The heart of a Virgo man

  • Ok so totitoti nope do not even think about Reeves. He is a Virgo remember ? No matter how irrisistable he is.Nope. LOL.

    They are some insecured bunch with a fear of rejection inside them. They hate rejection. This is one reason why they push perspective partners away. Hugely confused thinkers they are.

    You may also call them unhappy beings and empty inside. My ex was never happy and was a whiny lil kid who always needed assurance. He is 37 SMH. Beating around the bush is what they love to do. Straight forwardness isn't in their nature. They just can't man up.

  • Totitoti your Virgo may have broken up with you but he still thinks about you. He still have feelings but he will never man up trust me .They just don't have B@lls.

    He can't think clearly. His brain is a chaos.
    He hurts people without even realising.
    But few are very clever and sneaky they use woman and just drop them .

  • @anon-undertaker I'm reading your words and nodding all the time. I really thought he was the "real man". He has that image of a macho man who has his life sorted out. Appeared to be a sensitive Batman, man with all the gadgets and ready to save the world. Turned out to be JokerπŸ˜‚
    Oh God! Maybe he's still thinking of me, but it doesn't feed my ego. I see it as sad and pathetic. I'd respect him more if he completely disappeared and stood behind his choice. I really wished him happiness from the bottom of my heart and I hoped he found it. Turned out he doesn't seem very happy at all.

  • Totitoti people who over think and analyzes minor to minor things can not be happy because their brain is a Chaos. Virgo man's way of thinking is very different from us , it's because of this they are unable to maintain stable relationships with women except their mothers.
    They are shallow and move from woman to woman in search of their imaginative "PERFECTION" (that does not exists).

    I don't get it seriously , despite of having loving caring people around them they push them away and look for unattainable things that makes their life so chaotic and unstable. It's just MADNESS πŸ˜• .😞

    I've forgot to mention about my 2 uncles who are obviously Virgos. They both are real MOFOs( pardon my language) they are controlling, cunning , shrewd and very clever. They both are sneaky as Hell. They both have beautiful WIVES and children but Boy oh boy they are a complete Hoe. They sneak around with young women. One of them got caught recently with a much younger woman.
    His wife is a beautiful Scorpio.( I am attached to her very much). She cries and she is weak ( blame her Pisces moon). But she never leaves that MOFO. Her condition is like a beautiful soul trapped with a Soul eater UGH!! It's horrible. I can't even imagine. These two Mofos are in their 60s, I hate them.😠

    Btw Totitoti may I ask you your Virgo was a September one or August one?πŸ˜‘

  • @anon-undertaker I'm a Scorpio with Pisces moon so I can perfectly understand how she feels. My virgo is a September one. Does that play a difference?
    I've already told you that I've never met a non-cheating virgo in my life. Maybe they don't call it cheating if nobody knows about it. I agree they can be very sneaky with that smirk in their eyes that says - I'm the man who has it all. They can lure women so easily. With no effort. They have that prince charming aura around them, so helpful, understanding, warm...
    I've never lived with a virgo (my family is all water and fire signs) ,so I don't know how they behave with the people they live with. I'll trust your words on that because you had that unfortunate experience.

  • Totitoti Pisces moon people are very loving and caring. The one you can call selfless love.I know because I've 3 Pisces moon in my family. They are compassionate to the core and are always ready to help others.

    It's the Virgo's energy that draw people towards them. And it's very charming and bewitching. It's like they can put a spell on WOMEN.
    The Virgos I know are all good FATHERS but WORST HUSBANDS. They are well behaved around strangers and neighbours( their care about image thing) Yes they cheat and cheat shamelessly .

    August BORN Virgo men are a little better than the September ones it's because they have some Leo influence in them. But the September ones are Weirdos! Mine was September too.

    The smirk in their eyes oh yes I can never forget that.

