The heart of a Virgo man

  • @laurie2406 Hope you feel better soon. When he left me hanging alone with a ticket in my hand I had two options. Talk to him and risking getting hurt more or using my ticket and fly to my destination. I chose latter. I thought of him a lot but figured out he didn't want to speak to me since he left. We did have a short texting conversation two months after... It's all documented here so I don't want to repeat myself. Anyway... The signs are there always. I've never had this "silent communication" or connection with my taurus nd I was with him for a decade almost. If he ever wanted me, he would be with me. Even if he was the only man I the world I will not chase him because he clearly showed he didn't want me. Now, while he is married he sends all these things to me and that made me very disappointed in his character. I was a cheated wife once. No matter the temptation, I could never cause pain to another woman , nobody deserves to go through the pain of betrayal.

  • @totitoti What’s your sign toti ? I feel like you’re sooo wise and very intelligent. My Cancer self is always in an emotional storm. I either throw my whole soul into a relationship or I’m not interested at all and don’t even pay attention to men. There’s no in between with me. It’s all or nothing. And that is literally killing me. But I still believe in pure love. To me, love is def not perfect so I’m willing to accept almost anything someone is going to put me through. But I need to learn the difference between a partner and a manipulator. I’m suffering way too much with these men ! I think I’m too naive I always assume people have the same intentions as me.

    Talking about astrological sign I recently downloaded an app on my phone that gives you your birth chart and I thought I had a Virgo rising while in reality I have a Libra rising ! Now I have my whole birthchart sorted out but I don’t really know how to read it, what that means and all. I suck at astrology 😂

  • @laurie2406 I'm a Scorpio, Virgo rising, Virgo mars, Capricorn venus, jupiter,pluto, mercury and saturn in libra, among others. I don't know if I'm wise, but I learned the hard way to put myself first. I suffered a lot in my marriage. He was the first and only man in my life and I did all I could to make it work. I failed and left. I recovered fast from that because I knew in my heart that I did all one human bring can do. I gave eight years of my life. Luckily I was smart enough not to go off birth control during my entire marriage. Having kids with my ex would kill me.
    It is all or nothing with me as well. That is why I choose not to pursue if a man I'm interested in has another woman he is involved with. It's the road less travelled but it brings much peace.

  • @totitoti I really admire this strenght that you have. I still have time to learn. I called him one time tuesday and one time yesterday. No answer and he didn’t call back. I think I have my answer. Time to move on depending on how hard it is. I just hope things are going to be fine for me ! Thank you again to you and @Anon_Undertaker I’m feeling much better. It’s been a great conversation and it allowed me to open my eyes. I think I’ll continue to write here until the pain has gone. I can’t believe I’ve wasted so much time and feelings for this man. So disappointed and angry at myself I must admit.. but the learning process is so satisfying ! I really thought I couldn’t make it but I’m strong (in a way) and didn’t even know it. Hope I won’t fall in love with another virgo haha 😂

  • Laurie2406 aww a cancerian like moi! Damnit I know how you feel gurl. The emotional turmoil sucks. I really can not control my moodiness and it bothers people to the point of getting annoyed.😂 I have the same concept of love as you, the consuming cant live with out each other love. One thing I have learned in my 33 years old life is that the concept of love changes with age. I was a shy crab in my teens to the point of getting bullied. Then in my 20s I was a hopeless romantic which gave me lots of heart breaks and heart aches including virgo episode. In my 30s I am much more relaxed and stable. All I want now is a stable partner,home,family,eating comfort food and vaccations lol. I have found that in my Taurus. He is a complete home buddy and a family guy. I cant even imagine If I wouldnt have met him at the right time I could
    have been dead. That doesnt mean we dont have our ups and downs. We fight like cats and dogs lmao. But still glued to each other. We both have our negative traits but we have learnt to accept them. To be very honest he compromises more than I do. 😂. He calls me a feminist and Hitler lol. Blame my Aries moon. 😂.

    Totitoti you did the right thing by not bringing any baby to this world with an abuser. I thank to God that I dont have a baby with my ex virgo either. It was HELL. I can not even imagine his involvement in my life in anyway. Sometimes out natal chart is responsible to bring wrong and right people in our life in different phases of life. I was reading an article on vedic astrology by KRS. He is an Indian astrologer and boi a good one. He was talking about dhashas. I couldnt dechiper much but I will watch his videos on youtube to understand more and to watch him.😂 His videos sounds so complicated. And he is a sexy ass scorpio. 🤣 Damnit I am married. LOL

  • @anon_undertaker I watch krs too. I was into navamsa charts and learned a lot. Also, his interpretation of navamsa chart matches my life perfectly. According to my navamsa, I'll have a happy second marriage after age of 36 (I just turned 37) with a man who is a virgo😂 I died laughing when I got the results.
    Whatever happens, we must put ourselves first. If we don't respect ourselves and accept all kinds of bs from men, how we can expect respect from them?
    @Laurie2406 you should not have called him. But I guess the temptation is stronger than logic. I know how it feels, I've been there.
    @Anon_Undertaker the older I get the more self confident I become. After my divorce my standards have risen high and I came to a point to say - if I find love - good; if I don't find it- good. But, I will not settle just for anyone only to say I'm married.

