The heart of a Virgo man

  • I agree Vgo77 these 5 or so women on this thread are hypocrites so to speak, and are loners with bitter experiences to share. This thread is not about women who are strong and determined, they are whiners and pathetic losers. VS and ABB who are experts on Virgo men and have become Jenevers side cheerleaders with poms poms. LOL It appears that VS is thee most bitter of all, but hey I could be reading her posts incorrectly. This thread is only helping women that have a weak compass and are wandering souls hoping a prince will save them. they have no idea of what they're doing.

    as for Vgo77 has certainly made her choices. sooner or later it will catch up to you no matter how clever you are, bouncing between three men has to be a crazy juggle inside your mind. it maybe exciting to feel wanted, but trust that no man is ever going to trust a woman who has already agreed to cheat with him.

    Best of Karma and BTW, no more twinkies

  • No twinkies? I did love them too. LOL

    "Hypocrites" is the right word. It's funny how you and I can plainly see that but these woman can't. I wonder why?

    This thread is deemed a "support group?" Is this run by the web site here? I thought it was just like all the other threads on here. One person posts a problem and everyone who has any knowledge adds to the thread. It's just for fun I hope? I mean, no one is taking this seriously? I thought Hey I'm Virgo, I have extensive knowledge being Virgo since I am a Virgo and none of you bloggers are my sign and I cheated, so did the lady who started this thread so why not join the fun? Now I find out that it's a support group for this woman who needs cheerleaders to get on with her life? I want to help but come on, no one is that hopeless that they'd hang onto a thread for the answers to their relationships? That's seriously messed up. If you need a thread to make your decisions in life at that level, and to seek those answers since what..2009?, you have bigger fish to fry emotionally then us insensitive Virgo types. Again don't meant to offend is it me or does anyone else find this concept irrelevant to "real" life?

  • And heck, I know my bad deeds are going to come back and bite me in the a s s in this life or the next but I can't seem to care. And yep, I wouldn't trust me either. 😉 I knew I wouldn't be popular here but maybe that's okay too. Maybe having a Virgo input advice here is opening some of your eyes to what some of you refused to see with my sign? People who are still stuck on Virgo's, wake up, we don't love you if we're playing games with your emotions. When a Virgo falls in love with you for real, you know it through your soul. We make sure of it. If you are dating a Virgo currently and you have doubts whether that person loves you or wants a relationship with you... then you have your answer. Leave them behind, stop chasing what you can't have because they don't want you other than maybe they were bored that minute they called out of the blue or they wanted to hear that you still worship them or whatever.

  • if you worry about being popular than you would be afraid to express on your deepest thoughts. I'm not judging you, but only saying that has to be quite a juggling job to manage that much going on. I always thought one was enough to juggle. everyone's different, and some are able to handle it, but you have to not care as you say... if you really don't care than it won't be too much of a problem for you to walk away from Aquarius man or even the virgo guy. once you get caught by your husband, it could get really ugly. so be careful dear...

    BTW~ I just got back from the market and I happened to see twinkies and those delicious chocolate cupcakes with the yummy white filling inside. another Brand named "Little Debbie" now makes them and taste the same. how that for competition?

  • and the point of twinkies and competition? you can always find another body to have great s e x with. you can always find another soulmate or another marriage partner. it's that competitive out there. one person does not work out, move on and find another one. yes Jenever, there are plenty of good men out there, you are just stuck on your slippery Virgo

  • Hmm, everyone's opinion is welcome and no one is an expert!

    Women should also be much kinder to each other without any judgment!

    Hugs 🙂

  • Vgo77, you've just given a great advice to your Aquarius love interest - to leave people like yourself behind. So what's the problem ? That's what he seems to be doing anyway.

    S4J - correct me if I'm wrong - so you are approving of cheating, right ? The only concern you have is whether the person is able to juggle several relationships or not - is that correct ? You certainly seem to have different standarts for different people ( which, by the way, is a definition of a hypocrite).

  • Song4jazz... No, you were not judging me. I like all advise good or bad from anyone on any site. That comment I said was mostly directed to the Aries Bright person and the Gemini person. Both seem to have a chip on their shoulders against Virgo's. 🙂

    Yes Volpy maybe all men should leave me alone but the thing is, they don't because they love me. I never even look for men. They find me. I just sit back and watch what they do to get me to date them. That's a Virgo thing too, at least with females of my sign. We watch n see how those interested in us act after a few weeks then we make a choice and we put them in a category in our minds. Are they good for dating, good for a friend or good just for s e x. You see?

    I don't care f all of the men in my life find me out and leave because I am young and pretty still and I can always fine more. Human aren't suppose to be monogamous unless you believe in the bible. I'm a good person so that's what matters. My daughter is special needs and I stay home instead of work to care for her. I think that makes me a good person.

  • Vgo77, forgive me, but I seem to remember you saying that your Aqua crush doesn't trust you and doesn't want to have anything to do with you until you are completely single ? How does this translate into men "not leaving you alone because they love you" ?

