The heart of a Virgo man

  • @Hurtleo Run .Don't look back. Take example from Charlie Sheen .He is the perfect example of virgo narcissicism.
    Mind you, he doesn't want a child ,but you on other hand want to be a parent . May be he is an antinatalist or he is not matured enough to handle parenthood right now. HE WILL NEVER CHANGE THOUGH IF HE IS A NARCISSIST. Virgos know what they want and probably he is getting it somewhere else.
    Don't worry about your biological clock ticking trust me stress creates havoc on your reproductive system. Being not able to be a biological mom is not the end of the world gurl. There is always an option to adopt. First of all get rid of this ass*ole from your life then everything will fall in to places .
    Much Love ♥️.

  • @Totitoti Right on gurl .
    I am in too much pain :(. Rick and Ron (Taurus) both are down with fever. I am not getting enough sleep ,which is taking a huge toll on my spine health as well as my mental health. I am fighting to survive each and everyday now.
    Stay safe you guys
    Love & Hugs ❤

  • @Momycrab hope it's not covid with your guys 🙉😥 Wishing them fast recovery. Women always take all the load, no wonder you don't get enough sleep and have back pain. Stay strong ❤❤❤

  • @Totitoti ❤❤❤

  • @Totitoti

    Long time of not posting. Just updating. Back in contact with Virgo. He mentioned there is a special bond between us hence he hasn't completely disappeared on me till date.

    Anyway, this is a feat, seriously, even as friends. He snapped at me moments ago upon waking from his nap (due to his own frustrations) and is now playing hot / cold after I signalled I needed a timeout and texted him back shortly thereafter. 😣

    Trying my best to be patient but geez.

    Breadcrumbing and the disappearing again.

    Now he says he doesnt want to start anything with me to prevent either of us from ghosting each other.

  • @Axesfemme he's obviously struggling. Remain calm and don't fall for his drama. Just say ok. And disappear from his radar. Nothing more you can do at this point. He has to make a decision. And obviously, he can't stay away from you for a long time. He is a walking contradiction...

  • @Momycrab how are you guys? ❤️@Jayann hope all is well at your end ❤️.

  • @Totitoti

    Hey hey !
    He didn't bother texting me after that conversation, so it's just completely silent now. I didn't bother texting him either.

    Too crazy for my liking and I'm done. No more chasing. Feel so emotionally manipulated here.

  • @Axesfemme continue with your life as you did the last time. We'll never understand mental acrobatics of virgo men so we won't try to. I know how you feel. But, also I know virgo men act normally only with women they don't care about. So, what's that telling us?

  • Virgo men ..... have not met good ones

  • @Totitoti

    Thank you Toti ! I'm still tryna look for another job so I don't keep getting triggered here.

    Third time's the charm I guess. 😊 Too many chances given. He won't get anything from me anymore. Just another toxic a*shole.

  • @Axesfemme , he is really into you. But, the way he's showing it is toxic. Keep your mind on you and we'll see how this virgo story will unfold. Let's grab some popcorn.

  • @Olaf how come? Willing to share more?

  • @Totitoti I am doing good dear. A little bit stressed out though 🥴, having pregnancy scare as our cndom broke LOL . Took morning after pill within 24 hrs but dang he hit it on the day of my ovulation. Dunno if Rick is going to get a baby sister 😆 any time soon. I am getting hornier day by day . Never knew that late 30s could be this much exciting . I am sure 40s will be much more fun for my libido. 🤪😜. Taurus is surprised to see my transformation from shy to hotty momma. I dunno what has gotten inside me. Possessed by a sx starved ghost may be?? 😂😂🤣🤣💀💀

  • @Totitoti

    Really? I feel like he doesn't really give a crap about me at all, honestly speaking. 🤣 So much for not ghosting each other.

    I asked him nicely if he was pushing me away because his texts were so dry, he replied "NO!!!" , and said at least he's replying and that we are having a 2 way conversation (he replies with 1 emoji). I just replied something nice thereafter.

    My last message to him (the next day) was to wish him luck with his game + a hug, he replied me with a hug emoji. I didn't pursue further since he doesn't like to be disturbed while gaming but he had no decency to text me the next day or anymore thereafter. I read it as lack of interest.

    Promised myself I won't be chasing him anymore, not for relationship nor a friendship. His qualities/attitude ain't really worth putting so much effort in either (he probably thinks otherwise).

    I'm thinking even if he managed to 'hookup' with someone else, the same bullshit will happen again. 🙄 In this situation I can safely say to him "It's not me, it's you".

  • @Totitoti Nice hearing from you.
    I hope you and @Momycrab are in good health along with your children and loves.
    I am not to will and fighting since September last year,
    Hoping to have better times soon.
    Take care and stay safe all of you.

  • @Jayann Take care dear. I hope every thing falls into right places for ya. Stay safe.❤❤❤

  • @Axesfemme Hey there hope you are doing well dear.I will suggest please date other men and stop seeing this childish man .If a man is really into you he'll not play games be it virgo man or any other man. Been there done that. A man with zero maturity will only waste your time and energy which is not at all good for your mental health. Hope you take care of your heart and deal with this man accordingly. Hugs❤

  • @Momycrab
    ty and you too

  • @Momycrab

    Hihi ! I've stopped putting in effort and attention onto this loser. 😊 It doesnt feel as bad as the first time anymore tbh.

    Maybe I got used to the discards that I'm way beyond numbed by it now. I can safely say if he comes back the next time, I'd just reject him with the same reasons he gave me prior.

    I've also joined a meditation group on discord and it's helping me heal from the hurt tremendously. Learning more about self love everyday does wonders.

    Appreciate the advice and support from you and Toti as well. Ya'll are amazing ! 💋

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