The heart of a Virgo man

  • @Axesfemme , all great points. My Virgo and I read them together and laughed out loud because that was beginning of our relationship. All the red flags possible. He realised once again how horrible his behaviour was. I honestly believe they aren't even aware how were hurting. My virgo is always in his head and when he told me what were the things he was thinking about while doing those things amazed me. He was just looking for reasons why I'd leave him in future because he thought he wasn't good enough for me. I don't know why was that all about, he is very well educated, travelled, successful and I surely never did anything to make him think that way. Virgo men are weird, that's for sure. Also, "you belong to me, I belong to you" mantra is very high up in his book. He is a great and dedicated husband and a father, always so calm, patient and loving. I'm not patient at all, and I can't say I'm always calm. He is a completely different man. But, he says he was always that man, just being afraid of his feelings made him do crazy things. I still don't believe him on that one. He does have good relations with his exes. I can't understand that. I have one ex I don't want to see ever in my life. But, I know he is not emotionally involved with either of them. If they needed help, he'd be the first to go. I'm not always fine with that, but I process those things internally. We had a conversation about it long time ago and I know how he thinks. Otherwise I think we'd have a problem. I'm trying to put my Scorpio nature on hold and to be gentle as much as possible because I noticed virgo loves to be treated like a child, with love and understanding.
    Stay where you feel good. I was ready to ignore my virgo forever and I think that's they key for any relationship- to love yourself first. I'm happy you're feeling better. It's great that you have other options and other things to do so he's not always on your mind. Keep us posted. My Virgo put a bet that your virgo will contact you for the holidays when he feels he needs you. I said he'll wish you a happy birthday. He said no way. I hope I win so I get to choose my prize. If virgo wins, I have to cook him "masculine" food for a week... 🙉😂 We'll see...

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  • @Totitoti Hey gurl! Sup? ❤
    I am feeling much better today. I broke my ph and now I've lost tarot dot com's login id 😓 again .
    I am getting attracted to another Taurus Lol but dude is married and is separated from his wife just like me. He has a daughter. He was my crush like years ago and had a short hot and heavy fling with him but he got married to a virgo LOL and now they are done . My life is in pieces and I'm confused af.😑. I need to look into my stars right now. I think I am going through a phase again as My Indian astrologer friend has told me that I am going through Moon's node phase or something like Dragon's head. Dang!
    @Jayann Where are you gurl?? Are you ok?? Pls check this site soon.❤

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  • @Axesfemme my virgo ghosted for a couple of months. Close to a year when he got married. I think. I forgot most things after I gave if my brain stopped working. He always tried to reconnect and revive what we had. I didn't pay attention to him, blocked him everywhere and told I wasn't thinking to become a part of his harem. Then he knew I went out with one Scorpio guy. I don't know how he found that out because at the moment he didn't live where I lived. Anyway, he congratulated me and said he hoped Scorpio and I would be happy together. After that he tried to contact me frequently... Everything happened in a short time for us. We've been together for a couple of months, he ghosted, got engaged then married, had a child. Then he got divorced, we came , got married and had kids immediately. I often feel as if it didn't happen. my virgo's behaviour at the time was full of red flags. I knew that well but I was so in love with him. nothing compared to it. The fact I was married to a narcissistic Taurus taught me everything about toxic relationships and I did not want it repeating again. That's why I backed off , cut contact and continued my life as if nothing happened. He says that killed him at the time and that he thought he meant nothing to me.
    Virgo and I have a strong bond, that's true. But the strongest bond is the one I have with myself. Hadn't he divorced and came back to me, I'd never contact him again. I completely cut him off. He knows if he ever does the same to me, I'm gone. But, I really can't say anything bad about him now.He is really everything I'd want in a partner. Only annoying thing is his obsession with cleaning. I have the same obsession,but we get irritated by the smells the other likes. Virgo likes floral scents in his cleaning products and I hate those. So far that's only thing we disagree with. Holidays aren't a big thing where we live either (if I didn't know the age of your virgo, I'd suspect my virgo is your virgo 😂) and we aren't big on celebrating any. However virgo is obsessed with my birthday and I already discovered his present and stack of decorations, so I have to act I'm surprised tomorrow 😁.
    Your virgo is jealous of you. If I learned anything from being with a virgo man, when he is emotional, whatever he says- it's the opposite. I think he'd die if he had seen you with another man. But, you do it anyway. Because you live your life for you. These virgo men are amazing people once they stop behaving as if they have brain damage.

