The heart of a Virgo man

  • @Hurtleo Run .Don't look back. Take example from Charlie Sheen .He is the perfect example of virgo narcissicism.
    Mind you, he doesn't want a child ,but you on other hand want to be a parent . May be he is an antinatalist or he is not matured enough to handle parenthood right now. HE WILL NEVER CHANGE THOUGH IF HE IS A NARCISSIST. Virgos know what they want and probably he is getting it somewhere else.
    Don't worry about your biological clock ticking trust me stress creates havoc on your reproductive system. Being not able to be a biological mom is not the end of the world gurl. There is always an option to adopt. First of all get rid of this ass*ole from your life then everything will fall in to places .
    Much Love ♥️.

  • @Totitoti Right on gurl .
    I am in too much pain :(. Rick and Ron (Taurus) both are down with fever. I am not getting enough sleep ,which is taking a huge toll on my spine health as well as my mental health. I am fighting to survive each and everyday now.
    Stay safe you guys
    Love & Hugs ❤

  • @Momycrab hope it's not covid with your guys 🙉😥 Wishing them fast recovery. Women always take all the load, no wonder you don't get enough sleep and have back pain. Stay strong ❤❤❤

  • @Totitoti ❤❤❤

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