The heart of a Virgo man

  • @Gloomy-Crab Three of us are sending you kisses😊❤❤❤

  • Hope everyone is safe and healthy!❤❤❤

  • @Totitoti
    you too
    stay safe and enjoy your treasure.

  • @Totitoti We are staying home. Stay safe dear. Howz your pregnancy going? Baby Rick is 4 months old.
    Take care❤

  • @lawdawg I totally agree with you! If a man is married and cheating by having you as his side piece then he will definitely cheat on you even if he does leave his wife! Run very far in a hurry away from a married man! Seriously.

  • @Gloomy-Crab Time really flies!he is already 4 months old! I'm great.Staying at home and Virgo is taking good care of us. He is terrified of thought something bad might happen.Kiss baby Rick for me❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • @Totitoti Glad to hear you all are safe and healthy. I pray everyday for this virus to just go away. I am really worried.
    Hope everything will be fine at the end of April. Time really flies. Take care dear.❤

  • @Jayann Thanks dear. You too stay safe and stay home. ❤

  • @Gloomy-Crab I said to my Virgo if this situation continues I might give birth at home. Since that day he is having bad headaches 😂 I'm not in panic, I guess my hormones are doing the thing. Babies are fine, I haven't been nauseous, not even once. I'm not extra touchy or nervous. My breasts did start to grow, but not in size as much in volume if that makes sense😂I don't have extra cravings, I eat the same. My appetite hasn't changed. Virgo is very protective and sounds like my mom. Very specific with my eating time so I can't wait for quarantine to end. He desinfects all around us ALL the time. I laugh at him how cute he is with his alcohol sprayer 😂Kiss big baby Rick for me. Sending good vibes❤

  • @Totitoti OMG OMG OMG you're having twins???😱 WOW!!! Thats great.❤ Boy/gurl? Gurl/gurl? Boy/boy??? tell meeeehhh..Lol😂

    Baby Rick looks like the baby from the movie BOSS BABY😂 and his hairstyle is same as Zack Zack from the movie Incredibles2😂😂😂. He is not a naughty baby at all and smiles alot😄.
    Glad to hear about how virgo is taking care of you.
    Stay safe❤

  • @Gloomy-Crab Well I told you before- greetings from three of us, but I guess you included the Virgo in it😂
    When I came to my first doctor's visit I told her I'm having twins and she told me -no you're not. On my second visit she said I'm having twins. Virgo and her became speechless and I think Virgo is even more scared of me than he was before😂😂
    I still don't know if we are having boys or girls. I'm not leaving the house these days so I didn't even go to my doctor's appointment. I know it's wrong but I simply don't trust anyone with this virus. When it's over I'll go. Or I'll have my babies at home😂😂
    Oh I knew baby Rick was going to be a great baby. I'm so happy you are blessed with good behaved baby. I can imagine how beautiful and funny he is. I love those funny sounds they make at that age. I still don't feel I'm pregnant. I gained 2 kilograms so far. I don't feel any pain, I feel very energetic. I spend much time exercising and practicing proper breathing. My belly started to grow and I'm constantly rubbing oils and creams into my skin, scared of stretch marks😂 Virgo is very supportive. We had his child with us for a couple of times and he is really doing great with him. I can't wait to find out what we are having so we can fight over names😂I need some fight as Virgo is doing everything I tell him...

  • @Totitoti My Gooooooooooooood!!! Yes I included virgo in it indeed never gave a 2nd thought to it LOL. I am so happy.Dang you are what??I mean You've told me before that you want twin babies. Bam!! You are a psychic or what??? You even predicted the gender of my baby long before he was born 😳. Fortune Teller😄.
    I can understand why virgo is scared of you. 😂.Even I am now. 😷🙏🏻
    Yes baby Rick is a true saggitarius. Very jolly baby but he screams alot and it sounds funny😂.
    Yes please stay home. Lots of love to you and the precious babies❤

  • @mog03 Your Virgo sounds exactly like my cheating x. After living with him for 6 years I caught him out. I left He had another living with him after one week. Not nice traits. And reading your experiences is like reliving my own wow.

  • @Totitoti How are you dear? Anonundertaker here. I accidently deleted my ac, blame my not working brain. How are you and your little angles doing inside your tummy? Hope everything is fine over there? Here situation is really bad, people are dying and I am really worried to death about lil Rick. Take care.
    Admin please approve my posts.

  • @Mommy-Crab
    Post coming through.
    I am glad that you and your little man are ok
    I hope @Totitoti is doing alright and not so stressed but self-isolating.
    Take care and stay safe both of you.

  • @Mommy-Crab Thank you for asking, I'm doing fine. I'll probably give birth in isolation with Virgo as my doctor. I hope everything will be all right. You make sure you are protected. When you are fine, baby Rick will be fine too. Thank God, no one I know personally got sick so I'm at peace be can of that. But news that are coming all around the world are extremely sad and upsetting. Nobody could predict this would turn out this bad. Sending positive vibes and prayers of all this being behind us soon. Be strong mommy crab. Kisses!

  • @Jayann Thank you for being so kind. Not stressed out asome I thought I'd be. 8th week of isolation for me. I guess at least four more to go. I hope you are doing fine at your end!

  • @Totitoti I am praying and praying. I am really upset. Situation is really bad here. Lots of love to you and to the angels❤

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