The heart of a Virgo man

  • @Axesfemme Taurians have this lazy arse trait in common LOL. My Taurus's chart is aries dominant.His other few planets are also in Aries -go figure. ๐Ÿ˜‚.

    My lil one is Sag sun ,cap moon and cap rising. ๐Ÿ˜†. He gives me the vibe of leaving mama's nest as soon as he bocomes a teen.๐Ÿ˜†.

    Stay away from emotional vampires,they will only drain your energy and happiness. Not good for the mental health. My ex virgo gave me depression and it has become a part of my life now. I had PTSD after he left me for his now aquarius wife. For this I suffer from chronic depression now as my brain does not make enough serotonin.He was very sneaky and a huge pathological liar.

    BTW I am a cancer sun,aries moon and virgo rising๐Ÿ˜

  • @Momycrab

    LOL !!!! Sounds like we're with the same guy. Do you and Taurus communicate/ have fun at home, or hardly? Virgo always tells me what living long term together is like, and I am now super fearful of marriage. I'm afraid my partner and I would eventually lead separate lives and be silent at home, only talking when necessary (like his relationship). I really hope my Taurus ends up treating me well in future, like yours does.

    Nice ! I have a co-worker who is a Sag sun + Cap moon. Lol ! Whines about work 24/7 but is super dependable and gets stuff done efficiently. And yes, she loves travelling alot too. ๐Ÿ˜Š Your son's gonna be on his boss mode in time to come !

    Gotta change up my mentality so I can drop Virgo entirely. I think I'm already traumatised by his in and out energy. Past 3 years have been painful, and I've stopped being genuinely happy. He had the gall to say I looked my best when I was with him, and he said he knows I lost so much weight when he left. ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿคจ Fuckery, yet again.

  • @Axesfemme Me and Taurus have good communication. I can talk about just anything with him. He is a very fun loving guy ,loves to travel, takes me out at fancy restaurants,loves to dance. At home we watch movies together, he loves cuddles and gives bear hugs. Compared to him I am a lil bit grumpy,egoistic,sentimental and immature. The main thing is he understands me more than I understand myself. He gets my vibe LOL .
    My son Rick is 26 months old and helps me with chores already. As a mother I will teach him to be a good
    human being first. Hope he turns out to be a gentleman and not like some random jerk LOL.
    Dealing with a narcissist and emotional vampire is a very hard job. I pity those women who are already married to such guys. You need to move on ask yourself few questions like 1) Are you really happy with virgo or taurus?
    2)In long run who do you think you can rely upon?
    3) Can you trust virgo?Can you trust taurus?
    4)what are the things you want in a man,is virgo going to give you that ?
    5)Do you love yourself more to let go off an emotional vampire?

    When I first met my virgo I thought he is my soulmate and there is no one like him but boy was I wrong?? It was all a facade. I wasted 5 years of my life on him which I will never get back. My sanity is already lost. My hubby is dealing with a broken human already.:(

  • @Momycrab

    Your experience with Taurus is really helping me alot ! Glad that marriage life together is still fun and maybe my Taurus would be the same way. I always ask that question because I really really fear my relationship would end up like Virgo's. Since he doesn't like talking, he would shut down and just do his own stuff at home. Roommate relationship. He is against marriage life. On the other hand, Taurus is yearning to marry and to live with me, and he keeps assuring me that we'll have always fun till we're old. He is always funny and entertaining, I am as well and our relationship vibe is always light hearted.

    Haha ! Omg helping around the house at 26 months? Wow ! Yes, I believe values should be taught at home. After what you've been through, I believe u'll raise a decent gentleman.

    With regards to the questions:

    1. I'm happy with both, except Virgo ghosts me nonstop so the time apart is way more than time together.

    2. Rely on, 100% Taurus. I know he'll be there when I need him. Never failed me once. Virgo's efforts are based on his own convenience.

    3. Trust, 100% Taurus. He has been with me through my worst, and when I suddenly had a horrible breakout for months which could have disfigured me, Taurus kept assuring me everyday that I'll always be the most beautiful girl in his eyes and that things would be ok. Doesn't have a wandering eye too, since he'd rather look at food. LOL! Virgo focuses on the upkeep of my looks alot, and I feel I gotta always look perfect if not he'd leave at any moment. Ghosting doesn't help.

