The heart of a Virgo man

  • @anon_undertaker Taurus one still devastated. I'm afraid she won't recover easily. She went to her parents to spend some time with them. My Virgo friend and I haven't spoken since. I feel really bad about it but I just couldn't participate in that. I was beside her with all her cheating, not judging nor supporting, but trying to guide her to understand her actions. I failed doing that. She will never tell her husband the truth and he is a truly wonderful man. I think what she did was unforgivable.

  • @totitoti whats wrong with this sign seriously? One lefts long term gf for a new fling and another one cheating on a hubby that blindly trusts her. Have you looked into their charts? I think its not only the sun sign alone.

  • @anon_undertaker my Virgo friend has identical chart with my ex virgo with one exception, her venus is in scorpio and his in libra. The chart of my friends ex I don't know, but I think he has libra moon and ascendant. Scorpio is picking me up in 15 min. He and his sister. A movie first then burgers (I don't eat burgers but couldn't refuse I'll eat salad only anyway). Wish me luck!

  • Btw my friend cheated on all her boyfriends. She had five of them (that i know of) since high school plus her husband. She was never faithful to anyone.

  • @totitoti aww good luck dear. Have a great time. Give details later.❤

  • @totitoti your virgo girl friend is the "True definition of Jerk"😂 no wonder she got a good husband. I have noticed that in day to day life good guys end up with bitches and good girls end up with assholes. There are exceptions though. Something to do with their charts.😂

  • @anon_undertaker No, not jerk. I could never call her that way. She was abused by her uncle from age 12 - 15. When she told her mother, she didn't believe her. Since that time, she started to see men as tools to use. I was trying to get her in therapy but she kept refusing. She doesn't realise she has a problem. You see, things are never skin deep there is always something about people that we don't know. I think that's why I can't call these virgo men jerks and users. I feel as if each single one of them suffered something we know nothing about. Of course, suffering and abuse doesn't give them the right to go through life hurting people. But, we must be compassionate and understand that, perhaps, they didn't learn how to form healthy relationships.
    Scorpio, his sister and eye went to see Bohemian Rhapsody and after that we went to a fast good restaurant. As a date of teenagers, it was fun. As for sister, I don't know how I feel about her. She is a libra 🙈🙈🙈 my age and an architect (as well as her brother, my ex husband and my virgo😂😂😂). I felt as if I was examined for the entire time. She is very possessive of her brother, she kept hugging him and keeping her hand on his shoulder almost all the time. When we entered the restaurant she sat and told him come sit beside me which he did. He sent me a message this morning telling me she liked me a lot, but I didn't get that impression. She asked me many questions and indirectly implied how a man who's never been married shouldn't marry someone who is divorced. I think that was addressed to me. She seemed very angry when he kissed me (cheek kiss) in front of my flat. I don't know...a weird vibe. Scorpio was very gentleman like as usual. Kept silently looking at me a lot, I don't know for which reason. During the film he took my hand into his hand...

  • @totitoti I agree that childhood trauma can leave a permanent scar in some one's psychology but that doesnt mean we will go on using and abusing people who have done no wrong. Your virgo gf is aware of her need of therapy but she still refuses it. She actually likes the way she is.She never wants to change it,as she gets a thrill out of it. I have seen many people got abused in childhood but not everyone goes on projecting the abuse on others. My ex virgo was never ever abused or used as a child, infact he had everything anyone ever could imagine, a good loving family,friends,admirers,had a perfect childhood etc. He is that way,its in his character,he was a born weirdo. There is no excuse for his behaviour sorry. Infact the virgos I am surrounded by had a fairly normal childhood too, no trauma or abuse. My one virgo uncle was born with a silver spoon, another virgo uncle was also fairly the same and served as a Govt officer. But they continued to be JERKs on my aunties. One of my uncles used to abuse my (sag)daddy physically when he was young. He once ran away from home too for that reason.
    Behaviour depends alot on a person cant blame everything on circumstances.
    Your scorpio sounds sincere and sweet but his sister is controlling. She just reminded me of that character in "sex and the city"where samantha likes a black guy very very much but his sister insults samantha and warns her not to see her brother no more as she doesnot want his brother to date a white gurl. Your scorpio's sister has the same vibes. How could she even decide for her full grown brother. Ugh!

  • @anon_undertaker I can understand her but I don't like such behaviour. She isn't married so maybe that's the reason why she would interfere. My ex husband's sister was the same way. She used to say that she hopes she won't stop getting gifts from her brother because he was married. Imagine that!
    I agree that no-one who's been abused should go around hurting people. To realize that we need therapy we need a higher sense of self which majority of people don't have, they always blame others for their wrongdoings. I feel sorry for a child who is going to grow up in such environment.
    Yes Scorpio is sweet. And very kind. I weirdly felt attracted to him once I experienced the not so lovely side of his sister😂😂😂 I don't know what desire catalyst that is 😂😂😂
    Virgo keeps sending texts and he seems very vulnerable. So much I'd just cuddle and spoil him as if do to a wounded snake. He in all seriousness doesn't realise how much pain his actions provoked. Oh well... Hope you feel better after your virgo visit to your dream world.

  • @totitoti ugh not again! I do not want to see him again in my dreams LOL! I felt a sense of empowerment after the dream though I dunno why.
    Hmm your scorpio is controlled by his sister and she will put her nose every where possible if you two get into a relationship. My aries sister in law did the same after my marriage with Taurus. It was supper annoying. I made it clear that her prying is not appealing to me. She stopped eventually. Now she is jealous of me as I have took her brother away from her LOL. She is 2 years younger to me and got married 10 years ago to an antisocial pisces.😂. He is an engineer though.

  • @totitoti Your virgo is desperate. 😂

  • @anon_undertaker But he really entered my heart. Like a child. Scorpio is coming on too strong, I'm not sure how I feel about it.

  • @totitoti mhm time will reveal.❤

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  • Hope all of you ladies are doing great! Full moon in Virgo and mercury going retrograde can cause the four horsemen of apocalypse to come back😀 Spring is almost here, wishing you all lots of smiles and full hearts❤

  • @totitoti OMG 😂.
    Hey gurl! I lost my ac again lol. I have a very bad habit of forgetting passwords. Had to write it down. Hope not to lose it this time 😂. How you are doing?Take care. ❤

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  • @anon-undertaker-0 happens to me all the time so I use same password for all my accounts which isn't smart but... I'm great thank you, went for a short trip to Rome. The weather was amazing. I quit things with a Scorpio. He started to choke me with attention. I just couldn't deal with it anymore. I didn't think it was fair to him to keep going out with him without feeling anything towards that man. The chemistry is simply not there. I feel relieved. Hope all is well at your end.

  • @tarotcomadmin Thank you admin next time I will keep that in mind. 🙂