The heart of a Virgo man

  • @vmaseyk Stop overthinking. Stop thinking about him and concentrate on yourself. Don't think what he is doing, what he is saying... Nothing of that is relevant. Today you feel great and tomorrow you might feel awful. It's both are expected once we make hard decisions. Take a deep breath and exhale several times. Try to relax and mostly give your mind a break.

  • @totitoti hey guess what .. u know what kept me over thinking about this lunatic?? Is that he made me believe that he would have a future with me n I kept holding on to that n that was the reason why I cudn't let him go... So I've been talking to a psychic right here on this website n I asked her whether she sees any future of us ... She was like she dint see nothing of him coz he doesn't even exist the reason being he is just too scared of committment and intimacy and just likes an on n off thing n he found just the right person who he could play with to suit his own emotions.... Oh my God!! I was shocked more than sad... N I was like thank God I listened to that girl I've been talking to on that website n just blocked him... U know what girl... I don't think I'd feel awful ever again.... He's out... Coz now I know where I stand n I don't need him to tell me or show me that ... He can kiss my sweet @$$ goodbye....!!
    Funny thing is I just blocked him without saying anything... He must be wondering what happened....!! Jesus Christ!! He's such a douchebag!! Oh now he can run after whichever chick suits his gay self for all I care..!!
    I mean that was the only reason I was holding on to thinking there might be a future for us but now since I know there isn't gonna be... I mean why waste my's like walking away from a specific store once u get to know they no longer in businesses... Why stand n waste your time right??
    M happy.... !! 🙂

  • @vmaseyk You are hurt and feel betrayed. We've all been there. He is only 26 years old. I don't think we can expect any serious commitment from a man that age. Don't think how he must be feeling, what he is thinking... We might be analysing things for ten years and not be right. You are only 28 years old. Enjoy yourself with your daughter. When the real man comes along you will not need to question what his motives are, what he is up to... Let him go. You wasted enough time on him. Take your time to heal and be well. All my love goes to you.

  • @Totitoti Virgo man will come back again if he gets a chance.
    He is very good at compartmentalizing. He calculates and strikes at the most vulnerable ones.
    These type of virgo man are very dangerous.
    They can take up your whole time and energy.
    They exploit you because they think they can by choosing the most venerable chicks.
    They can smell kindness and vulnerability. They prey on empathy because they don't have any.
    I am almost like a virgo man except I am a female.
    We want to play the field until we get what we want.
    Our brain is super analytical it works 24/7.
    We just can't calm down.
    We are even polite and humble outside. May be gentle too.
    Inside our brain races 24/7.
    We are not happy with ourselves because we are pessimistic.

  • @virgolass I'm not planning to answer to him. Plain and simple, he just wants to play games with me? I know Virgos are masters of compartmentalizing but I never know to which degree. Will he stop contacting me if I ignore him? Or shall I be rude to him and send him away? I don't think either would work, this guy can't be figured out...
    What I can't understand is what he is trying to achieve? He was the one who left, got married and made picture perfect life. I'm very happy with my own life, I'm not a type of desperate woman. Many times he claimed he saw me as someone who can't be played with. Many times he said I was very strong, which I am. But, I am very sensitive too and he knows that well. I can't understand what's the point of this behaviour. He is showing his wife off and contacting old flames? That's far a way from perfect. Actually it's quite sad.

  • @Totitoti he actually sensed that he can't paly you anymore that's why he lost interest at first and got married because according to his convenience his current partner was a better option at that time.
    After his marriage he realised you were better than his now wify and he tried his way back.
    He is certainly not happy with his current situation.
    He is a"""" PLAYER"""". Do not reply to his messages. Block him totally. Let him string alone. He is up to no good I can say.

  • @virgolass All I can say is -poor woman. Imagine being married to such person. And I thought so highly of him once. He seemed so nice and honest. No, I wont answer to his messages. That's so sad... If men in their 40s act like that... So sad. Thank you! I appreciate your thoughts.

  • Totitoti All I can say is WOW!! But I am not surprised at all. 😑

  • @anon_undertaker I just don't understand why... I don't if i should be angry or sad for him. Imagine the life in which you don't know what you want, imagine being incapable of truly loving someone... It must be something terrible to live with. So much thinking on the inside and so much chaos on the outside. I feel as we are/were disposable women for these Virgos yet they keep coming back. Again the why that I cant answer. This isn't Virgo emergency. It is a Virgo Twilight zone.

  • @vmaseyk I hope you are well! If you get in crisis, remember that you deserve better.

  • Totitoti virgo twilight zone indeed. The characteristics without a doubt matches my ex's profile. I saw all this and much more. Sad individuals is what they are.
    I am proud to be a water sign who can empathize and feel pain for others and is capable of loving my heart out.


  • @anon_undertaker I couldn't agree more with you. These men are AWARE of what they're doing. That's the worst and scariest part. I've always thought that maybe it is a subconscious thing, old childhood wounds... But not, it is a well executed action. I'm blessed to have a heart that can be broken into pieces and still believe in love...

  • @totitoti yes that's exactly what I'll be doing ... He never existed anyway ..!! So I guess I'll just have to move on believe he never did....!! Thank u guys for all the support you've given me @Anon_Undertaker , @Virgolass thank u all so much ... I will definitely keep u guys updated every now n then to let u know how m doing ...!! My love and prayers goes out to all u guys and all the girls who r in the same situation like us ...!! 🤗😊

  • @totitoti absolutely.... This shows how strong u r ...!! They think they r mentally strong but that's not called mentally strong it's called being evil minded ..!! Only they know what they get by hurting sentiments of people who love them for nothing in return ..! It's just sad how good people fall into their traps ...!! Love is a beautiful thing it's people like them who give it a bad name....!, M so proud of u .. n m gonna do exactly as u're doing .. I know m strong n I will damn well pull this through ..

  • Vmaseyk you take care gurl. 😊Everything will be fine. Give yourself some time to heal.
    Sending positive energy your way. Hugs.❤

  • @vmaseyk It's not strength as much as self love and self respect. I'm happy to see your spirit is high and I hope the love that you deserve comes your way. All the best!

  • @virgolass wow it's like m literally looking into a virgo brain ...!! This reminds me of a joke I once read on Facebook .. where a guy revealed the secret ingredients of KFC just coz he got sacked from his job... Lol!!
    Wow.... Thank u for such information... !! My God!! Why would virgo men prey on vulnerable women?? What do they get out of it?? I guess this is the same reason why my x dated me ...but why?? I wasn't giving him anything!!
    But anyway it doesn't matter now.... He was good riddance ..!! It wasn't my loss , it was his ..!! I wouldn't wanna wish anything bad for him coz that's not how m built I just hope whatever he does it keeps him happy but at the same time doesn't hurt anybody else ...!! That's all!!

  • @totitoti absolutely n I'd wish u the same ....!! Well that psychic said I would find love after 5yrs when id least expect it plus I'd have a baby boy in the future so... Lol!! Well I'd hope for the best for myself and for all u guys!! 😁🤗
    @Anon_Undertaker @Virgolass

  • Vmaseyk God has plan for everyone. Do not lose faith in 'HIM'. Love will find its way to reach you. In the mean time look after yourself. Your kind and loving soul deserves a good man who will love you and respect your feelings without playing games. He is there somewhere waiting for you.

    After breaking up with my ex I thought I will never find love again but I was wrong. He send me a good man at the right time.

    Stay blessed. Take care. We are here to talk to you whenever you want to.
    Love and Hugs❤

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