The heart of a Virgo man

  • I was going to stay out of this, but this is outright ridiculous.

    SS - I will keep my other comments to myself, but you have a lot of nerve commenting on CC's writing abilities while accusing others of attacking you. For the record it "witch hunt," NOT "which hunt," so please check yourself before attempting to check others.

    CC - please do not allow others to bully you away from this forum, especially when their comments border on delusional.

  • Ladies,

    Jen and VS thanks! I hope to have only good things to tell about Capricorn in the coming days! In fact, I spoke with him today and wow! I am really intrigued by this man! He's out of town this weekend but we still were able to have a nice conversation. His other books are for children; it's a 6-series set due out sometime next year. We discussed his first book only a little since I have only just started it. I have to tell you it is a page turner! Nothing turns me on more than an intelligent man! I've always wanted to write a book (I have a few ideas) and even a series for children (something really close to me). He said he'd help me get started. I'm loving how this is going so far, but taking it slow...

    Virgo is skeptical of our friendship; he says he doesn't know how to take me now. I told him I'm trying to be a better person and just wanted the air clear as far as we are concerned. Nothing more, nothing less. I feel really good these days; not just because of Cap--I feel as if something wonderful is going to happen for me soon and I'm excited! You know what? I don't care if that "something" never happens! I just like the feeling that I have now and so if it can go on for awhile I'd be happy with that. Well, I have to head to bed now with happy thoughts--have to get up at the crack of dawn for church. Good night ladies, sweet dreams!


    CC please don't leave. That's all I have to say on that.

  • Tomorrow is his birthday and I decided this past week to celebrate his day by leaving this world. I am going to end my life. I can't live without him. I love him more than life. I will suffer more if I stay. Thanks guys for pushing me over the edge... It's exactly what I wanted though. You did your jobs well.

    Jen's thread should be shut down because after following this thread for a year, I became super, super depressed from reading all of the sad stories on here and I lost all hope that I'd ever be able to work it out with my male Virgo boyfriend who later became my husband. I am leaving this world because of this.

    You asked me to leave your online life Jenever7.. be careful what you wish for.. 😞

  • No SeaSiren, I suggested that you seek professional help. Not once, but twice. But for whatever reason you simply refuse to take the best course of action for yourself. Here is the number for a crisis hotline with people qualified to deal with your depression: 1-800-784-2433. They have 24-hour staff. If you want to improve your emotional state then you can do something about it. No one here can do it for you. If you don't like the help offered there, then google "crisis hotline", there are more numbers and you can find one close to home.

    You say you can't live without your husband? Then why don't you call him right now? You said he wanted you back, see what he has to say.

    As far as the thread, I flagged Admin two days ago with what has been going on here lately and expressed my concerns. If they want to shut it down it that's up to them. I think you are far more concerned about it's existance than I am. If Admin were to shut it down this instant, then I am confident that anyone here who still wants to discuss their situations will simply start their own thread. I am just as confident that those who come here and recognize that they have deeper issues than can be solved by discussions on an internet forum, would have the good judgement to take appropriate steps to get real help. At the very least go talk to friends and family before taking decisions based on discussions with strangers. Call your parents or call your friends. You have options SS, but you have to love yourself and make the effort.

  • Jen VS AB and couple of them know me here, i have my comments problems written very few times here. But make sure I come and read whats going on everyday here. Its quite refreshing how a group of people from different geography make time to help other. Off late i could see one particular person is creating havoc trying to destroy this beautiful thread. i have my masters in psychology, with whatever little knowledge i have to understand people with the mere reaction. This one person i dont want to name is disturbed thoroughly, and my observation shows that she is only targeting Jen and few others in this thread.Why? She always reminds me of Sunny in this thread, who use same kind of tone. she is very Jealous of Jen thread and its popularity. If you go back and read her thread she is not here to take help because every time she comes back with the same problem, to create problem to this thread, her only motto i can see is that she somehow wants this thread to get dismantled, for whatever reason only she knows. Now that she is again given a threatening last message, so that we all will go running with some kind words to her. My suggestion to just ignore, I am 100% sure she will come again running with a different story in few days. I am surprised how she is in such a noble profession, i wonder the plight of the patient in that hospital. I can smell that she is not participant here, her intention to be here is different. This is such a beautiful thread which iam sure had helped thousands, some come here to show their gratitude some just read and take help, its turning into an encyclopaedia, pls do not stop this thread, Let this one help and save many. with love-

  • I agree with cuteleo. I'm positive this thread will go on for a long time regardless of of a few hiccups. Today is wonderful, live and rejoice in it because tomorrow is not promised! Have a blessed day everyone! 🙂

  • I totally agree also. This thread has become part of my routine and I have gotten so much encouragement and reassurance from just reading....even if I don't post often!

    Jealousy is a very destructive trait and it has no place here. Anyone on here has a choice....if the thread bothers you and you don't like it, just don't click on not come here and sabotage it and attack the people trying to share their experiences.

