The heart of a Virgo man

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  • Ok, I think that one worked. I believe it was my fault, I had to put you in my contacts list maybe? I dunno, but I haven't gotten a failure notice yet.

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  • Hidden Diamond, that's a great book, I have had a copy for about twenty years I think, and it has always proven to be so true. Linda Goodman has a gift as far as I'm concerned. I have to say though, that while Goodman makes the Virgo/Taurus relationship appear to be nothing short of heaven, my Virgo is married to a Taurus and it hasn't gone so well. I was married to a Scorpio (one of my "perfect" matches), clearly that didn't go so well either. Every sign has it's negative traits (I could make a list of my own negative Cancer traits, lol). So in the end it is your heart that must guide you.

    Half these posts are all going to vanish by tomorrow with all of these e-mail and web-site violations, LOL.

  • mimi I've replied to your email, check it out 🙂

  • Jenever, thank you so much for looking at my cards. It was so kind of you. Also, wanted to let you know that over the past two very very very trying days I have been repeating love/relationship like a mantra in an attempt to keep perspective on this issue.

    Mimi, I hope that you are finding some peace and are able to come to a decision re the crisis.

    Tomorrow is a new month and I am going to try for some new beginnings in the way I act and react to him. I hope that I have the strength to walk the walk.

    Sorry it has been a few days since I was here, but I just couldn't talk. It's all just too overwhelming.

    Bless you all.

    Talk soon

  • Jenever,

    I am still reading and rereading what your cards said. It doesn't look disastrous so I guess patience is the word. That doesn't mean that it work out the way I hoped, but it does mean there will be no lasting negative effects.

    I read this once,"Hate leaves ugly scars - love leaves beautiful ones) Perhaps that is what will happen, who knows.

    Thank you again for your kindness.

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  • Mimi

    I am so glad to hear that you have been out of doors gardening. I am planning the same thing, but it may be a little to early here. What I can do is cut back last fall's dead stuff and generally clean up. I haven't done my own gardening for about ten years and I am so out of shape that it will probably take me all spring to get the job done. I do remember how I complete forgot everything while I was working in the garden. It was like a miracle. Well, given that perhaps I will just start small and do an hour tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your day and giving me the kick I needed.

  • Mimi,

    Please forgive all the typos above. Should have read it over before I hit submit.

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  • Thanks Mimi,

    I always use herbals. St John's Wort is wonderful and I have used it in the past with good results. Two years ago, this mother's day, my mom went into the hospital and was dying for three months. I can relate to you. It was a terribly stressful time.

    Right now life is good, better than it has ever been except for the HIM thing. I am feeling better today, but the fact that the sun is shining, the sky is clear blue, and we will have a high of 20 C. Wow what a spring is right on.

    I still plan to go outside and work for one hour only. That will give me enough time to clean up the front garden somewhat.

    HE has been away with the kids to a competition. How do I know this? Did he communicate with me? NO and NO. I read it on the blog. The last time we skyped was one week ago today.

    I have also made tentative plans to spend December/January in the deep south of Morocco. It will be so different to spend Christmas and New Year there. I was there before, but in August.

    There will be lots of people to share welcoming in the New Year. I love the Sahara and perhaps we will spend N.Y. Eve there?

    Thanks for the kind words. It is so nice to be able to share this.

    Have a good day.

  • To anyone on this thread who is having a hard day.

    I did go outside and spend just one hour partially cleaning up one flower bed and it had a huge impact on me. As I said before the sun is shining, the sky is a wonderful clear blue, and it is about 20 C. Those things should shift my emotions and they did.

    I said in my last posting that for me life is good now and better than it ever has been, except for HIM entering. Today I decided that I will not allow this situation to STEAL the good that I have now. Yes, it would be wonderful if WE could make it, but just the fact that I am pouring my heart out to strangers makes me think that it is not right for me. Again, as Jenever said, I can still feel love in my heart, but I do recognize that this is not a relationship or at least not the kind of relationship that I want. A friend that I love relationship, OK. I don't know what I will post next, but this is how I truly feel and believe at this time. When he returns and calls or doesn't that will probably be a different story and will require every ounce of strength that I possess to deal with successfully..

    I addressed this to all because I don't know who all is out there going through a most difficult time and if anything I feel or say helps, then it is worth it.


  • Hi Mimi,

    My last post sounds as if I am really strong, but I think I maybe faking it least I am trying.

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  • Malaika - You will do it. No need to rush yourself. It took time to get to where you are, it will take time to move out of it to a new place.

    When I decided to "end" things with my Virgo, I just told myself, "expect some bad days ahead". Just accepting that made it easier I think. I also set my mind on all the new and unexpected things that could come into my life once I cleared Virgo out of my every thought. I mean I literally said outloud, "enough! I only want people in my life from now on that are honest and open, and men who are free to love and be loved". It was a declaration of sorts of how I intended my life to go from now on. Seriously, even I still can't believe that it was literally the next day that Scorp guy came back into my life after all those many years. A bigger surprise is that Virgo guy is still around since he's actually out of line with my intentions. He called today. I don't even remember the last time we spoke...weeks ago to be sure. To be honest, while it was a pleasant surprise, hearing from him anymore is just a reminder of what we don't have between us. Frankly, I could probably never talk to him again and I'd be okay with that. I haven't seen him since December anyway, so he's already more of a memory than anything at this point.

    But really Malaika, I think you've made amazing progress in sorting things out in the very short time you've been here on this thread! I think that you are very strong and who cares if you are faking it. You had me fooled. 🙂

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