  • Totitoti omg really? Huh Damnit I thought I have discovered KRS before anyone else on this thread LOL😂😂😂 . Isnt he sexy? oh boi. He has similar features as my hubby go figure but my Taurus is a bit fat LMFAO. BTW what's NAVMASA? I need to know more.
    Virgo isnt the last man in your life.
    And please dont marry him.LOL.
    Better man will come. Destiny plays cupid I guess. I know you are fond of virgoism but please try other dishes aswell.😁

  • @totitoti u seriously are a woman of a great strong character... Specially the way u encouraged me and the others to stay strong and look at the brighter side of things .. m really grateful I got to speak to u and @Anon_Undertaker and share what I was and still am going through as I don't really express much coz I know not everyone would understand from my perspective.... N most importantly helped me not to be hateful but be grateful from the lesson this phase has taught me ... I feel like a better person, n wanting to be able to do better not just for myself but for others too ... U are a wonderful woman .. ur virgo is definitely the one whoz the looser now for loosing a woman like u ...
    As for me m just engaged taking care of my own stuff , my kid, family. I try not to try n just pave my own path to happiness....

  • @vmaseyk Your words make me humbled. I'm grateful and happy if my words could help you. It seems to me that women in general fail to support one another and be open hearted to other women without taking them as competition. We need to be supportive and loving to one another and to create oasis of peace within ourselves to be able to live the best possible lives.
    Love isn't only in a man. It is everywhere. In a child, in ethnic food, in destinations, in our own eyes... And if we are loved by ourselves we will not attach to bad men willing to use us for sex or anything else.
    I've always put myself last until 2016. It was always about pleasing others and depending of good opinions of others about me. Once I changed my way my life became much better. I see miracles everywhere. I see beauty everywhere. I look younger, eat healthier and enjoy my alone time. The moment I learned to say no, my life said yes to me.
    On Christmas Eve day will be my second divorce anniversary. And a second anniversary of my new life. I'm just a toddler 😂
    It is our obligation to be here for one another. We all suffer and all have problems and sometimes it just takes a good hearted strangers to help us out ourselves back in order. This forum is a sign that good hearted and warm women are everywhere, majority of them being the water signs😉 We are the hearts of this world. Lots of love to all💜
    @Vmaseyk you will make it girl! You will be the strongest you have ever been I promise you this. One day when the virgo returns you will say no to him and you will not second guess it. Be an example for your daughter and show her that miracles happen to those who don't give up on life.

  • @anon_undertaker navamsa is basically what the outcome of your life will be. It is THE chart, the hidden meaning of our lives.
    Mark my words girl, I'm going to marry a virgo😂
    My taurus was fat but I didn't see that until divorce. Talking about blind. That KRS guy is sexy and funny but I hate his jewelry😂

  • Oh Vmaseyk I am glad to hear from you gurl. How nice to see a woman becoming stronger day by day. You sound better than yesterday. A beautiful strong woman deserves respect more than anything else. Cut everything from your life that is pulling you down. Anything negative.

    All these virgo men(and totitoti's Taurus ex) we have dealt with are a great lesson to our lives. It has taught us to love us more and respect ourselves. No one will respect us unless we respect our own selves.

    Family is what we need more than anything. You are blessed with a kid and that too a gurl. You are so lucky. I wish to have a baby gurl someday. 🤗

  • @totitoti I wanted to ask u a question...
    Why do we become so "selfish" (don't really know whether this term is apt for the kind of emotion in my question) sometimes that we are so scared of expressing ourselves knowing or let's just saying being ignorant of the fact that it could uncomplicate situations... I mean u know she loves u n u love her so why not just talk things out n sort stuff? Why u being selfish n just thinking of urself that ud get hurt? What about what's killing her everyday? Or do u even know what uve left her with? Do u even know how hurt she is? What's with all the assumption about staying silent coz she wouldn't understand? Why not risk the chances of being hurt just for a lil hope of getting things back together? Why is it so damn difficult to just talk??? Why blame n blame? Why not look back n take responsibility for our actions? What kind of pathetic beings even live on this planet? Oh we need to steady our lives and goals, well that's great ! Why at the risk of playing with people's lives?? Why say one thing and then differ to choose otherwise? Why do we complicate things so much?? It's either u do or don't right?? If u don't then just don't leave mixed signals and walk the hell away, if u do then why is it so difficult to not stand up for it?? Work with it! Make it better... why just sit there keeping shut talking like I wouldn't understand... I don't understand coz u don't make me... How r people not smart enough to understand that? U talk u simplify problems coz words come out and in those sentences u frame , it brings out a meaning and when that happens the other person understands ...
    U know ur truth u just don't know hers!!