    4. I think I'm attached to Virgo because of his intelligence. He manages to help me think of solutions every time. We can have deep conversations. Taurus is more naive, so he's not my go-to person if I need help solving things. Conversations are not as deep. Apart from that, Taurus has way more emotional intelligence and sensitivity than Virgo, which I realised I need in a man because I hardly speak out when I'm upset with my partner. Both are hardworking individuals.

    5. Yes, I'm trying to let Virgo go. He'll not create any value in my life in the long run. I think I might be Trauma bonded in some way because I never had this much problem dropping someone. The highs and lows are already taking a toll on me.

    Your poor hubby. ๐Ÿ˜ž Totally feel you on this though and I'm already broken. I thought Virgo was my twinflame. My Taurus has always been trying to lift my vibe. Didn't tell him it's due to Virgo though. When my vibe is at an ok level, Virgo reappears then same cycle repeats.

  • @Axesfemme Last year I had breakdown with Taurus. We were living separately as I was in some financial turmoil and Taurus changed his job and was living in a different state. He had covid and was in bad health. He was in alot of stress and our communication broke due to my post partum depression and bad health. I was planning on divorcing him LOL. Depression is a very bad thing to have and people around must have enough patience to deal with it. It was a mess.

    Virgos are very intelligent because they are ruled by mercury. And Taurus is very passionate as ruled by venus. I had really great engaging conversations with my ex virgo I agree and I could talk with him for hours. But with Taurus I could make love for hours LMAO. Virgo loved to talk and Taurus is all about action๐Ÿ˜†. When my ex left me Taurus was there through thick and thin, I could rely upon him blindly. Virgo was all talking and had zero efforts.My ex virgo was also all about looks too and yay he was a boob man ๐Ÿ˜†I mean he was attracted to big breasts .
    On other hand give my taurus delicious food all day and he will never leave the house LMAO.
    With all those questions you've got all your answers and I think you are in love with virgo more but taurus loves you genuinely.You're still not head over heels for taurus. Gurl listen to me ,give yourself some time to heal and don't rush into marriage. Taurus will be a good husband in long run. Virgo will also be a good partner but he is just not that into you and is skeptical about marriage I guess,he has other options open and his heart is confused.
    Virgos mature late but the question is can you wait for him that long??

  • @Momycrab

    Oh my, hope both of you alright now though. Did Taurus manage to convince you otherwise?

    Mmm, that's kinda something that turns me off about Virgo. All talk no action. It's just pretty words to reel girls in, with nothing to show for. Taurus doesn't say anything but will surprise me randomly with gifts or his actions which are thoughtful. At this point I'm just thinking the deep conversations are useless when it only happens 10% of the time. Other times, Virgo is just ghosting or silent.

    HAHAHA !! Yes, the food !! Food is more important than sex for Taurus. I find it truly fascinating.

    I'm gonna focus on Taurus from here on. I hung onto Virgo because he said I'm somehow special to him, but from the way he is acting now, I don't feel special in any way. More of discarded. Virgo is already in his 40s. His lifestyle is hella boring. No hobbies, except tv and work. Very calculative with money, and losing his looks at a quick rate these past few years. These are things I could accept but on top of that I have to deal with his stubborn attitude, nonchalance, silence unless he is in the mood to talk and there's still a high risk of him cheating eventually. Communication is terrible and yeah, he doesn't plan to get remarried or leave his current woman but he's ok with leading girls on. It's something I've put it logically to him before to stop hurting women but he doesn't seem to be able to understand and tried justifying his actions.

    I believe I can bring so much to the table in a relationship because I go all out for my loved ones, but my partner has to be willing to try and add some sort of value to my life, even if it's not monetary.

  • @Axesfemme @Momycrab , I thought my Taurus was my soulmate. I loved him more than any word could express.We were together for two years before we got married and he was the kindest, warmest human being I could ever imagine.i thought he loved me too. He was always in the mood to have fun and do things together. After we got married all he wanted to do was to sleep and eat.
    After we got married he started telling me what I should wear, how I should behave, how should I do things around the house, etc. I was so surprised and all that came unexpectedly. I couldn't imagine I'd live through that with him.
    He was verbally and physically abusive and that put our marriage to an end.
    He broke my heart in unimaginable way and I can never forget that. Not to mention women aside I found out about... It makes me sick to my stomach. But, it's over and luckily we didn't have children together.
    Regardless of a zodiac sign, when a man shows lack of disrespect, that's the end. My Virgo had very weird ways in the beginning and if he was ever to repeat it again, I'd leave him without thinking twice. I love my virgo, but I love myself more. And that's why I'm grateful to my ex Taurus - because of what I've been through because of him, I learned to love myself more.

