The heart of a Virgo man

  • @Totitoti Yeah we are in 2020, how can she call me old? With all these news meds and advanced science . I have seen much younger gurls with lots of problems regarding fertility, so it's really foolish to put a blanket statment on someone's ability to pop babies.DAMN!! The midwife assumed that it is not my first pregnancy. How dare is she.Invading somebody's personal life. Huh!! Plus they have lot of superstations on pregnancy and child birth.

    Multiple babies??? OMG🤪
    Virgo's test is coming lol

  • @Mommy-Crab Virgo is very proud of himself because he made twins😂😂😂 when I told him that my brother in law made triplets he was about to cry😂😂😂 Baby rick is lucky to have a mom like you and I'm sure he will leave his habit of eating during the night soon. My breast started to grow insanely, but I'm still not gaining much weight. Virgo is thrilled with the breasts. I guess that doesn't change since infancy. Oh it is going to be a test but I'm convinced he will be great. He is so caring. But he did say that his children will be angels😂 His firstborn is a really adorable baby so I hope he's right about that. But, somehow I feel our babies will drive us crazy😂😂😂 That will be karma coming after him for bad treatment in the past...

  • @Totitoti
    they are just de-energizing before joining this world. Once they have arrived they will be angles.

  • @Totitoti LOL poor papa bear's test is coming!! Mama bear's breast will grow and grow.Until it starts producing milk. Becoming a mother is a different experience. The best part is breast feeding. I just love it. It has helped me bonding with my baby.❤
    You take care dear.❤

  • @Totitoti past is gone , forget what he has done. He is a good guy with lots of love ,care and respect for you. You are lucky my dear.❤

  • @Totitoti How are you dear? How are my angels doing? Tc 💕

  • @Mommy-Crab They are growing so fast. Luckily all I eat is making them grow and not my bum😂😂😂 I don't know how I'm going to deal with summer weather. I'm so hot all the time and I'd walk naked everywhere. I was just about to check up on you and I saw your message. Made me so happy. Hope you are well and out of lock down. How is baby Rick doing? Did he start eating solid food? I bet he's a big boy now. Virgo is having slight panic attacks because he is scared. He missed delivery and early days with his first child and now he's all over me with advice and suggestions. I think I'll lose patience soon😂.

  • @Totitoti Glad to know you and babies are doing well❤. Feeling hot is very irritating during pregnancy. I used to feel hot in winter and till now when I breast feed Rick it feels like I am sitting on an Oven . The hormones are weird af. Blood pressure is also high as it is pumping blood for the babies, so you must keep yourself cool and drink lots of water.Keep a check on your haemoglobin level as it goes down quickly during this period. I once had severe breathing problem and I was out of air, nxt day I got my blood done and my haemoglobin level was very low , I was put on iron tablets . I was 7 months then and it was super scary. I was thinking about you and left a msg.
    Lockdown is over but I am still scared as I am sure there are asymptomatic people who are still carrying the virus. 😞 . I am not going out and Taurus is still working from home. Rick is growing up fast and yes he is on solid foods now but his favourite is still mama's milk 🤣.
    Being pregnant and still keeping your cool around virgo is commendable 😂. I would have lost my cool /patience by now. I still remember how I was yelling on everyone around me while pregnant and scaring them 😂.
    Take care💕

  • @Mommy-Crab Your answers always make me laugh. My blood pressure is great so far and the nurse at my doctor told me I'm like a teenage and not older mum. My Virgo gave her "the look" instead of me. But at home he calls me granny mommy😂😂 and I call him great grandad. He loves it and says it makes him feel powerful. Men manage to connect everything to their genitals😂😂😂 I can't wait to pop these babies out. The heat I feel is unbelievable. Normally I'm always cold and now I need cooling pad with me wherever I go. I'm noticing some slight burning in my stomach afer I eat certain food so I'm trying to eat as clean as possible nowdays. Im not screaming at anyone, I'm a zen momma 😂😂 and before pregnancy I was pretty tough. My dad says he wish I'm pregnant all the time because it suits me. I feel like a walking trailer for two lazy tourists. A bit more and they'll be kicked out. Girl has a name and for a boy we keep changing our minds. A girl will be Sofia. Boy will be number 2 until birth😂

  • @Totitoti LOL yourr virgo seems super excited , amd yes men and their D****ks lol, they associate everything with it🤣
    Awww pregnancy has made you a bit softer I guess😂

    "walking trailer for two lazy tourists" hahahaha omg ROTFL. 😂

    SOFIYA is a lovely name awww my God. Cant making up minds while selecting names lol I remember how me and Taurus were arguing while selecting name for Rick.

    My mom calls him Ryan though and I love it 🤣

    Are you having home birth???

  • I just spent too long reading everything in this thread. LOL

    My Virgo man has just blocked me on our preferred mode of contact for the first time after a long year of bursts of very, very, very hot followed by long bouts of unbearable coldness from him.