  • I agree with both of you girls. Virgos has played such a huge part in our lives. I don’t know about you but as bad as this relationship was, it helped me a lot. I can now know what I want, my worth, my expectations, what I can and can’t go through. I feel like I’m even more ready to embrace the flaws of a partner and love him because of his flaws (to me, true love is when you love someone for all the good and all the bad that’s in them. Cherishing the good as mush as you cherish the bad. I want to know the ugliest part of your soul and love you for that because that’s what makes you unique and perfect for me). I feel like I now am more adult in my perception of a relationship with someone. What he did to me, the way things ended and why they ended will forever hurt me. But I’m grateful for it because I’m a better version of me now. I was idealizing him and he’s nothing like that image he showed me. I deserve better ! How are you doing guys ? I hope everything is okay for the both of you ! Lots of love ❀️

  • @anon-undertaker I sensed my virgo could be a good dad one day. I hope he gets to experience it. And I hope he doesn't cheat. I have this idealistic image of him in my head and it's hard for me to see him as a people user.
    Yes, my Pisces moon is always working against meπŸ˜‚ I'd do everything for the ones I love. For the same reason I stayed in a horrible marriage with an abusive husband. I tried everything I could to save the marriage, but in the end I had to leave. Otherwise it would ruin my health.
    I have virgo rising and mars. But, I can't connect to anything that virgo men do. Probably because I'm an empath.
    Did you notice that virgos love to be surrounded with women but they don't actually like them? Like they secretly hate them and use them only as sex dolls? My virgo has hundreds of female"friends" on social media, but I think he despises female energy. He craves popularity, but he says he is very humble and down to earth. He says he hates drama and is actually making comedy and tragedy using his own script.
    Did your virgo like dirty talk and always took texting to a sex talk? My virgo was very much into it and seemed like i was talking to a teenager, always offering photos of his *** That really surprised me since he seemed so serious, confident and put together. Not that I'm being judgmental. I like playfulness and I like adventure, but... For a man who claimed he could have any woman he wanted, that appeared to be too desperate.

  • @laurie2406 In the end we always return to the greatest lives of ours - ourselves. And I don't mean that in a selfish way. Our water energy is very soothing for virgos. They aren't ready to explore the depth of emotions, nor they are ready to dive deep in love. So, they make mud and run around it as pigs do. No offense to animals.
    Sometimes I think that all these virgos found the one in us. But, because they are so practical and so analytical they went for the option that will hurt them less if they lose it. Could I be right?!
    I'm doing great. At the vacation at the moment, entertaining my virgo thoughts with you guysπŸ˜‚ I'm so happy and proud because of all of us. Every woman on this forum went through emotional hell and back. But every one became stronger and wiser. That's such an achievement!

  • Well said Laurie2406 . These Virgo men helped us to be more wiser and clear thinker. Breaking up with my ex was a huge relief. I suffered a lot after our break up, went in to depression and then suddenly I lost my father to HEART attack. It was a very tough time for me. Many times I thought of ending my life as I was too weak to even BREATH. I was exhausted.

    But miracles do happen . I met my hubby 4 years later after my break up and his positivity and full of life nature drew me to him.He is such a positive person to be around. He is a huge support system in my life and I can lean on him if I need a shoulder. Thanks to almighty for That, I can't thank enough for giving me New life.

    I am in a good place now Laurie2406.

    Love to youπŸ’œ

  • Totitoti yes yes my Virgo loves females to be around him be it friends or anyone else. He loves to be around them. His FB is full of female friends and acquaintances. But he secretly hates female energy true true. As I 've told before my Virgo ex admires strong WOMEN but secretly hates them. They prey on weak and vulnerable ones.

    Yes my Virgo loved sending pics of his Ding ling and I hated it LOL. He was in to DIRTY talking too. SMH . πŸ™ˆ. Such childish creatures LOLπŸ˜†

    Our water energy is very passionate and deep they just can't handle it. They make it πŸ’©. Damn LOL. πŸ˜‚

  • @anon-undertaker I actually couldn't stop laughing while reading what you said about your virgo. Middle aged men behaving like horny teenagers.
    I'm so sorry you lost your father immediately after experiencing a heartbreak. That was a test for your faith. I'm happy you realized that the ending of life is never the solution. There are so many things in life to be grateful for. I believe that God always compensates our losses by sending better people, things, and happenings into our lives. There were moments when you thought you could never live without a virgo and look at you now! Also, the people we love never really leave us. As long as we live, they live.

