The heart of a Virgo man

  • @Totitoti Yeah we are in 2020, how can she call me old? With all these news meds and advanced science . I have seen much younger gurls with lots of problems regarding fertility, so it's really foolish to put a blanket statment on someone's ability to pop babies.DAMN!! The midwife assumed that it is not my first pregnancy. How dare is she.Invading somebody's personal life. Huh!! Plus they have lot of superstations on pregnancy and child birth.

    Multiple babies??? OMG🤪
    Virgo's test is coming lol

  • @Mommy-Crab Virgo is very proud of himself because he made twins😂😂😂 when I told him that my brother in law made triplets he was about to cry😂😂😂 Baby rick is lucky to have a mom like you and I'm sure he will leave his habit of eating during the night soon. My breast started to grow insanely, but I'm still not gaining much weight. Virgo is thrilled with the breasts. I guess that doesn't change since infancy. Oh it is going to be a test but I'm convinced he will be great. He is so caring. But he did say that his children will be angels😂 His firstborn is a really adorable baby so I hope he's right about that. But, somehow I feel our babies will drive us crazy😂😂😂 That will be karma coming after him for bad treatment in the past...

  • @Totitoti
    they are just de-energizing before joining this world. Once they have arrived they will be angles.

  • @Totitoti LOL poor papa bear's test is coming!! Mama bear's breast will grow and grow.Until it starts producing milk. Becoming a mother is a different experience. The best part is breast feeding. I just love it. It has helped me bonding with my baby.❤
    You take care dear.❤

  • @Totitoti past is gone , forget what he has done. He is a good guy with lots of love ,care and respect for you. You are lucky my dear.❤

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