The heart of a Virgo man

  • @anon_undertaker I wish as many Virgos to join the discussion, female or male, but we should all respect our differences and defend our points of view in a kind and adult way. We can't gain anything of value if we bash each other.

  • @vmaseyk Your moon must be in scorpio because you are extremely possessive. Let him go and don't stalk him online. You will not gain anything other than him thinking you are insecure and crazy.
    Spend your time doing something interesting other than obsessing about him. Disappear and don't answer him for a month. Use the time to connect with yourself and resolve your own issues.
    Every relationship should be based on trust. If you stalk his social media that screams that you don't trust him. How can that be a base for a healthy relationship?
    Disappear. Vanish. Don't answer texts. Don't answer phone calls. Nothing. And be determined. For entire month.
    My Virgo sent six sweet talking messages after more than a year of no talking. I haven't answered nor I will. We deserve men who will treat us with respect. Why settle for someone and invest in someone who doesn't?

  • @totitoti oh how I was waiting for u to reply!! M breaking down so bad!! My virgo guy just texted me saying I wasted his time by drawing away from the relationship... n texted a whole lot of other stuff ..Hez making me feel bad about breaking up with him .. he says if he wasn't into me he would never be planning a future with me ...n hez like this is the only reason why he doesn't invest so much into a relationship coz we all leave in the end ...

  • @vmaseyk Whatever he says DON'T ANSWER him.

  • @vmaseyk Block his number and social media for the entire month and live your life. You must let him go. You must get rid of this obsession with him. It's not healthy.

  • @Vmaseyk you are addicted to pain.
    You are foolish enough to fall for a guy who is certainly not interested in you. He is playing you & it's evidant. He has other reservations. He is having an emotional affair with you. We virgos can have emotional affair and be happy with it.
    I am 18+ virgo female & I am not a kid.
    I like to call a spade a spade. If you don't like it then I can do nothing about it. Period.

  • Wow Virgolass you are 18+ yet acting like a 10 years old. How could you call someone foolish on an internet forum without knowing them personally? You have 0 idea of what they have been through. You are plain mean and rude. Grow up.☹
    And I know virgos can have emotional affairs my ex was same. Why am I not surprised here?huh!😏

  • @virgolass I'm genuinely interested in your perspective to something I'd ask you. My best friend is a virgo woman so I might already sense what your answer might be, but I'll ask anyway. Why would a virgo who hasn't talked to me for more than a year (in the meantime he got married) start sending me texts? We ended everything on a friendly note, but we haven't spoken for such a long time. Why initiate contact now?

  • @anon_undertaker She is a baby as compared to me, but I like her being blunt. I disagree with how she uses her language, she could be more subtle. But, in between the lines there is a lot of truth. We need some fresh blood opinions as well. This thread is officially alive again.

  • Totitoti yes gurl she is indeed giving us what we are looking for. Her bluntness is somewhat mean but still she is speaking the truth. I would love if she spills some more beans. 😂After all getting answers from a Virgo's perspective is more important.
    I am curious what goes on inside a virgo's mind? 😁

  • @virgolass I guess u may be right ...!! M through with this emotional shit!! M done ...!! N once we r done there is nothing that can turn me back... I won't even give a damn once I've turned my back on someone ... I can be more cold hearted than a virgo can ever be .... I'll leave u like a barren land.... That's how cruel I can get n that's how I'm gonna be with this guy ... M done!! How dare he use me for an emotional affair ..!!
    No matter what he says now m not giving in ... He can keep guessing as to why I blocked him!!

  • @totitoti what m thinking to do instead is letting him just lay there on WhatsApp n rub it into face of all the pictures I upload of myself n show how happy I am without him!! What do u think?

  • @Totitoti As a virgo woman I can say we are perfectionists. We love everything to be perfect. Perfect relationships, perfect partner etc. If we don't get it we look for it some where else. Virgos can be cold hearted and calculative.
    Suppose I am dating some one, if some thing puts me off in him I move on.
    Virgos don't forget people easily. May be your virgo loved something about you or in you that he doesnot find in his current partner it must be appealing to him. It's the reason he is trying to reignite his relation with you. He misses that.
    One thing I want to tell you we Virgos get bored easily. It backfires us sometimes.
    We lose people friends in the process.

  • @Anon_Undertaker I speak the truth if you don't like it I could care less.

  • @vmaseyk No. You don't have to prove him anything and you don't need his validation. Go off all social media for a month and be absolutely unavailable.

  • @virgolass I know exactly what you mean. I have Virgo rising and mars and I can notice same perfectionism in myself most of the time. I also get bored easily.
    My friend told me the exactly same thing. I just don't know why he would reignite something that he left in the first place and moved on with someone else? That's what confuses me. Thank you so much for the input. If something else clicks in your mind, you are most welcome to share.

  • @anon_undertaker im really interested to hear more from her. We all had that rhetoric when we were her age. I like the way her mind works and I love the fact she is so straightforward.

  • @vmaseyk read what you wrote several times and repeat to yourself. You can do it. You are stronger than you think.

  • @totitoti we're not friends on any other social app apart from WhatsApp ... I told u right coz of my possessiveness and the fights I used to keep having with him regarding those girls he blocked me out .. n just kept me on WhatsApp! So... Anyway... I feel so good at the moment... I just hope this feeling remains constant ..!! Oh my God I hate him!!

  • @virgolass he kept asking me to accept him for who he is .. n I was like what do u think I've been doing all these years with u??!! If I dint accept him I would not have even been with him ... he used to keep thinking that m disappointed at him ... I don't know whether this is a lil self pity game virgo men play to get affection or is it just that they seriously over thinking alot!!

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