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  • @Momycrab oh, north node phase 🙈🙉🙉 You're in for a transformation! It's hot and sizzling around you, lady. I'm 40, officially the oldest on this thread😂. Taurus again?! I can't... 😂I escape Taureans. I changed my postman because he was a Taurus and looked at me strangely. Or I'm strange and with some diagnosis 😂😂. I hope things will turn out great in your life. However, friendly advice is not to rush into anything. Especially when you're in this vulnerable state. Protect your heart from further damage.. Hope Rick is as naughty as he can be. In their age they should enjoy their fear free lives... So, you've lost your password again. Are you pregnant 😁?

  • @Axesfemme Accepting a marriage proposal of a man you don't love is a suicide. His love and attention is beautiful, but a woman can love only a man she respects. Women usually don't respect men they put on standby. Protect your heart and your future by being wise. Marriage without love worth's nothing. Take it from someone who's spent 8 years with a man who didn't love me and I was ready to die for him... Such situation creates weird dynamic and I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy. Be careful and honest to the guy who loves you and, first and foremost, yourself.
    Of course he is jealous of you. You are in your best age and he is stuck by his own stupid decisions. He is jealous because you have options to choose from and he feels obliged to stay with a woman he doesn't feel anything for. Maybe sympathy. Where is her dignity if he has none?
    Hope you had great time and no hangover headache☺️. You made perfect sense, so don't apologize for anything. I'm telling you what I'd tell my sisters or daughter- stay true to yourself and don't settle for less than you deserve. And never stop believing in love. Love can't be found in men only. It's everywhere. The force giving us life. Don't despair. Everything will turn out fine unless we go against our hearts...

  • @Totitoti Hahahaha oh gurl I just ROFL'ed while reading your comment. Boi you are hilarious. You've changed your Taurian postman??? . 🤣 Lmao. I am strangely attracted to Taurians and scorpions 🤣. I hold no grudge against virgo men now and really have moved on for good. Rick's dad is trying his @$$ to reconnect again LOL. Actually right now I have no time for anything else except Ricky. Yes he is very naughty, speaks more than 100 words and he is afraid of balloons LOL.
    Is north node phase bad?? My friend has told me that it will stay for 18 long years . 🤣🤣🤣 WTF is that thingy.
    Rick broke my phone lol , everything is lost. Got a brand new phone though. I watch him 24/7 like cctv 🤣 but still he manages to break stuffs.
    Happy belated birthday dear and you are a sexy young woman who is beautiful inside out.❤❤❤️. Give love to my angels. ❤❤❤❤
    No I am not preggo LOL.
    My life is chaotic right now and I am getting lots of typos . Excuse me.😂

    @Jayann where are you?????