  • Totitoti I agree with you girl. There were moments when I thought that I have lost everything. I thought I will never be able to love or receive love again but here I am looking into the past and shaking my head and thinking Boi I was wrong. Life never stops.

    Genuine love never dies. I am happy At least we can Love whole heartedly without pretention UNLIKE the Virgo men. I will give that same love to my family and well wishers and pets.

    Be proud girl you have so much to offer. You are passionate , faithful and honest UNLIKE those Virgo men who are nothing but PARASITES. ☠☜

    Stay BLESSED πŸ’œ

  • @anon-undertaker Thank you for your wonderful words. It's amazingly beautiful how sometimes complete strangers can give us the words of comfort.
    I do believe that in life, the only way to do things is with love or not at all. I'm happy I have some part of my love to a virgo. He certainly needed it more than I did, and maybe, when he is in need of it again, that part of my love saves him. Love is never wasted. Yes, sometimes in ends in wrong places, but we should be all proud for being able to be givers in this world of takers. Lots of loveπŸ’œ

  • Totitoti I am glad gurl .πŸ˜„

    This thread amazes me as how these women support each other and give wise advises to each other and work like a friend group.
    I hope all the ladies of this thread is doing well.

    Be happy always girls no matter what. You are beautiful ,Strong ,soulful and full of love.πŸ’œ

  • @anon-undertaker Last year I wanted to send my virgo a link to this threadπŸ˜‚ But, then I decided not to. Women should have their refuge from these issues. I'm sure their wives will land over here some time soon ( or maybe they already have).
    These virgos connected hundreds of women of all ages, professions and nationalities. And we did make each other stronger. It's funny to realise how the men we admired and considered to be different than the others and were special to us in many ways, are just like insecure children not knowing what to do. It's a bit disappointing. But, understanding they are only ordinary humans we put on pedastal , saved us from more pain. Connecting bits of the puzzle helped us survive. More from the experience of the others than our own I'd dare to say.

  • Lol totitoti who knows if the women of this thread have been played by the same Virgo man? The world is round lol so there are possibilities.

    Mistress and Wife checking out same thread for refuge LOL . πŸ˜†

    Hilarious and Sad at the same time Dammit.!! πŸ™ˆ. I can't help but crak myself up reading your post πŸ˜„. Rotfl.

    Virgo MEN are very good actors and pretenders so all that you have seen I have seen and other ladies on this thread have seen is mere acting .
    Once they get you they show you what they are. And it's πŸ’©.

    They are dual in nature.Split personality disorder.
    Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde ?πŸ’€

  • @anon-undertaker The comments on that thread are scary! I wish to hear at least one woman had a wonderful experience with a virgo man just to free me from the generalizaciΓ³n concerning this zodiac sign.
    I have impression virgos are extremely controlling, and when something isn't going their way they get angry and disappear. I'm sure there are many threads of other signs as well. Are we sure it's the virgo and not narcissism that's the problem?

  • Totitoti those comments are scary indeed and those comments are from WOMEN who were/ are literally destroyed by their Virgos.
    I am not sure whether these Virgo men have real happy relationships at all . May be they have . ONLY their partners could tell. But as these men are so secretive and extremely good at hiding their agenda many of their partners are not even aware of their duality. I wasn't aware of my ex Virgo's mistress until she contacted me.

    Narcissism and Virgo goes hand in hand. Each and every thread I came across about Virgo man there is the mention of Narcissism. Their narcissism is pathological.
    I love Astrology. I have been to many threads Eg- Aries men, Taurus men, Capricorn men, Pisces men and Scorpio men . Sure there are jerks in every sign but Virgo threads are extreme. Many lives have been completely shattered by these men.
    I have heard Leo men are Narcissists and Scorpio men are sociopaths so as Cancer men but literally I haven't came across any thread this long about any other zodiac sign. It's scary.😡

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