The heart of a Virgo man

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  • For some reason I'm having trouble uploading the cathedral one. I'll try again

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  • this picture is 3 dimentional, so it's a little blurry.. In the last years my dog's nose has got more of a white colour, like on this picture... well, I prefer to think the resemblance is close enough to consider it a message... 🙂

  • VS - Definitely a close resemblance. To me there is no question that it was intended for you to see this because you instantly felt comforted by the image and the words. It was there for you.I remember reading something, wish I had taken note of where I read it now, but it was describing how the Universe interacts with us through signs. That is the language of the Universe.

    Mardepp - Pictures like that are the reason I stay out of Petco, lol. Very cute!! I've had bunnies most of my life. It's only since I had kids that I decided that I had too much going on, and I believe I would leave a pet feeling neglected right now. When the nest gets empty one of these days there's going to be somebunny out there who will find a new home with me. (Side note, when I first started learning about Tarot cards no surprise that I knew my significator card instantly when I saw the Queen of Pents sitting in her garden with a bunny.)

    I love those thoughts you shared from your mother. She sounds like a wonderful wise woman. I copied and saved so I can remember it later. Thanks for sharing that!

  • VS, they are very close! Ha ha, that is beautiful!! I know what you mean, it is a message! I also think your dog was beautiful and he had a presence in his eyes almost like "I am wearing a dog costume but I am not really a dog", like he was human or something. My Dad says I humanize animals!

    Thank you for that. 🙂

  • Hi Jenever! Thank you for your comment. I love bunnies. In a couple of years when your boys are more immersed in their things you can get back to the bunnies! I get a lot of hares in my yard and baby bunnies, they are so cute. I live right next to a state park so there are a lot of animals around. I do not want my cats chasing them though. I planted lettuce a few years back and I had to take it out because there were too many bunnies visiting! Ha ha.

  • VS.....precious photos and wow, the resemblance is awesome!! I love his little paws!

    Mardepp, I gasped when I scrolled down and saw the cat photo....EXACT twin to my dear Boo Boo that I am so afraid to lose.....unbelievable!!

    Animals are so special, I almost prefer them over people most days!!

  • Ladies, the photos are beautiful! Hope everyone is doing well!

    VS, as the ladies are all saying, it appears to be your time to begin living to the fullest!

    MD, your mother is very wise!

    Have a great weekend and holiday ladies

  • Thank you, ladies. I think when animals are treated like people they become like us. Lots of people used to say about my dog what Mardepp has said - that he was almost human, and he was quite an extraordinary dog in many ways. Up until the last year of his life he used to come to work with me every day, and often went on stage and sat by me, while I was playing during the Academy concerts. Kids loved him, and he was included into almost everything, he was almost part of a staff. 🙂 He was also starring in couple of home made films, that my nephew has produced. One of them was called "Paranormal", by the way, lol.

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  • Wow VS, how lucky you and your beloved pet were to have each other for this precious time on Earth! Wd love to see a clip of the "Paranormal"!

  • ABB, I've just posted the link to the "Paranormal" on the "Could you move please..." page... It's silly, but it's fun. 🙂

  • Thanks VS! Love fun stuff!

  • Capricorn and I have another date tomorrow night. It almost didn't happen! Are these men spoiled? I have had quite a full weekend and today I did something with my niece and son and I'm exhausted! Thing is I was supposed to do something with Cappie tonight, but I begged off. I'm tired and have a headache. I suggested we go out tomorrow night instead. He wanted to end things! I said ok but I did send him a text telling him it was unfair of him to hold tonight against me and that he didn't give us a chance. Right away he texts back that I may be right and that he's the first to admit if he's wrong. He asked if I still wanted to meet and I said yes--I do because I want to get to know him!! But I have to admit I'm kind of put off by his pouting, is this what I have to look forward to? He does that again and it will be done before it gets started good! So we're meeting and I think I will address his attitude. Then once that's aside I will enjoy a lovely evening with him as he does know how to show a lady a good time!