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  • @Axesfemme you are on the right track. Trying to understand him when he obviously doesn't understand himself is an impossible task. You pay attention to your healing. Leave the cracks on your heart and don't close it. Light will come through cracks, as Rumi would say. The fact you loved so deeply (and you loved a man who didn't know/want to reciprocate), imagine how beautiful it would be to be loved deeply by a man you love too? Never forget, you are not in rush with time. And don't think you wasted your time by loving. Nothing is wasted if we learn something in a process. Longevity isn't a sign of successful relationships. Sometimes only a day spent with someone precious can make all the difference.
    Pain is talking through you and that is ok. You will have phases of grief, anger, denial( not necessarily in that order), but the ending will be in letting go. And letting go will bring liberation from everything.
    It is great you are using your time by getting therapy. Only when we seek help is when time works in our favour. Things don't end with time. Things end when we invest time to heal and make changes.
    I'm happy if "talking" to me helps. I'm here and I'm sorry for my belated responses. Luckily, my kids are early sleepers, so I can use my time in the evening as I want.
    Virgo men are always in a competition. My Virgo hates to lose. He hated me for full hour because I won game of Monopoly. I confess, I was annoying in my victory as I shamelessly pointed out I was a better player (several times 😉) and his ego couldn't take it. So he ignored me for some time. I'm competitive too, but I can lose a game of Monopoly with dignity. Probably, if he behaved like me, I'd splash him with some water to cool down, but I digress...
    Life should be lived in peace. Mentally, emotionally and otherwise. If there is no peace, there is no progress.
    I loved my ex so much that I thought I'd die when I asked for divorce. When we divorced, I was sad but also relieved. That was a feeling I wasn't used to. And it felt great. On the other hand, my ex got married almost completely...
    And then, out of nowhere, I started loving myself. Not mentioning our horrible start, virgo is now my biggest supporter in everything I do. No matter how silly my dreams are, he is the one pushing me to pursue them. If love of a man doesn't make a woman love herself more, that love isn't going to satisfy her in the long run. I know virgo loves me. But his belief in me, his support, his compliments and critique made me a better person. I love myself more than I ever have. No matter what happens in the future, I know now what true love is. It's freedom and peace. I apologize for long babble. The point is, you will love again. Maybe that will be a Taurus or some other man ( maybe even a virgo), but your heart will be filled with love again. And all this what you are experiencing today will be an unpleasant memory.
    Just smile even when you don't feel like it. Help someone else with their problem. Feed a hungry animal... Love will multiply. Be love❤️.

  • @Momycrab I'm also worried about @Jayann , I hope all is well at her end. @Jayann , sending love and hugs if you're reading this.
    You are becoming a femme fatale my darling. Your seductive energy seems to be on fire. Thank you for the birthday greetings and wishes, I appreciate that so much❤❤❤️. Of course Ricky will break things! He is a boy, they are learning by breaking things. First they break phones and toys and then female hearts... Speaking of breaking, my girl breaks everything. Her brother is complete opposite... Oh yes, virgo couldn't understand my obsession with our postman. He just randomly winked at me one day and said he was a Taurus and that he's strong enough to hold a parcel for a long time (I was late to open the door and apologised to him). So, from that day I was on a mission to get rid of him. Only because he was a Taurus. I think a person in charge at the post office through I was crazy when I said that. He asked me was the service of the postman bad. I said- no, it's just he's a Taurus. Oh, well... Virgo said I was acting weirdly and that I should reconsider this immature behaviour, but finished his sentence- do whatever makes you feel good. So yes, Taurus was gone...
    Your Taurus smelled another Taurus from miles away😂😂😂😂and that's why he's hands on - stay away from my woman. Testosterone should be used as weapons...
    I'm happy you're better ( I can feel that from the tone of your voice). Also, I'm happy you got a new phone ☺️ and hope Ricky won't target that one as well. Sending you lots of love❤️.

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  • @Axesfemme , it's ok to feel the way you feel. Don't feel bad because of it. It won't last forever. There's no place for regrets. You still have plenty of time to be happily married with a man who loves you.
    I know it's hard being at the same place with him but this is your moment to be strong. Don't give up on your job or anything because of him. He isn't worth it. Just act as if he never existed if you are determined you don't want to have anything with him anymore. It's difficult, but if you put your mind and heart into it, you can do it.
    I've been in that situation and I know how you feel. From betrayal to anger, I've felt it all as you are feeling it now. But, trust me, it will be better sooner than you think.

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  • @Axesfemme I don't know about private messaging on here. I don't think he'll ever come across this forum though...

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  • @Axesfemme these men do things because we allow them to treat us that way. I admit, love makes me dumb. It took time to change that about myself. He started to miss you, obviously. It's so Virgo of him to act that way. He's checking out the water. Let's make sure he steps on a shark. You'll be fine with time. Anger is one of the healing stages. Don't escape your emotions no matter how uncomfortable they feel. Invite your pain over for a couple of hours every day... Talk to your pain outloud and then release it. It sounds crazy but it helps. You've got this.

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