The heart of a Virgo man

  • @Totitoti I am down with fever😂. You take care. Give kisses to my angels.❤❤❤❤

  • @Momycrab
    what fever? What have you caught.
    I hope you are feeling better.
    take care

  • @Totitoti
    look after yourself and the twins also hubby

  • @Jayann I am fine now, got viral fever . Suspected covid but thank God.Missing u guys. ❤❤❤
    Nowadays I feel stuck,don't feel happy. and am bored with taurus. Dunno ,the spark is gone and feeling unhappy in marriage. If this goes on I may cheat. Damn!! I am confused AF. Life is way too short to stay stuck and unhappy. I want to fly but my wings are tied invisibly.Everyone deserves to be happy. My depression is killing me from inside. Nothing helps. I dunno may be in my next birth I'll find happiness and love I deserve.
    Love you.❤

  • @Momycrab
    I am sorry to hear the Depression also has you by the throat. Summer is coming so make sure you and Ricky spend at least 1/2 hour in direct sun. each day,
    Sunshine is known to fight infection in the winter, improve your mood and kick Depression to the curb.
    I will let you know how my efforts are proceeding in my drive to kicking Depression out of my house and life.
    take care and stay safe,
    PS I went o the doctor and was prescribed ant-depression pills. I am yet to take them. afraid

  • @Jayann For me medication for depression makes it worse but for some people surely it works wonders. You'll not know until you try.Meditation helps to some extent and yes I love sun light and hate winter. Unhappiness has become a part of my life now, not sure how long I could take it. I am tired ,very very tired.

  • @Momycrab @Jayann , life has been a rollercoaster ride for entire planet for the past two years. Vivid, war in Ukraine, monkeypox,... It's madness everywhere. It's great we managed to cope with everything, plus manage our own health, homes, relationships... So, it's nothing new to experience extreme mental issues, like anxiety, depression or worse. Subconsciously we suffered and now we're paying the price. I've been restless myself. Having moved away from home took its toll on me, but I'm grateful my family back home and here are healthy and fine. that's all that matters.
    I can't imagine how must it feel to be on crossroads whether to take medication or not. I'm with @Momycrab here, unless taken you can't really know what effect it will have on you. A good friend of mine had a severe postpartum depression for eighteen months and after she took medicines she was doing great. It's a process, one day at the time
    I'm sorry to hear things aren't working out with a Taurus. I hope you guys will manage to go through rough patches. I know it's been intense for you, with your mom and all. Only thing I can tell you is breathe and exhale. Spend more time in nature, if possible.
    @Jayann whenever you need to talk or whatever else, we're here for you.
    @Momycrab , same goes for you. You guys have been amazing to me and I'm grateful for our little and special community here. I hope the other girls who were coming around are doing fine too.
    One day at the time. We'll make it. My kids are smarter than me and I'm scared 😂But life is good. Virgo is contemplating another set of twins. I wonder with which woman 😂😂😂

  • @Totitoti Oh dear your msg always puts a smile on my face.I am glad we are here for each other. You are right about all the things currently going on. I am glad we survived. Post partum is the worst, I am having it and I know.Some times I lash out on every one. Forgetting things has become a part of my life may be a part of my brain is not working well.LOL. Taurus and me are fine I am just bored with him. May be an aries moon thing I dunno. Too much routine turns me off. Kids will always be smarter than us 😁.Waiting for another pair of angels. ☺️.It will be cute. I am having baby fever and I want a baby gurl LOL. Rick is growing up fast, I will miss these years. I love the smell of baby.❤❤

  • @Totitoti and @Momycrab
    Thank you both for your kind offers and thoughts.
    I saw the doc yesterday they are going mad as they are worried about my heart. Legs blew up like balloons I now feel like a Maracas will all the pills, I hate it as the doctor and other medics keep telling me all the things I have been doing for months.
    I use to scream when people told me to make myself happy. Then I learnt how to remember happy times and regenerate the happy feeling by myself. My problems now is the opposite where the brain keeps find unhappy things to replay,
    Now girls more babies might be on the cards
    so look out.
    Take care and stay safe both of you, your little ones and other halves.

  • @Jayann , parsley and stinging nettle are great diuretics and would help with water retention. Of course, if you're allowed to take them because of all the medication you are taking. I'm happy with two kids and I don't want more. Virgo being proud of himself for making beautiful babies (roll my eyes). I always tell him it's my body that mixed the ingredients. I won't have more. He's free to have more if he wants 😂😂😂. I told this in front of his mom a couple of days ago and she looked at me in a strange way 😂😂😂.
    I don't miss baby smell nor anything else. I'm done with smells 😂😂😂. Twins are potty trained and I'm done 😂😂😂. I know that's not the smell @Momycrab suggested, but that's the only baby smell I can remember 😂 So, @Momycrab we want a girl from you. Im sure she'll be gorgeous just like you. We're always here for each other. Closeness in anonymity but oh so dear to me. I think of you girls often. Most of times I wonder if we passed each other while walking the same streets. How amazing that would be!
    Wishing you both nothing but health and happiness. Health is the most important source of happiness and joy. It's a blessing and I'm always so careful with what I put in my body. I hope for all of us to stay out of doctor's office. @Jayann I hope your heart will not suffer and that you'll recover by using the right therapy. I know how mental health can be challenging, struggling with oneself often feels like excruciating experience. I'm sending love and positive vibes to all of you. @Momycrab I can understand being bored with a Taurus. I was constantly bored with my ex Taurus 😂😂😂😂 because all he did was eating, sleeping and pushing my buttons. Your Aries moon is energetic and passionate. Just one degree divides me from being Aries moon. Sometimes I hate my Pisces moon so much. It's so boring. Almost like a Taurus 😂