  • @Totitoti yeah sorry!! My question was why is it so difficult for some people to speak what's on their mind to someone u claim to love?

  • @anon_undertaker yeah well I wish I could come to a day that I could witness that great feeling of looking right into his eyes and not feel a damn thing ... Though I wish him well... He left the country a few days ago I guess without saying anything to me ... I mean m not really sure whether he did but hez put up a few pics saying he was in Dubai so I guess he's on his way to the US!
    Well m happy for him coz that's been his dream for years ... N if that's where hez heading then I'd hope to God hez always kept safe...
    Yeah well it's hard to let go when hez all I ever wanted n cudnt imagine being with nobody else ... I don't know whether id ever be able to fall in love again but m surely not giving in so much of myself to anybody ever again.... Not coz I know it's gonna hurt me but maybe I might just change my mind later n that might hurt them ... So it's better to just be alone I guess, do my stuff, n bring the shattered me back together ...

  • Vmaseyk The wound is still fresh. You will need huge amount of time to heal. Some people are more sensitive than others. Time heals everything but its a slow process. Hang in there gurl. Just focus on yourself and not your ex. I know you still love him but he doesnt. Let him go from your mind for your own good. A man will do anything in his capacity if he loves you otherwise let him go.
    Like you I used to think the same that I will not be able to love anybody else but Time proved me wrong. Time is very powerfull. You will never know when love knocks your door again.
    So Please stay strong and let your love for him go. Dont think what will happen just think about now.

  • @anon_undertaker yeah time heals everything....why does time even bring u to such a damn phase to get the not needed healing like I wasn't going thru enuf already...!!
    Like time fucks u up over n over until u're filled with scars and then acts like the perfect treatment for the cure....!!
    M just so shattered nothing of what we had mattered to him, he just left ....just like that ... Dint even think of telling me!! I was fine until I just got to know that he really is in the US! This is seriously getting into my head real bad!!

  • @vmaseyk It is not difficult for some, it is difficult for all of us. For two reasons - ego and fear.
    Most of us are insecure and emotionally immature. Most of us will put up with abuse as if it was the most normal thing and once someone admits their enormous love for us and let it all out, we question their motives and suspect other people are involved. That is because we usually feel undeserving of love.

    The fact is, men do suffer more than us. They can't turn to family and friends for support, they need to suck it up and be men.

    I know my Virgo is very sensitive. He is like a child in fact. That is why I back off from diagnosing him as a narcissist. I know he could act to delude me but nobody is that good of an actor when it comes to feelings. I don’t even think they are aware of the pain they caused us.

    I feel you. I know it sounds crazy, but I always feel my Virgo as the one I am ending with. Don't ask me why because I can't explain it. And I'm not thinking about him, I'm not stalking him, I'm not talking to him... It is very weird. I'm relaxed about it. I know the great love is coming to me I can feel it.

    Dubai... Funny you mention it. My Virgo got married there even though neither of us live in that city. Him and I keep visiting same countries in different times...

    If you know you want him - wait. You must also be aware you might lose your time if you do. Be patient and have no expectations of the outcome. Don't contact him, let him come to you.

    They think of us. Oh they do. My Virgo presented his perfect life all over social media. If he had it so perfect and experienced the great love, do you think he would contact me? If he was happy he wouldn't even remember me.

    Just relax and turn to yourself. Better you will attract a better man
    Will it be a better version of your Virgo or somebody else, time will show.

    Relax, breathe and be grateful. Smile. If you believe, do the law of attraction, I highly recommend Robert zink, you can find him on YouTube. Just let go of the outcome and focus on things that make you happy. And believe great things are on their way. Lots of love.

  • @vmaseyk You don't know how he feels. You don't know what his plans are. Give him and yourself time. DO NOT contact him first. Let him come to you.

  • Totitoti I was looking at virgo celebs or celebs married to virgos. Prince Harry is a virgo. Nick Jonas is a virgo and they both got married to older women. I have read some where many years ago that virgo man loves older women or married women. Not sure about that but Both of these men looks happy in their marriages. Hope they prove other virgo men wrong.

    Today I am not feeling well I dunno why am I cramping and feeling nausiated. Its not even my period. Duh!

    Vmaseyk sometimes Time put us through tests to make us stronger. I believe in past life karma so yeah may be to make things even, not sure though.Hope God gives you much power to cope with your tough time.

  • @anon_undertaker Maybe you're pregnant😊🎆 I still like Virgo men. They are alluring. Can't give up on them as I'm destined to be with one😂
    Jokes aside, Colin firth is also a Virgo. I think his wife is older than him. They need mommies to take care of them. Maybe my Virgo man is a 20year old😂