  • @Axesfemme Taurus and me are fine now. Marriage is a foundation in which both parties have to work hard I guess. My Taurus has lots of patience to deal with my craziness(I am talking about cancerian craziness).I am not a big fan of my sun sign either LOL. Makes me super grumpy.A previously hurt cancerian is a dangerous animal๐Ÿ˜†.They say scorpios are dangerous well well try a cancer.๐Ÿ˜‰.
    Love yourself more than anything else. Don't let anyone make you feel any less. Remember one thing, some people will never mature and you'll have to eventually leave those toxic people behind to grow as a person. Look for the signs. There will be red flags and above all your gut feeling will let you know the truth, don't ever ignore it .
    There are jerks in every sign and at the end of the day we just deal with people who are narcissist and emotional vampires.Hope you get my point.

  • @Totitoti You are right on gurl. Jerks are every where. The main thing is we women have to love ourselves more.We should not accept abuse of any kind. โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  • @Momycrab I'm happy because virgo is everything Taurus wasn't and I wished him to be.virgo truly is me in a male body.He feels me without telling him anything.And vice versa. He always tells me I'm a witch ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • @Momycrab @Totitoti

    I officially got confirmation that I'm ghosted again. ๐Ÿ˜• Really a piece of work. Gonna just block and delete him. If he doesn't wanna be in my life he can stay out. I believe he is pure evil for doing everything that he did to me. Sad part is he will never understand the hurt he put me through, no matter how much I try to explain. At this point, talking isn't necessary.

    Lol ! Cancer moon here so I can relate to the craziness ๐Ÿ˜Š Your Taurus loves you so he finds a way to manage ๐Ÿ˜‰ Wouldn't expect any less from a life partner. Hopefully 10 years later, I'd be in a better place with a great partner (high chance it's my Taurus).

    Totally agree with both of you on having jerks in every sign. We gotta discern the emotional vamps from the good guys. So much unnecessary pain involved.

  • @Axesfemme I wish you get a warm,caring,loving and stable life partner for life.The behaviour this guy throwing at you is totally unacceptable. This kind of hot and cold attitude will f* up your brain eventually. You really need to keep your options open.Do not invest any more energy on this stupid roller coster ride. You've already wasted enough time on this mentally immature guy who doesn't even know what does he wants from you.
    Talking from my own experience, trust me, your brain will stop functioning if you don't stop right now.Been there done that. Save your sanity before you loose your mind completely.โค๏ธ

  • @Axesfemme he's really pushing it. He didn't really leave you any option but to not to allow him to come near you any longer. Let him fight his demons and let him solve his issues alone. What's enough is enough. I was convinced he'd play a different tune this time around. I guess I was mistaken. My Virgo says he obviously doesn't want to hurt anyone but ends up hurting everyone...

  • @Totitoti @Momycrab

    Woke up today feeling nothing for him. Guess my mind is already pushed to the extreme and tired of this. I'll probably never understand why he chose to treat me this way, and that's fine.

    My Taurus has super been worried about my mental health the past couple of days. Told me to let him know what activities I wanted to do and he would do it with me so I'd feel better. He hates art with a passion but said he'd paint with me and spend more time together. ๐Ÿ˜ I'm so touched. Virgo would never do that for me.

    Unfortunately there isn't any issues or demons with Virgo. He just doesn't care and it's something I gotta accept. The only one he keeps choosing to hurt in this whole saga is me. That probably tells a lot about where I stand in his life.

    I think I feel more free, knowing I don't have to deal with the constant lies and overanalysing of his behaviour. Love shouldn't be difficult, everything else in life already is. โค๏ธ

  • @Axesfemme Very well said gurl.โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

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  • @Momycrab @Totitoti

    Guess who reappeared ....... again. Texted in the AM with a hug, I didnt reply.

    Sent me an email to ask for work stuff in the afternoon.

    ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ™„

  • @Axesfemme This man clearly has some attachment disorder. He is trying to rope you in by throwing crumbs at you to see whether you'll fall for it or not. You need to set tight boundaries so that he can get a hint that for you he doesn't matter at all. I can sense as if this man has other women on his back burner. Unhealthy relationships are cause of mental health problems in major percentage of adults.Just stay away from this man until he proves other way. His behaviour is not at all flattering.
    May I ask how old are you and how old is your virgo? Hope you don't mind?

    Take care.โค๏ธ

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