The heart of a Virgo man

  • @Jayann my virgo has Scorpio rising. I'm Scorpio with virgo rising. All other planets for him in Libra and sag and for me in Virgo,libra and cap. Both of us have Uranus in Scorpio. Hope all is well at your end.
    @Mommycrab I'm so saddened by your news. I hope you and Ricky are fine now. 2021 turned out worse than 2020 for many. My heart is with you and hope everything will turn out well, finances as well as health and emotional life. Don't go crazy on Vitamin D as it can be very dangerous for females.
    We are settling down in the new house, I'm also trying to potty train the twins. Girl, of course, responding better than a boy, but we still have a long way to go.. Virgo is very gentle and great dad. I'm sad he is no longer seeing his first born, but his ex wife is a really strange behaving woman. I'll never understand those who use children as manipulation tools. I hope virgo will win the custody battle, so we can have child growing up with us. I wish she can change and that we get along as one big happy family in the future.
    Sending you all my love and hope to hear good news from you soon.

  • @dani26 stick to your guns and go no contact. Let him decide what he wants and then come back to you. And, welcome to the thread 😊.

  • @aftershine , I understand how you feel. He'll come back. And when he does, I hope you will be strong enough to resist.

  • @Totitoti
    Hiya, I am so glad that things are positive in your life. Good luck with the potty training.
    ty for the info on vit D. What I do know is that if your colouring is Scandinavian then you need 1/2 hour sun on your skin per day in summer to fight winter bugs. If you are Mediterranean colouring then it goes up to 1 hour per day. And if darker then you will need 2 hours per day in the summer Sunshine is FREE but since lockdown I hardly go out and when I do I do not stay out long enough and wear a jacket so arms and legs are not exposed to the sun. Therefore vit D3 is needed by me.
    Very interesting your zodiac compatibility. I wonder why I think of steam and oh la la.
    @Mommycrab i hope things are better for you and Ricky in all aspects of you life now. Remember you are both very important. May 2022 bring you new adventures.
    Take care and stay safe all of you.

  • @Totitoti he explicitly said he doesn't want to date me lmao. What makes you think he'll come back?

  • @Jayann he had virgo sun, virgo moon, virgo mercury, leo mars, virgo venus......

  • @aftershine inflated ego with that Leo mars 😊.

  • @aftershine they always come back. You just keep doing your thing and don't contact him. Give him a month or two, he'll be back.

  • @Jayann Oh, the steam 😂. Better steam than ice 😂😂😂. I understand you for the vitamin d, just stick to the lower dose... We enjoyed sun a lot this year but as covid is going crazy right now, I think the winter we'll be stuck at home.neither of us likes to be stuck at home, but if we have to do it, we have to do it We're vaccinated, and had covid so I believe in our immunity.I hope you are fine and well, with your health and life in general.It's lovely to hear from you and it's really funny how often I think of you and @Mommy-Crab both. Hopefully she and Rick are doing well too.Strangers who found themselves on virgo men thread and became some sort of friends.How interesting and wonderful. I wish summer could last all year I'm not a fall person.This November I'll be 40.time flies way too fast.

  • @Totitoti I blocked him from everywhere (literally everywhere lol). He blocked my number too

  • @Totitoti inflated ego is very very accurate

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  • @aftershine that won't stop him from coming back. My virgo (now my husband), kept me blocked for a year (or more) and kept coming back all the time. Now when I ask him about it he says he's so embarrassed for such behaviour. I feel as if virgo men love to fool around, but when their hearts click (which rarely happens), they panic and don't know what to do. They rarely fall for a woman. When they do, they fall hard. And when they fall, they're the worst to the woman they love. Their weird behaviour should not be tolerated. Keep him blocked. When he comes back, you'll know what to do. If he doesn't, good riddance. But, don't waste your time waiting for him. Live your best life and enjoy. Let him burn within...

  • @Axesfemme welcome to the thread! I bet you are a water sign 😊, just like the rest of us around here. Virgo men have their women (they're attached to every woman they love(d)) and that is a part of their charming personality. You have only one option here. Withdraw and don't initiate contact. Live your life and put him on standby. Let him come to you. After that, decide what you'll do.

