The heart of a Virgo man

  • @Jayann Thanks for the link dear. Stay safe💕

  • @Mommy-Crab I'm truly sorry to hear that. I'm with you on this one because I trust my gut feeling too. Just don't make rushed decisions. Take your time but also think well. I agree no woman should cry for a man. After what I've been through with my ex, I'll never let another man behave with me like that.
    I know you are a great mom to your baby but how Taurus is handling the situation? What he says? I thought you guys had great relationship as he was supportive and all. What changed?
    I don't know what to tell you to make you feel better. I'm truly sorry you are going through this, but I support whatever you decide. It's one life and we shouldn't spend it being miserable. All my love to you and Rick❤❤❤

  • @Totitoti Dunno Taurus is acting weird. We have 0 communication between us now. He has become a selfish jerk. I give 0 f^cks to him as he can s^ck his own dik forever.

  • @Mommy-Crab That's a weird behaviour from his side. I hope he comes back to his senses. How long have you been separate?

  • @Totitoti Like a week. Yes I am not sure what he is up to as I am so busy with Rick.

    If I ever get involved with a man in future , I will make sure he is not an Earth sign.

  • @Mommy-Crab So you are definitely sure about divorcing him? I'm really sorry about that. My experience with my Taurus ex was horrible and I still feel like all that happened to someone else. I got impression your Taurus was a really nice guy. Seems like all guys are jerks. Earth signs definitely lead in assholeness.
    I hope two of you will talk and figure things out. I hope you will manage to go through this rough period together. I believe love will win in the end. That's hormonal me talking. I'm never getting pregnant again as this heat is unbearable. I can't cool my head. Yesterday I was tempted to shave all my hair off but I felt sorry because it's really long... My babies are having a hip hop party inside of me and I can't wait to kick them out. If Virgo changes after their birth I'll kick him out too. 😂Some planets are going crazy for sure.

  • @Mommy-Crab
    Things have changed
    You became a mom
    Baby Rick is now number one so..................
    Hubby is number 2 or 200 in you life now.
    Also your body has changed and hubby's sex toys are no longer available for him to play with.
    Think carefully before you act.
    Take care and stay safe
    🤗 🤗

  • @Jayann I'm thinking a lot about what you've said. I don't think any woman (myself included) should prioritise her kids over her husband. Yes, babies need attention, but also a husband needs attention. As a wife, I need attention too. Also I believe men who truly love us won't mind the shape of our bodies whatever it is. I'm my own worst critic and every time I comment on how I'm getting fat and ugly, Virgo says I'm beautiful. I believe @Mommy-Crab 's taurus is the same. I believe coming of a child enhances things in a relationship. If a relationship is good with partners who are compatible and complement each other well, baby will bring out the best in them. If a relationship is bad and the two aren't compatible and there's no complementarity between them, the baby will bring out the worst.
    I'm really sad for everyone going through a heartbreak, heartache or separation. After all the feelings and time invested, one would think all will be OK. ..

  • @Totitoti
    well said
    I was just spouting what I read somewhere.
    so you beautiful sexy unique ladies (@Totitoti @Mommy-Crab) out there take care of yourselves.
    stay safe.

  • @Totitoti @Jayann Gals Taurus is all over my ass again. He is taking care of baby Rick very well lol. He said sorry as he was so overwhelmed with my behaviour after child birth . I confronted his sorry ass, He said he intentionally acted like an asshole as I was so busy with Rick. As his jealous little ass couldn't handle my unavailability so he started acting like a Bitch! Now he is cooking, doing the dishes ,helping me with Rick' bathe and diaper change everyday. I am resting and having gala time, I have moved to his house as it's very close to his office. Now it's my time to act like a Bitch. 😆😉.I will keep you guys updated. I am enjoying his assholness, bring me the popcorn.

  • @Totitoti I tell you these grown ass men are babies inside. And yes Taurus loves my fat ass😂🤣

  • @Totitoti Earth sign men Damn !!!

  • @Mommy-Crab
    Keep it coming
    you made my day.

  • @Jayann If that asshole starts acting weird again I am going to kick his ass and literally I will divorce him.

  • @Mommy-Crab I'm so happy for the great news. I knew everything was going to be fine and well. I approve of bitch behaviour and I'll pass the popcorn.
    I had to promise virgo not to give all my love to our babies. I told him if he wanted me to sign a contract for that. He said it was a great idea😂
    Men. Big babies indeed. Just breasts, booty and attention. We have it easy girl as long as they are like this. But never take any of their bs. @Jayann bring cold lemonade and @Mommy-Crab make tacos I'm bringing popcorn. I don't know what's wrong with me when I crave junk food. Oh I'm pregnant. ..

  • @Totitoti
    I am on my way, I have a bottle of cold lemonade in the fridge ready to go but i can always create a more deluxe lemonade. On offer raspberry lemonade, mint lemonade or blackberry lemonade..
    Take care and stay safe both of you (@Mommy-Crab )

  • @Totitoti Ha ha omg Men are all the same,just give them enough rope they will hang themselves. I loved junk food, when Rick was inside me I used to eat crab chips alot and had huge cravings for crab meat. A crab eating crab just imagine😆. I bet these Earth sign men are so similar ,Epitome of Assholeness. Your virgo is worried lol😂 and I love Tacos🤣

  • @Jayann I want your lemonade, any flavour would do. I am at my Bitch mode now. Let me kick this Taurus ass hard. 😆😆😆

  • @Jayann it's a blackberry lemonade for me ❤

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