The heart of a Virgo man

  • @totitoti I’d choose this super power as well ! I think we can make them happy. To me, there’s different levels of happiness. The one we bring to ourselves is the most important and powerful but everything can bring joy to our lives, including people. Our perception of things could bring them a part of happiness they lack. And our presence could as well. I really think they just can’t handle the level of love and care we bring. They never felt it before and they’re scared because they don’t know how to handle us, treat us, act with us. We make them feel different in a way they don’t like because they have no power over this feeling. We’re just too precious for them. I don’t know if you see what I mean but yeah 😅 that’s my crazy thoughts about our virgo stories 😂

  • @laurie2406 oh I don't know... pms+eclipse+home stuck = delusional virgo thoughts. I took a nap reading sense and sensibility and dreamed of virgo. Dreamed about making love to him. It was way too real for my liking. Woke up missing him even more. I feel like today is my crazy day.

  • @totitoti Oh I love when I’m having these dreams/feelings because it reminds me I’m not crazy and we actually did have something special I didn’t made this up. It’s comforting in a way.

  • @laurie2406 If we are so confused with our own feelings, how could we ever know what these men feel?

  • Ladies my ex virgo was a very confused man or shall I say boy? He was never happy with anything. Always looking for perfection in everything but within inside he was messy and scattered. He always lived inside his head and never showed emotions except for himself. I was always there for him to listen to him and be by his side when ever he needed me but when I needed support it was a different story. He was MIA.Infact he used to get very annoyed when I called him just to chat but ladies he used to bother me at odd hours like 3 am or 4 am. I used to wait for his calls like it was everything for me. He used to talk for hours and most of it consisted of just complaining about things and people.
    I saw his true colors when one day I thought I was preggers and called him and he became furious and asked me to have a DNA test for the baby. I saw the real him on that very day. Thak God I was not preggers as the period came after 4 days. But this broke my heart for how he treated me and made me feel like a lose woman.. Sheesh! He is a dirty man with the most garbage brain and thinking. He appears to be most humble and innocent with a very clean image but in reality his pc is full of porn movies and brain full of rotten trash. He is a stinky dirty man inside.

  • @anon_undertaker I feel my Virgo is of the same type. Appears to be the best man alive, humble and with a cause. I think he is a porn addict. Also used to wake me up at 3 am saying things I wanted to hear. Or maybe he really felt what he was saying...I'll never know. Once I asked him what we're his future plans. Not once he mentioned having a wife and kids. Very self oriented and self focused.

  • @Totitoti Unless and until you live with a person you'll never see their true colors. My ex Virgo was same, he was all in to me creating that incredible connection,where you feel he is your true soulmate and a man you have never met before. I went through this phase when I first started dating him. He was so humble, polite,a man with all courtesy but his real nature was not so far, you just need something to trigger it. Inside he is so BITCHY, he can talk behind people's back. That fake facade where people think ohh what a great man he is but the reality was completely different.

  • @anon_undertaker how long after living together he manifested the bad traits? You are absolutely right. My Virgo and I connected as you and your Virgo. He was very polite with amazing manners. Very helpful and open to conversation. He was sexualy obsessed but we were never intimate. He enjoyed sexting though. He did say for himself that he was a mean critic, but that he was trying his best to manage that.
    I somehow feel that my Virgo would have turned into the same virgo as yours is. I admire loyal men. Men who will do everything to fix issues they have with their partners and not to sweep them under the rug while entertaining other women. I guess sometimes what we don't get is a blessing in disguise.

  • @totitoti We’re not confused at all. We know exactly what we want. They are confused and confusing and are messing up everything

  • Well, my Virgo also was the ideal, perfect man in the beginning. Very intelligent, very good manners, he prays a lot, he is very close to the people he loves. But that’s not really how he is. He’s def not into porn but he’s quite nasty in bed but I like it with him. Anyways, they all look the same to me. I could swear we all had the same ex Virgo ! That sound really disgusting tho 😂

  • @totitoti 6 months after moving in he showed his true colors. He had a knack of sweeping issues under rug and he was really passive aggressive. He never like confronting things be it relationship problems or anything else. I hated it because I am a very up front person and I don't like holding things back but he was rather spineless. He moved on to some other gurl while being with me. I never knew it until that chick spelled the beans. I dont know whether all virgo men are like this or not but my scorpio aunt's virgo husband is ditto and so is her virgo son. I don't get it why they are so spineless but still cheat and lie.

  • @laurie2406 Yes its disgusting indeed.

  • @laurie2406 my Virgo prays a lot and is close to the people he loves😂Damn, they are all the same guy!
    My Virgo is into porn very much. But more like watching to use it in bed than watching because he has an addiction. He is self proclaimed intense lover who knows how to please any woman. Unfortunately I haven't tested that skill of his. But, judging by his confidence I'd believe him. Also that nasty trait of his was mighty attractive to me.

  • @anon_undertaker six months after marrying was the first time he contacted me. I guess he managed to be a good boy for half of a year. Hopefully Santa was generous to him this Christmas.

  • @anon_undertaker a woman with virgo husband and virgo son. Plus her pisces moon. I wish she would join the forum to spill the virgo tea.

  • @totitoti IKR? I have told my aunt about this forum but I dunno whether she reads it secretly or not. I hope she does. Her husband was a very abusive man, an alchoholic and a womanizer. He has stopped now because of his old age. He is in his 70s. My aunt's son is a secret womanizer. On the front he maintains a clean image. His pc is full of porn too. I tell you girls they are Man whores.

  • @anon_undertaker yeah he is ...!! He isn't even serious about her don't know what makes her stick with him, his family is gonna get him married to some girl from the same caste very soon ... I really don't understand what's up with this girl!! I asked her to at least warn him that she would report him to the cops if he tried anything but she's like she would handle it n for me not to be worried....!! I checked with her day before she said everything was fine and that he had been msging her from different numbers asking for forgiveness I asked her not to reply ... She said she wudnt.... Now let's hope she doesn't act stupid again...!! 😞

  • @totitoti yeah I was kinda feeling the same past few days until he put up another status "blaming" me for leaving him!! Hez like if u had to leave u could have just left, why did u have to take my heart along with u....!! Like as if he's dying .. what a loser I swear coz I know for a fact hez just sitting there in America bored of his life and wants me to talk to him so he gets some kinda entertainment so he's putting all these fake emotional statutes in the hopes that I'd melt n start talking to him but I promised I won't n I will not.... I've spent 2yrs of my life depressing over this heartless peice of shit I ain't wasting another year or the years to come depressing over something that isn't worth it ...!! It is hard, it is very damn difficult... I think of him every second of the day but m not getting back for sure coz I know he is and will definitely destroy me ...!! As u said I gotta be strong for Shan.... I will ... I don't have an option!!

  • @laurie2406 yeah shz fine ... Though that incident left her in a bit of a shock....but shz doing okhay .. this is not the first time that hez beaten her up tho, I even warned her several times and told her where this could lead to if she carried on with him but I guess tough love is hard to let go and that's where it's got her... I hope shz gonna finally let go after this!!

  • @anon_undertaker omg!! Whenever I spoke about getting pregnant accidentally he used to just ignore me completely.... N we used to end up having arguments about the same!! They're so afraid of surprises especially a big responsibility like a baby when least expected ... It scares the living hell outta them ... Maybe if u did get pregnant he would throw himself off the cliff kinda scared u know what I mean?! Jesus holy Christ !! I used to get so upset with him whenever we had this kind of a conversation he just treated it like a useless conversation and point blank go offline leaving me hanging n wondering what I said wrong!! I can still remember that feeling ... !! 😞