  • @Totitoti Me too loves our friendship in here where race, country ,age ,creed does not even matter. As a matter of fact we can share anything and every thing in our convo.❤
    Nope I wasn't talking about baby poop smell LOL. I have no problem with baby poop though. Trust me it may sound weird but I love Rick's poop smell too 🤣. The smell I meant was that comes from their body about the powder ,the soap and milk combined❤️. I want a gurl too .Lets see.😉
    Aries mooners have a very bad tendancy of getting bored with everything and everyone around them as they need constant stimulation. Taurus loves sleeping and so do I LOL but about eating I can say he eats normal amount of food.🤣. He loves healthy food though unlike myself.😜. I love junk🤣 but still I am slim and don't put on weight. Thanks to the genes.
    I love adventure in everything. My Virgo and capricorn exes were so unpredictable and I was always up for new weirdness coming from their side (specially virgo)unlike Taurus who is too predictable🤣.I was so used to the hot and coldness , that compared to them Taurus's warmth closeness and availability suffocates my ass.😂Am I weird??? LOL
    @Jayann Gurl I've the same tendency like yours, looking for unhappy things. You need to take care of your mental health. Easier said than done.I know it's hard but keeping your mind healthy is the only key. I've started loving myself more. Depression is 100% inside me and few things triggers it so badly but still I am fighting with it. I know life is way too short to get defeated in the hands of my depression. I am a fighter and I will not let go of my beautiful life for this assole depression. It's a constant war between me and it.Gurl just remember we love you and we want you to be healthy and happy. ❤❤❤❤

  • @Momycrab all of us are weird and far from normal, it's just some of us have harder times than the others.
    I love my kids but I don't love all the smells they are able to produce 😂😂😂In that aspect virgo is more maternal than me.
    I wish I had Aries moon, Aries moon is fun and tactless, perfect for scaring people 😂😂My virgo is energetic and loves being outdoors, he's in sports his entire life so when he's not working, you'll probably find him in a gym. Since he's getting more grey hair, he's getting depressed. I suggested hair colouring, he said men don't do that 😂😂 I told him I can't help him with that, but I can colour his hair. Long story short, instead of brown I bought copper and without checking twice, I did his hair. now he's ginger haired 😂 and I think he looks amazing with his green eyes and all, but he's mad at me. So, tomorrow's Sunday, nothing is working where I could buy hair colour and he has an early meeting on monday.what do I do? I'm dying of laughing here, as I see him I burst in tears and he's so mad. I don't remember the last time I've laughed this hard...
    I'm sure you'll get your girl soon. Judging by your words, Taurus won't have anywhere to hide 😂😂😂Women run the world.
    @Jayann I'm sure meds will give results even they're a pain in the beginning. Don't give up, this is your chance to get better. I'm sure you'll come out a winner from this. Sending love to the both of you. Anyone wants a ginger spare husband? If so let me know. He thinks I did it on purpose 😂😂😂 Seems like we have trust issues. I've opened a Pandora's box with a box of hair dye... Oh well...

  • @Totitoti Oh boi with that virgo rising in me I can certainly feel how your virgo is feeling right now with ginger color🤣. I've been accused of being snobby. I even find the dirt which other people fail to find while cleaning😂. Virgo can be very very particular with everything. And for aries moon boi oh boi don't even get me started.Perfect moon sign for scaring people ,more intense than Aries sun sign. Passion drives us and if channeled in a wrong way it can drive ppl insane. I am on the verge of being lunatic but my virgo rising keeps me balanced. Feeling bad for your virgo lol,he must be super anxious with his new hair color. Once I dyed my hair with the wrong blond (platinum)color and I was looking like a witch. I was stuck at home for a day and it was super annoying. I will never forget that. Hope your virgo gets back his natural hair color soon. 😂 But what will happen to the early morning meetnig? May be a beanie hat for him?? 🤣🤣
    @Jayann Hope you are doing well.❤❤️ you both.

  • @Momycrab hair fixed on Sunday, back close to natural so I'm relieved and he is too. We had a good laugh about it. I have virgo rising and I go mad when it comes to my hair too. I'm blonde, but in the past I was every colour you could imagine . Hope all is great with you. @Jayann hope you're feeling better ❤️. Sending love and hugs to both of you.

  • @Momycrab @Jayann ❤❤❤❤❤
    I wish I was two years old. Toddlers have fantastic lives and have personal slaves.

  • @Totitoti hahaha omg you are right.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • i think you are right about it

  • I often hear a phrase from different girls who have had attempts at relationships with men of this zodiac sign - does a Virgo man even have a heart?

  • @Totitoti
    ty for the laugh.
    I hope you are all keeping well

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