  • @Jayann @Mommy-Crab where are you girls? Hope you are both fine❤❤❤

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  • @Axesfemme Virgo men are weird. Cancer moon is a sensitive, nurturing moon. Give that love to yourself, you deserve it. It's ok to be depressed, confused, angry,... Take all the time you need to heal. No, you did right by not responding to the good night text. I don't believe he'll give up on you easily, because he's emotionally invested. For virgos, as I see it, that's stronger than any sexual bond they might have. Virgo men are very smart, but so emotionally immature. My virgo seems like a third baby to me, but he's now more open with his feelings. He couldn't explain or express himself at all before. Our kids are also virgos, I have virgo mars and ascendant, so I get virgos. At least I think so. Dont despair and stand your ground.

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  • @Jenever7 Hi Jenever7 ! I've actually had an AMAZING love affair with a very "VIRGO-ISH" VIRGO.
    I actually met his wife first! We'd just moved into a brand new neighborhood at the same time. They had 3 children the same ages (+/-)
    as we did. I was actually in the process of filing for divorce from my husband, and didn't hide that from anyone I met because he was such a despicable drunk, I wanted to be known as being SANE enough to unload him!
    She ( his wife) invited the kids and me to dinner knowing my then husband NEVER came directly home from work, but visited several bars on the way. At this point, I'd not met her husband. As we prepared to serve dinner in walked the most BEAUTIFUL man I had ever seen! He turned me into a blithering idiot. I could barely string a sentence together! I headed for the loo to compose myself , returning more normal. At dinner I tried not to look at him, but whenever I peeked he was staring at ME, his food untouched. After the unbearable meal we took the kids outside to play. It was the first time I'd seen his wife's attitude toward him and her little ones. She bitched at him about his faults all evening. Things like "I ASKED YOU to get an increase on our (some bank) Visa! We NEED FURNITURE, expletive, expletive expletive...."
    Go get (child in middle)!He's been AWFUL ALL DAY! "He needs a good smack. I told him you would take care of it. He took middle child in a little hug and asked what he'd done. The child had no idea. He said" Wife, what happened? " When she " couldn't recall, he kissed the kid on the top of the head and sent him back to play. She became ENRAGED. It was as if she didn't know I was THERE. She called him emasculating names, called the middle child over, pulled his sweats down around his knees and hit him, open handed & on his heiney 4 times. The hand mark was there for 5 DAYS!!
    Today, I'd have called D. S. S, but this was 1987,and we lived a very sheltered life. I met parents who left their sleeping children ALONE , regularly to go out for dinner or "clubbing"!We just hoped children in these situations never knew.
    Back to our "dinner" .After the awful beating I said "It's getting dark, I'd better get them bathed and in bed. I thanked them for a great dinner and SHE INSISTED he walk us home! I pleaded NO! I was fine.. but he was walking me home. On the way he told me she'd been in psych wards 3 different times because while she LOVED the lifestyle he provided, she , in the recesses of her heart, hated HIM! My heart broke for him. I gave him my background. He wanted a divorce but was afraid for the kids.
    Over the months he came to my lawyer with me several times who suggested to him that he include in any divorce decree that he stipulate that in his absence a nanny with mental health background be in the house to maintain civility.
    But a judge would make him pay for it. He didn't care-he could leave her! Which he did. We were both divorced 6 months apart. Mine came through last and I was single for 6 days before we married. She was a CONSTANT PROBLEM. Phone calls, drive bys while shouting obscenities loudly out the window, mail threats to "kill me, then my " brats",She was arrested(& soon released) dozens of times. We actually moved to another state and STILL SHE CONTINUED.
    WE just celebrated our 30th Anniversary.
    It has been a heavenly marriage. We had our own child in 1991,and he is a Virgo like his Dad.

  • @Axesfemme Well, he is emotionally attached to you, judging from everything you've said so far. But, being attached isn't enough. He has a decision to make and that's something he has to do himself. I agree, it feels like a twilight zone. I remember how I felt with my Virgo.
    Use your time doing useful things. Pamper yourself, meet with friends, study, work, learn something new and interesting,... Don't fall into a trap of overthinking. I know how Virgo can be alluring and how being with them can twist one's mind. But, the most important person in your life is you. Go out on a date with someone else, have fun,... And stay in no contact with him, don't initiate anything and don't ask questions. He's old enough to know what to do. And don't accept to be his shoulder to cry on. If he wanted just friendship, he would not behave the way he does. He acts as if you belong to him. Virgo doesn't want to hurt anyone and in the end their actions hurt everyone... Let him come to his senses alone. In the time being, you get up no matter how hard it feels and live your life.

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