    He typically ignores me for days, weeks and months whenever he couldn't deal and I can't understand why he blocked me today because all I did was ask him if was travelling again soon because domestic travel has just opened up in our country of residence.

    I'm a Cancer woman by the way. I'm heartbroken and confused but trying to understand his point of view. I don't have other means of contacting him (well, technically I do but I don't want him to cut me out from there also and would like to just lie low on that end).

    I'm worried he's hurt, I'm worried he's stressed out, I'm worried he's broken (he wasn't his best in the past 8 weeks - lockdown has been hard on all of us) and I'm worried he's unhappy and struggling.

    I want to be there for him but I can't and I don't know how. I don't know what to do. I know he feels something for me, maybe not to the extent of my obsessive infatuation with him, but I know he does. I know he cares, even if just a little. He just never expresses it verbally, and avoids the topic whenever he can.

    And now he's blocked me. No explanation. No indication.... Sigh...

  • @Mommy-Crab said in The heart of a Virgo man:



    I have decided to stick my nose into your chat as I have been enjoying your banter.
    SOFIYA lovely name meaning WISDOM. She might need it with a twin brother. I am sure she will be beautiful and serene keeping every in check with a look and a work. "SIT"

    I am so glad that you both are well and your families. Little Ricky sorry Rick sounds adorable.

    I hope you have masks ladies

    Take care and stay safe
    Keep the other half at home as much as possible,
    They say Covid19 will be back around year end.

  • @Jayann Thank you for sharing. Sophia is my favourite name and its meaning is very important to me. For a boy we are thinking of Arabic name Saif which means the sword. But Virgo still has his doubts. I have a feeling my daughter is going to be a stronger one. I don't know why. Hope all is well at your end!

  • @Mommy-Crab I'm thinking of water birth. Virgo argues that "normal" birth is the best option as if he is the one going to spread his legs and push. In the end, I just wish it to be over. I'm still thinking of my options due to the virus outbreak. I'm a bit scared of it all, but trying to be calm about it.

  • @drivenmad1234 Welcome to the thread of women driven crazy by the Virgo men they loved.
    My advice to you is - don't over think it. Let him come to you whenever he wants. In the meantime,you keep yourself busy by making the best out of your life. They don't function like we do. That's for sure. There is a pattern of Virgo behaviour, no doubt about it. But, keep yourself sane by avoiding to analyse his behaviour and actions. You'll just end up more confused if you think about it. Good luck to you! We are hers for you when you need to yell and cry. We've all been there.

  • @Jayann Sofiya is indeed a lovely name and I know you love our convo😜 .❤
    My house is for now looks llike a mini medical store with masks, sanitizers, face shield, room sanitizer everywhere and I am now planning on buying PPE kits lol , I dunno if they are available for domestic use😂 . I am going crazy I know but this hand washing is now a good obsession.

    Child birth + hormones + fear of virus has turned me into a "NUT CASE".

    Rick is a good boy and he has started blabbering pa pa pa... I am so jealous as he is not saying ma ma ma😂 .All the hassle and pain taken by mama but papa took all the credit.😏

    Stay safe and yes I know Covid19 will be back with more power nxt winter. God help us. 😑

  • @Totitoti I am a bit worried about you dear .Will there be midwife,nurse or doctor to assist you at home? Actually I am scared of home birth myself and I was on epidural before Rick was born .Taurus was insisting on C-section because he was scared that I'll not be able to bear the pain of natural birth and thats why we opted for Epidural as the pain almost gave me heart attack. Taurus was really scared I can tell. I know many women will not opt for epidural because of the side effects afterwards but I was in so much pain and Taurus got scared so he convienced me for this option. Ughhh my vay jay is still sore though.😂

    Awww my love to Sofiya and Saif. God bless you my angels. 💕

  • @drivenmad1234
    Hello and welcome dear.I hope you've got some answers about your virgo as this thread is very helpful but still I will say every virgo is different .They are weird and I am sure you will have your own virgo story someday till then keep distance from virgo, stay busy . Do not chase him. I am a cancer and I can feel ya. Stay strong and dont just stick to this virgo, keep your options open and date other people too.
    Take care .

  • @Mommy-Crab I've cracked under pressure and I'll go to a hospital because it's the smartest thing to do. I don't want to experiment on myself. Virgo says after twins are born we are going to have another pair of new babies😂😂 he is convinced I'm born to give birth and that's my mission in life according to my husband.

  • @Totitoti Another pair of twins right now ? Good Lord😂 I dunno whether to laugh or to cry on Virgo's statement My God.😑
    I am glad that you are going for a hospital birth, it's much safer. Only 3 months to go . Your belly will grow in your 3rd trimester and you'll feel the heaviness in your pelvic area. This is the time when you will need much rest.
    Rick is sleeping beside me right now munching on my nipple 😂

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