The heart of a Virgo man

  • @ghostjc91 what advice would you give to an aquarius who has been recently hurt by a married virgo man who had so much negative to say about his wife and denied his kids. I am trying to move forward but cannot help get over the fact that he made what was going on between us as super serious, even planning family for us. Yes, I feel in love because I do wear my heart on my sleeves but also I did open up to him and my heart is pure (meaning I accept everyone for what they present, games are not what I am about).

    How can I recover from this hurtful situation? This was my first communication with a guy in 4.5 years, now he's back with his wife and kids doing husband duties as if he did nothing.

  • @gloomy-crab
    ty for the message
    take care of yourself.
    Hope you have a good happy valentine.

  • @ihatevirgosforlife I cried reading your post. Get your strength back by taking control of your life. It's going to be hard. But, that's the only way to healing. Wishing you lots of luck!

  • @Gloomy-Crab I'm going to be a mum to a Libra😊
    Hope you are doing well and baby Rick is growing. Long time no hear. Lots of kisses and hugs your way.

  • @jenever7 Run away fast and block him! Virgo men are all toxic and have major issues! Follow your intuition before you get sucked In!

  • @totitoti OMG OMG OMG You are preggers??? 😍 Aha I told ya that yo'll be a mom nxt year. 😘. I love you. Muahh. ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀
    Time flies. Baby Rick is almost 3 months old.
    He is a big baby LOL.
    I am tired all the time. πŸ˜† Cant even have my personal time and space, it has all been taken away.πŸ˜†

  • @jayann ❀❀❀❀❀. My valentine's day was filled with dirty diapers and barf clothesπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†.
    Hope you are doing well.

  • @Gloomy-Crab 😊 beginning of October will be my giving birth party. Oh you make motherhood sound so glamorous, I had to do it. Virgo is over the moon happy and careful not to annoy meπŸ˜‚ How's Taurus doing? Still happy with big boobsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚?
    Baby rick is three months! Time flies indeed. Hope he is behaving well and doesn't give you hard times. I'm going for my checkup next week. Anxious to hear all the news and speak to my doctor. I am not feeling anything. I'm not sick, I didn't throw up which is a blessing because I'm terrified from it. So far so good. Knock wood on Virgos head. Virgo is treating me like a fragile doll. I'm a bit annoyed and a bit loving it. I think he'll faint when time for delivery comes.

  • @Totitoti Yes time flies. I am so happy for you. See I predicted that you'll be a mom in 2020.😁 and I'm not a witchπŸ˜‚.
    So happy to hear about you and your virgo. He will be a great dad.
    My Taurus is taking care of baby Rick very well and he loves sleeping on Dad's tummyπŸ˜„. Rick seems to be a very well behaved boy, he is'nt giving me any hard time LOL. Thank God. He loves pooping🀣🀣🀣 it makes him happy. I am still very tired though. Hope it will all go away when Rick will be 6 months old. He still wakes up at night for feeding breaks and pee. Sending
    Lots of love and baby dust your way. Stay blessed.❀

  • @Gloomy-Crab Babies eat and poop. That's all they do😊 Imagine how great that is.
    I'm scared but I'm very happy too. I have so many questions but I don't want to know answers. I watched giving birth online and every woman has different story. I hope my delivery will be as my sister's. Very fast and painless. Virgo is very happy. Men turn into teddy bears when their females are pregnant. That's so sweet. I bet baby Rick is an adorable little angel. You must take care of yourself especially if you are breastfeeding. You need all the nutrients you can get as he is suckling everything out of you. Women can do everything. May God keep us healthy and strong. ❀❀❀❀❀

  • @Totitoti Amen Sista!

    Yes women can do anything.

    Breastfeeding makes me so much hungry all the time. From rice to bread,pasta- I am eating everything LOL. I have never imagined how much I can eat.😁.
    Baby Rick is a handsome boy lol. He loves oil massage.
    The toughest time for parents is the 1st 3months after child birth. It becomes harder if you breastfeed your child. I dont know how I managed these 3 months. Mothers are super humans.
    I hope your delivery to be quick and painless. Dont ask any questions to any one as each and every one's experience is different. Just take care of yourself.
    Taurus is helping alot with the baby and house chores. I dont let him to wake up at night because he has to go to office in the morning but he still wakes up just to check.Father's instinct has kicked in. 😁.

    Take rest eat lots of vitamins and be happy. ❀❀❀❀

  • @Totitoti Hello dr how are ya? Howz everything going? We are getting a girl or a boy??😁 Hope you are doing well gurl. Take care. ❀

  • @Jenever7 oh my god wow. I just posted a question regarding a Virgo man I met online with 3 children.. he claims his wife shows him no attention bla bla bla... he lives in London and works in finance .
    So far this is an intense attraction . We are speaking everyday..
    we have a great time together and he loves chatting to me. He is 6 years older than me.

    I know he won’t leave his wife, but I can’t resist him. Grrrr why do we have to connect with unavailable people. Complicated .

  • I just separated from
    my Virgo husband for lying, pretending to be perfect, cheating, being emotionally unavailable, porn addiction and debt behind my back. He claims he has changed now and he cannot live without me but I don’t believe a word he says. Thoughts?

  • @Gloomy-Crab Will tell you when I know all for sure. Hope you and your family are fine in this virus outbreak. Take good care of yourself.

  • @Apple008 So many Virgos I know who would fit that description perfectly. Thoughts? How do you feel about it? Except for anger and feeling of being betrayed, what do you feel? Welcome to the thread.

  • @Jana-Star Save your heart by leaving him. I know you tagged Jen, but she was last active here 2-3 years ago.

  • @Totitoti Yes the virus outbreak is so scary. I am staying indoors with baby Rick. Taurus is having flu symptoms. If it doesnt go away he will have to get tested, I am so tensed. You take good care of yourself would be moomy😘. Love from Rick and his mommy😁.❀

  • @Apple008 Damn you just described my virgo ex. 😞 . Follow your guts Lady. We women can sense everything. Gut feeling wont lie. Good luck dear and welcome to the thread. ❀

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