    No one here has a chip on their shoulders, except possibly S4J. She is clearly obsessed with Jen. The rest of us are just exchanging information in order to protect ourselves from men who, like yourself, are emotional game players. You are actually the one who stated that ALL Virgos are cheaters. The rest of us are always giving credit to every new Virgo, pursuing us, until they prove to be untrustworthy. Gem, for instance, is dating one right now, and seems to be quite happy (except for the fact that he might be a bit clingy).

  • S4J, No chip here for sure! Just believe everyone should treat others with respect!

    BTW, it is clear that you are very young in the way you are enjoying life! Believe me, we have all been there!

    Was wondering though. why you feel the need to be deceitful instead of just going after what you want? You will not be young forever and these are very important years...

  • Forgot to say, Vgo77, I'm very sorry to hear about your daughter's situation, and I certainly wish both her and you all the best. Nobody is questionning your worth as mother, but being a great mother doesn't automatically mean that you are a great spouse/partner (which you are clearly not). This information about your situation also makes me realize that behind all that bravado there is an extremely vulnerable person, who feels that playing emotional games with men is the only entertainment availiable to her. Possibly there is an element of hostility towards men there too. A kind of revenge for the fact that a man has given you a child, that needs special care, which has put you into this situation - a full time care taker, not having any life of your own, not having any intellectual stimulation. No career, nothing...I suspect that all this "tough gal" talk is just a show off, in order to convince yourself and others of your independence - something that in fact you don't have. I am saying this to you not because I want to be nasty or critical, by the way, but with compassion, and with suggestion to make a better plan of realizing your potential than going around creating confusions.

  • Hmmm Vgo and S4J's comments amuse me. This is a good site with good people providing comments. You two came on here to expressly badger and put down Jen. No one hates Virgo; we are here to share our experiences and perhaps to help others who have questions. I'm not going to respond to anything either of you have said about me because I don't feel a need to. Oh wait what I will address is your question about how many times I cheated: zero. When I was married I was loyal and true to my husband as is expected. My question to you is would it have made you feel better if I said I had? Would that have changed your situation now? No. So that's the end of that. It's quite apparent that what I said hit a sore spot... In typical Virgo fashion Vgo you became very defensive and went on a rant. Everything I said was true so I don't understand why you seem so aggitated!

    Last comment: If you don't like what you read here--don't read it anymore. If you choose to stay don't say something that may garner a negative (or seemingly negative) response. If you can dish it, please be prepared to take it as well. As long as I've been here ABB, VS, and Jen have always been respectful to anyone who has anything to say--even if that individual didn't have kind things to say to/about them.

    As I said I was quite amused when I read your posts because quite frankly, I expected your outbursts and darlings you didn't disappoint. Have a great evening ladies! 🙂

    Oh btw new Virgo and I are getting along quite well! LOL!

  • My dearest friend Nancy is a virgo..she is 64 years old, most gracious ,beautiful, caring and loving, person I know. She is dying. There are unbelievable wonderful, beautiful people everywhere in this world no matter what their sign is. It has very little to with what sun sign you are. I also have a Virgo Boy-friend of many years who is self centered, irresponsible,and I could go on and on..but I have chosen to not take him seriously. Two Virgos..two totally different people. Can't help loving them both.

  • Pompanofish, so sorry about your friend ! I also know few Virgo ladies, who are nice people, and of course nothing is written in stone.

    Gem4E, that's great that the new Virgo and you are getting along well ! You certainly deserve a man who treats you with love and respect .

  • Pompanofish - I bet your friend Nancy feels very fortunate to have you in her life as well - no matter what her circumstances. I hope it turns out that she has far more time ahead than anyone expects.

    Thanks for your post, I liked your thoughts. 🙂

  • Yep, cheerleaders. LOL

  • LOL, I rest my case..

  • Always much better to be kind, no matter.

    I too have a couple of female Virgo friends that are very special to me. The problem I see is this thread is a Virgo thread so it pertains to Virgos and just might have hit some Virgo nerves with such negative Virgo talk! As G4E mentioned, one would not react unless it is personal to them and I'm also sure that both you V77 and S4J, are very nice ladies.

    G4E, so glad all is well with Virgo friend.

    PF, prayers for your friend and you're both very lucky to have found each other.

    VS, how is your sister doing and did you ever finally get paid your salary ?

    Have a great day ladies!

  • ABB, my sister is doing well, being very creative recently, thank you for asking. How is your daughter doing ? The salary situation- well, the direction has paid us the August money, but we still haven't been paid for 3 months. It's a delay on a national level - there are strikes about it all over the country etc. Both myself and my Virgo friend have got ourselves freelancing jobs, which we do in parallel with the main one (which doesn't pay). I've been extremely busy recently, but the situation is sipposed to get resolved soon. Well, hopefully.

    PF, like ABB, I'll be praying for your friend Nancy.

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