    Hope everyone is doing great! It's back to the office tomorrow...ugh! Oh I'll have to relay what happened with Virgo another time. He hates it that I'm seeing someone else and not all on his jock! Good night all!

  • G4E, the Cappy probably thought that you were trying to avoid him, his insecurity has kicked in, so he decided to reject you first, before you (in his mind) reject him. It's definitely an insecure inner little boy, who has surfaced, and that little boy has to be gently shut up. I have seen (once) a similar reaction in the Taurus man (fear of rejection, therefore striking first), we had a chat about it, he honestly admitted it and didn't do it ever since (so far). In a way, I like men, who have a vulnerable side to them, they are usually more interesting and understanding, but they have to be able to discuss this issue openly. It's actually an oportunity for getting to know them on a deeper level, so it might turn out to be a good thing. If anything, you'll find out more information about him sooner than later. I think you've handled it very well.

    About your Virgo - oh dear...

    Yesterday a female collegue of mine revealed that her husband of one year (and about 15 years younger than her) has turned out to be g a y and she is going to divorce him. She has found out by accident (has seen some texting on his phone) , and was very upset. My Virgo friend had an interesting reaction to this event. He said - well, maybe she should have never found out. He also said - we only know one side of the story, maybe they had some kind of arrangement, which went wrong. That made me think about the way his mind works, so I've asked what kind of arrangement does he think we have. He said - you and I have always been free agents (not true, he has been known to be very possessive), and that's the way people should always be, even when they are married - free to do what they want to do. I told him - "hold this thought", and suggested that we promise to each other to be just friends and to never interfere into each other's private lives. He didn't give a direct answer, of course.

  • Gem - I think I still have times when I could flip the switch just like Cappie. It may not be insecurity as much as just not wanting to repeat experiences from the past. The sooner you get away the better before you get in too deep. As you get to know him you can weigh that out a little better. Sounds like you handled things pretty well. Just being honest all the way around and still saying you would like to get to know him despite his initial reaction. That's fair 🙂 Let us know how it goes.

    VS - yep, that sounds like a Virgo male, just do whatever he wants and you just do whatever he wants too and everything will be just fine, lol. I realized last week that I am working with a Virgo man. I was moved into a new department with new coworkers. I thought he was a Leo, but his birthday is August 24. I confess, that knowing this changes how I view him. I've been wondering for some time now why he wasn't seeking more authority since that would be a natural Leo thing to do (we're a new department so things are wide open for power plays if anyone has that inclination) . Will be interesting to see how things go.

  • Thanks VS and Jen,

    Well the date was "ok". I don't know what this man wants from me! He says I act like I'm not interested! I know he doesn't know me but I told him that normally a man doesn't make it past the first date with me! Well, besides Virgo... Anyway it seems I have some convincing to do but I dont' know if I'll do it. I told him we should take it slow and get to know each other by calling, doing things together and talking. He keeps pressing that I'm not interested and it's working my nerves! If it had been anyone else trying to kick me to the curb so quickly (and beating me to the punch? lol!) I would have let it go. I don't want to kick him to the curb and he can't see that. I'm at my wits end here. He said he's not talking anything sexual but I still don't know what he wants me to say/do to prove I'm interested. I had a pretty good time but was mentally exhausted by the time we were done. We made a date to go bowling. I'm wondering if that will come to pass as he still seems skeptical about me. I may have to stop dealing with these earth sign men if this keeps up. I get one who doesn't show me alot of interest yet said he loved me; and this one who shows me interest but keeps thinking I'm not! smh... We'll see what happens on Thursday--IF he doesn't cancel on me!

    Still not ready to type about Virgo yet...dunno! I think he may be just trying to block...

  • Ladies,

    I'm so excited I had to share the news! It's late I know but I just found out I passed the exit exam for my Masters Degree in Human Resource Development! I'm sooooo relieved as this was the second time I'd taken the test--it was veryyyyy difficult. But I passed and I am now the proud owner of a Master's degree! So happy! Now I need to figure out what other degree I want to tackle....been thinking about a PhD...who knows... 🙂 🙂

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