The heart of a Virgo man

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  • Can't read the latest messages again...

  • Neither can I VS...What the h e l l is going on?

  • Hello everyone, it's been a while since Ive been one this thread.....I had to inform you ladies that Virgo contacted me today......Im not sure where his somment is coming from...Maybe you ladies can help

    Virgo: Hey So What up? Hows your day..?.....O and I just want to let you know, kust cause your friends with someone on FB, you don't have to know everything about that persons life or business.....OK.

    My reply: Just fine thanks, my day is just another day Thank you for asking.....Hmmm Yeah ok.

    Thats it. I haven't heard from this virgo since Jan.5........

    What do ladies think..?


  • Hi TaurusWomen8, Pretty bizarre message. Have you been checking his FB often? I understand there is no way to track that down but maybe he thinks you have been looking at his page a little too much? Bizarre nevertheless...Why didn't you ask why he meant by that?

  • Welcome back Tauruswoman8 - Agree with mardepp - kind of random statement unless there's more to this story. Have you talked about him with mutual friends or something? Hard to know what to say without knowing what he is basing his comment on. My initial take on what he is saying is, "hey, just because I'm your friend on fb, doesn't mean I want to open my whole life up to you".

  • Hello ladies!

    Been awhile since I've been on...nothing much has changed. I've decided to be by myself and that's working for now. Virgo and I are still friends, in fact I cooked for him one Sunday and he thought that was just great; raved over it in fact. I don't text, call, or see him much and now he is telling me he misses me and wonders why he never hardly hears from me. I laugh at that. Typical. If I'm all on his jock he pulls away; if I pull back he seems to be on the hunt. LOL! So funny and now I can almost read him. What I didn't expect was him to say to me (after we hadn't seen each other for a little over a week and barely had spoken) that we should plan a trip together soon! I was really surprised, but acted cool and said we could talk about it. Just when I thought I could read him he says that--totally unexpected...

  • Mardepp Hello No he deleted me, a while back ago on FB, without explaination....Go figure...No I honestly havent beening looking on his page, because back when were friends on FB, he had his proflie blocked like a your right I should asked what he meant...I didn't really want to get into it with him....

    Jenever- You mabe right about his comment......Im not sure what his story is...????

    Ladies my FB is can on be viewed by friends only, we do have mutal friends. Im thinking he went to my FB page saw my wall updates, because I had post sometime about; Imaturity on FB, and why would any one continue to be friends if your being blocked to post comments on a status....I feel he the one being "Nosey"....


  • oops forgot to add..No I don't talk about him to others...Im not the type to do "he said, she said". I keep thing to myself other then speaking to ladies on this thread....


  • G4E, do you think this trip is going to happen ? To be honest it sounds like he is trying to lure you into raising your hopes. If that's the case, that's predictable. 🙂

    TW, I am just amused by your Virgo's narcissism. Such arrogance to assume that you have nothing else to do, than to spy on him on his FB ! Either it was that, or just an attempt to manipulate you into emotional outburst. He probably was expecting you to get all indignated and give away some information about yourself. Yours was a good answer - short, friendly and desinterested.

  • I can't read the message ladies......Thread is trippin..!!

  • Wow TW8 - That seems to suggest that for whatever reason, he is reading himself into your comment as if you were directing it to him. So his reaction means you hit some defensive nerve in him, which in turn seems to suggest that he is very aware that HE is intentionally blocking people out of his page. Which is his choice of course, but still funny that he feels so defensive about it that he had to say something to you.

  • VS- I felt the same way, the nerve of him.....Yes, I do believe he wanted Info. about me, thinking that I would take the time to allow him to munipulate me into debate over his comment.....Im not wasting my time. It's inmature & take like adult.....Beside he would just turn it around and blame me, for his ignorance....

    Jenever7- I did hit a nerve...It is funny......for some reason I feel I will hear from him again...

  • TW, I'm sure you will hear from him again. He probably won't sleep until he knows that you have lost yours 🙂

  • TW8, girl, he's def going to contact u again. Its in his nature. Vs said it right, he won't stop until he knows you've lost sleep.

    VS, I love love love that comment! Super snarky and spot on! TW's guy sort of reminds me of my virguy, whereas he would say and do things to incite a response or to be downright hurtful. What is interesting is that these v I r g o guys make all of these weird manuvers based on some percieved wrong that was done to them. Hence, my friend blocking me/changing his number (not sure which one), because he just knew (in his twisted head) that I am seeing someone in his town. All of this behaviour is truly based in immaturity at the end of the day, if u ask me.

  • G4E - Regarding the vacation, my Virgo never talked about vacations, but one time he did tell me that we'd spend a weekend together "the next time wife takes the kids to visit family out of town". Well, she and the kids did go out of town quite a few times and Virgo and I never spent a weekend together. All talk. Twice he wanted me to join him in developing a business venture. That didn't happen either. Maybe your guy is different, but with mine big ideas would fly into his head but he never did follow through on any of it. Just ideas. Then again, other gals on the thread have gone on vacations with their V's, so maybe he will surprise you and follow through. If he brings it up again, make sure he's the one who makes the plans, reservations, buys the tickets...then you have a better chance that he'll show up to actually go on the vacation! If you do everything he might "forget" that you had plans, lol.

  • Oh and I forgot to add, he too will contact again just see how sleep I lost and how upset I am or not. Jhahhahah, it seriously is comedy! Once you get over these guys its so easy to see them play this game they love playing.

  • *how much sleep... realized I left out the word 'much'

  • OMG!!!!!! When you all talk about your virgos " friends" I see mine. Unbelievable!!!!!!!! How is it possible that we all have these assholes!?????? My ex Virgo LOVED TO TALK ABOUT TRIPS THAT NEVER HAPPENED AND NEVER WILL!!!!!!! What the hell?????!!!!! Do they just want us to know what We LOST?????? I don't get it!!!!!!!

  • Jenever7 , I went on vacation with my Virgo man. It was a new year. We had a great time. Acctualy by the way he was acting , it's seems like he tooks his one girlfriend ( me) On a trip like that for the first time. Don't ask me how I know, I just do. 🙂

    But NOW!!!!!! When we broke up.…… OMG. he talks about vacations together all he time. I Know HE IS LYING!!!!!! Every time we broke up he will be like " ooooooo I got this weekends for us…… Paris, Fiji and etc. " It so f****** irritating. I know he is lying!!!!! Why is he doing it??????

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