. And WE are the supposed clingy ones? LOL! Thanks Jen for clearing up that up that we are trying to be rid of these men--well I was successful! I don't see clingy in that. She's pathetic and I'm not being mean just real...she can take it; she's an almighty Virgo. Like I said before I can see clearly through all that bravado... Virgos should know that people who are Cancers or have Cancer rising like me are very intuitive and we can see right through b.s.

    Lovely Sunday all! 🙂

  • VGO77,

    I will tell you my story (the short version) with my Aquarius man. Hopefully it will save you the years of heart ache and ruined life it cost me.

    We met and got together in 1995 and had an instant, very strong connection, something I have never felt and he claimed the same. He was married, claimed he was separated though and getting a divorce. We fell madly in love, though we lived on different coasts. We traveled every month, back and forth to see each other. A year later, I found out he was lying about being separated, broke it off and we went our separate ways, though we were both miserable. A year later, we reconnected, him telling me again, he was getting divorced. I believed him. This cycle went on for 15 years. I loved him so much, he treated me so well, I wanted it to work so badly that I was willing to ignore my inner voice. We last broke things off in 2003 after I couldn't take the lying anymore. I tried to go on with my life, and he his. In 2007, he called, said he was in town and wanted to talk. I went, he professed his love, said the kids were all grown, he could move on, his wife agreed to a divorce and would I please give him another chance. I said yes as long as we moved things forward to a permanent life together. He agreed, a year later, I moved to California. Fast forward four years.....I find out he once again was lying (and cheating with 3 other women throughout the country) He had been living a double life with me here and his wife in a different town. He was totally exposed, mostly by my doing, but is still with his wife...she refuses to divorce him no matter what he does.

    Do I believe this Aquarian man loves/loved me....yes, I do. But in his own capacity, which isnt enough for me. He has a talent where he is able to compartmentalize things so he can justify them. He has an inability to be the bad guy....he tells everyone what they want to hear instead of the truth....he believes this is a way of not hurting people. I had been asking all the right questions...he just kept lying to me....he says because he didn't want to lose me.

    I would stay away from your married Aquarian. If I could turn back time, I would go back to my old life in a heartbeat....this just wasn't worth the pain and the loss. I gave into what I was feeling at the moment instead of being practical and doing the right thing, I wouldn't listen to anyone who was telling me he was lying....all because I wanted it to work so badly, because I was so in love with him. Well, I obviously wasn't good enough for him to want me that badly, and your guy is indicating the same thing. If you two are so sure of your feelings, you should both leave your marriages first before starting this affair up. It will save a lot of hurt and pain. If he won't leave, then that says it all right there....and believe me, he will have sooooo many excuses as to why he can't.....I could fill a book with all of the excuses my Aquarian used. I don't know if this will help or not but I hope so. These men are dreamers and they are good hearted men, but they are not realistic at times and aren't capable of seeing the destruction they are causing with their actions. And they rarely hold themselves accountable for any of it. They use their charm to reel you in and keep you....please don't waste your life unless he makes a step towards showing you he is willing to make you a part of his life. I wasted 17 years of my life on my Aquarian with nothing to show for it except the wounds and the devastated life. It has been 2 years since he left and I am still struggling to get back on my feet. The only positive thing is that I have finally been able to let him and the love go.


  • Wow Libra.

    Sorry about your experience with Aqua but as you see, I didn't have that kind of experience at all and I've dated quite a few and married one. One I was supposed to marry years ago still keeps in contact with me. I guess they liked the fact that my attitude was yes you're here but you can be gone in a heartbeat. All of my Aqua's treated me very well and a few wanted to hang on after all was said and done. But once I'm done and the feelings are gone it's a done deal. I know everyone is different regardless of their "sign" but I just didn't see what you wrote in any of the Aqua's I've been in relationships with. Things didn't work out with my ex because he was not into family as much as I am and he was irresponsible. The other Aqua's didn't work out because I wanted to move on; so I did.

    Again I'm sorry for your experience and glad you were finally able to become strong enough to finally move on. 🙂

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