    Happy Sunday everyone:)

    (Jen, I will post about my Aries** date a little later!)

  • Can't wait to hear about all these great dates everyone is soon to enjoy! Ladies keep us posted! It's about time we hear some positive news! As G4E stated "life is way too short" so lets not waste so much energy on negativity towards another! I know we are all still here for each other which is a good thing!

    I'm in Florida still waiting out Isaac and now that's it's turned more west, very concerned for those people less fortunate and in Isaac's direct path! Times like these should hopefully put more perspective on what's really important!

    Wishing all the ladies a beautiful day!

  • Weather is beautiful today! Spending the day with my sister hiking the most intense trail we can find. Have a wonderful day ladies!!

    G4E2- Good luck with your cappie : ) he sounds like a keeper.

    Sending positive vibes to all.

  • ....

  • Libraluli, I'm excited to hear about your date as well! A few weeks ago I met an Aries but he was not an evolved Aries male I suppose--very childish (had tantrums and hang up the phone on me alot). I did like his outspokeness I have to say; and he was a riot keeping me laughing all the time. Our conversations were never boring. However, when I met him in person he was not all what I thought. Anyway I wanted to be friends but he cut me off! Maybe he did that because he felt I wasn't feeling him after the meet. Oh well... Good luck with yours!

    ABB be careful; you and all who may be affected by Isaac are in my prayers!

    Snowball, enjoy your day with your sister! Mine has come here along with my neice to live and I'm so glad to finally have family nearby. Time with a sister is precious--enjoy! Thanks for the luck with Capricorn--I'm loving what's going on with us right now. I feel he is a keeper as well; I definitely want to get to know him better...

    hugs ladies!

  • SS, again your are trying to shoot the messenger. None of the ladies on this thread is responsible for your depression, all we ever tried to do is to encourage you to get your life back. The real reason for your depression is the fact that you stubbornly refuse to live in the real world and to face your own shortcomings, such as unwillingness to bite the bullit and start taking responsibility for your own life. You need someone to blame for the unfortunate events that have happened to you, but you must understand that it's not Cancer women, or in fact any "other" women, who are responsible for your unhappiness. If anything, both you and you ex's girl friend have been in the same boat, and the only person who was deceiving you both is your ex husband, whom for some unhealthy reason you still want back. I understand that right now you are feeling emotionally all over the place, which is why, like Jen, I think you really need to find a good therapist, and a professional space, where you can safely explore your negative feelings with someone who is qualified to guide you through them. Believe me, right now this is your best bet to get yourself back on track. It won't be easy, but it's absolutely worth it.

    ABB, I'm praying for your and other people's safety regarding Isaac. Please, keep safe.

    G4E, I also have a soft spot for creative and intelligent men, so I understand your excitement ! Libraluli, good luck with your date, can't wait to hear how it went !

  • Hi all - enjoyed the posts here tonight 🙂

    AriesBB - sounds like your area is going to be okay, but "yikes" from Alabama to Louisiana. Glad you're safe and sound.

    Getting ready to send kids back to school here so I'm knee-deep in paperwork...ugh. Gotta go.

  • Hi All!

    I went out last night with Aries and again this afternoon....I am on the fence about him!! He is pleasant and positive but I get a sense that things have to be done his way, he seems a bit too frugal and way too laid back as far as the way he dresses!! Other than those traits, I really like him and enjoyed our time. Like Gemini4Ever, he wasn't exactly what I thought he would be when I actually met him after talking on the phone pretty extensively! I will go out once more however, maybe in a few days and see how I feel. I do like that he communicates and says what is on his mind...very refreshing!!

    AriesBB...hope all is okay after the storm....stay safe.

  • oh god, i didnt know about this terrible storm,choose not to read or watch news, plz keep safe, thinking of everyone near, far and in between xx

    as for all the maddness in here right now, feeling a wee bit disappointed and sad as to how its turned so quickly, i had to go back and re read what i had posted about ss as i remember doing so regarding guyfriend posting something, if your reading ss, guyfriend didnt get a virgo onboard, i told you not to get so aggro followed by we are all here to support, anyway, much love to all in here, i know i feel very thankful today 🙂

  • Yes, the Floridians are fine! Now my thoughts and prayers are all on the Gulf Coast residents! Please be safe!

    Ladies, have a great day!

  • Libraluli - Sounds like you're giving things a fair chance. At least it wasn't a case where you met and within a few minutes you just know it's not going anywhere. The "frugal" thing might explain his choice of attire. And remember, frugal isn't all bad if he's watching his pennies because he's being responsible and living within his means. You wouldn't want to get serious about someone who lives large but does it by racking up credit cards. Nor would you want someone who is obviously well off but a miserly penny-pincher. I think it's nice you're enjoying your time with him and just see how it goes.

  • We went out again last night, it was better....think I will keep seeing him. Are Aries always so hot and cold, warm and then detached? What is up with that??

    I hope everyone is okay...pretty quiet on here this week:)

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